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So Lori, +Kyle and I are going out for Chinese and to see Dawn of the Dead It should prove to be highly highly amusing for at least two parties concerned.

I'm worried that +Kyle won't have fun, because it's not his type of movie, and Lori's so...Lori. But here is a chance for us both to find out. He does like spending time with VJ and Brian, although I get the idea that Brian is more up his alley than VJ.

Ah well. I need to start getting ready. Gotta make with the nice hair and all.

In other news... One can rest assured that one has attained a sufficient level of "hot" when one is informed by a co-worker that they did a double-take as one walked around a corner.

To quote Jon: "Yeah, you were walking down the sidewalk, and I went, 'Wow!', and then I went, 'Oh wait, that's just Ariel'."

ROTFLOL... The boy is just wrong sometimes.

I told +Kyle about the exchange, and his face crumpled in mock dismay, and he cried out, "I thought he liked meeeeeee!"

They are BOTH wrong sometimes. LOL! Ah well...should prove to be a fun evening.
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So I had no idea that +Kyle was just playing around yesterday. I come back to the house at lunch - got a little eyeshadow on, nothing major. I've "cut back" significantly since +Kyle made such a fuss over the whole thing, but I never said I'd stop. So he looks at me, and he has this weird frowning sort of smile that I can't decipher. I say so, and ask what's wrong.

"Take a wild guess. Why all this?" He's really serious sounding, so I get a little upset, being as I haven't worn it for a few days, just because he prefers me that way.

"I felt like it today." I don't remember what he said, but I reply something to the effect of, "You're not at work with me, you don't have to see it."

"So does this mean you should be worried about what I do when you're not around?" I think is about what he said. I asked what he was doing when I wasn't around that I should be worried about, and he said something about it being the same be fair.

Trying to lighten the tension, I kid around, asking what it is he's doing while I'm not around. Oops. *He* thought *I* was serious.

We talked it over last night before bed, and everything's sorted out, but good heavens. I will be so glad when we get past this whole trying-to-learn-to-communicate-again phase, because it's so bloody confusing.

I told him last night I've been afraid he's going to be some kind of control freak, but he said that's exactly what he doesn't want, because he still feels like he's losing me and that will just drive me away.

We talked about friends and getting along. I'm not really comfortable around his friends. Not that he really has more than one that he *calls* 'friend', but I think of the others are more than acquaintances, so I'd call them friends, too. That's just me. Anyway, I tried to explain that my friends are all pretty loud and flamboyant, and call attention to themselves, and that he's just not that kind of person. He's reserved, and likes to stay in the background. I told him I'm more concerned about HIS being comfortable than in whether I'm going out for a "girls' night out".

I don't know why Lori invited him along tonight - probably just being nice, since they don't really know each other, and we're leaving in less than two months. I don't know if he'll go or not, but I did try to impress upon him that it's not a matter of whether I *want* him to or not, but his comfort level.

I guess we'll see!
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One of my oldest and dearest friends called me last night. I had to go back in to work late, and Jon mentioned that she had called, so we got back in touch.

She's been going to a counselor a couple of times lately, and says it's really helping her. She suggests I try to find our local state-run organization and see about getting some help. It's not a bad idea, really...her appointments only run around $20, and her husband makes twice what I do. She sees I'm at a point where I at the very least need some outside help, and more than what friends, family, or church family can do. I inferred that perhaps it wouldn't hurt for some marriage counseling, too, but she didn't actually say that.

She reminded me that I am in a place right now where I'm seeing things through dark, distorted glasses. It's hard to think straight enough to make important decisions when you can't really see, so I/we should wait until I/we have a network of support again to make any real "plans". I'm not even sure what any of those plans might be, suffice it to say the "D" word has been thrown around in anger in recent months, so I don't know. I've never seriously considered it, and don't think +Kyle has, really...just letting annoyances become greater than they really are, perhaps.

She caught up with my LJ, and admitted that she's never known +Kyle well enough to say whether or not she liked him or even thought very well of him. They've only met the one time when we all had dinner at Applebee's, because she and Tim were driving through the area and stopped to say hi. Same with me and Tim, but I can tell he's good for her.

She sees he's trying, and knows I see it, too, but reminded me anyway, because she's a good friend. She says that what we are going through right now, being where we are, in the situation we're in, and on top of that, what *I'm* going through right now, that he's still here beside me speaks volumes. He's a good man. She knows my decision to stay with him was made a long time ago, but said maybe sometimes it's necessary to remake that decision daily. It's easier knowing that he's not going to blow up at me over some little nothing...that he's not going to automatically assume the worst about things that come up. Or at least that he'll try. I have to be grateful for that. I'm not *as* afraid as I used to be...things are getting better.

She also said that she's been going through the same thing with Tim...the whole lack of feelings thing, but reiterated my thoughts on showing love through actions. She said that the fact that I had done so much to help him get through school, moving out here, etc. prove that I do still love +Kyle. She said that the lack of emotion does not necessarily reflect on him or me, but perhaps more largely on my current state of mind, being in something of a depression. She's been on Paxil a long time, and it's taking its sweet time to wear off, and I got that she blames her lack of feelings for Tim on that, at least partially. I don't know where either of us was going with this, but it seemed to make sense when she was talking about it.

For as long as we've been friends, and as well as she's always read me, she never knew I was so depressed when we were teens. I always had a joke, always made her laugh. I seemed "a jolly person". I guess I really didn't talk about it with her, and now I wonder why. I wonder how many people *really* knew, or really didn't know. It makes me wonder what people would have said if I ever really had gotten those sleeping pills or shredded my arms in the tub one day while everyone was out of the house. I had other ideas, too, but those were the easiest and generally surest...methods. Of course, there was the bus ticket, too, but I never took that offer, either.

I told her about what had gone on in that time. She says I'm too hard on myself, that no one could be as strong as I had to be for so long without it affecting them negatively. I guess in my mind I know she's right, but at the same time, I still feel that guilt. Like I could have done more. Like I could have held on.

She also mentioned having dreamed about me within the past couple of days. She couldn't remember most of it, save that my arms were covered in a network of criss-crossing scars...the diamond being on my upper left arm, on the outside. I'd be very interested to know what exactly she did dream, but she was more relieved to learn that the scar in question is actually on the inside of my right arm.

She told me what it seems everyone is telling me lately. "I love you, and you mean so much to me. You've always been one of the most important people I've known." I got a little exasperated, (sorry, sis!) to be honest, and asked why people kept insisting on telling me this. "You need to hear it." Maybe. She told me to expect a rather mushy letter in the post in the next few days, so I am now insatiably curious as to what she's on about. :P Thanks, Andrea. LOL!

She gave me much food for thought, as always, and said she's been praying for me almost constantly over the past few days. I thanked her, saying that was probably what I need more than anything.

I laughed more than I have in weeks. Months, probably, if you don't count Christmas. Thinking back, it was all smalltalk, me making cracks at things she said, and both of us recalling fond memories, like the day we met at the library... But it felt good to be that happy again, even for a few minutes.

It's going to be wonderful being home. She and Tim are in South Carolina now, so maybe we'll actually be able to get together. Visit her on our way to see Peggy, or meet in Atlanta, or something.

I love you, Andrea. Thank you for being you, and a better friend than I could ever ask.
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I went in to deposit my paycheck this morning, peppier than I have been of late. As we chatted, she said, "You know, your name just suits you so well."

"Really? Why's that?"

"Because you're just like a little mermaid." She laughed, "But I bet you've heard that before."

I laughed, too. "Yep; it always used to bug me when I was a kid, because I came before she did..but really, I wanted to be her."

I had to fill out the deposit slip since I had run out of pre-printed ones, so we had some time.

"Well, we're down to 54 days," I said.

"Counting them down, are we?"

"Yep. Well, we have been ever since it was 120 days, but when +Kyle said it was down to 59 the other day, it really struck me. I've got to go around town and get pictures of everyone & everything."

She laughed and told me to make sure to write everyone's name on them so I wouldn't forget.

"I couldn't forget everyone I've met here. You know, we've said ever since we moved here that we'd never be back, but I'm beginning to think that maybe 'never' is too long."

"Yeah, you'll have to come back and visit sometime." She has this perpetual ^_^ on her face.

"Maybe for the Sand Bass Festival sometime - everyone will be there, we wouldn't have to look for anyone."

"Yup! Just sit on the corner and wave as they pass by...just like the little mermaid." We both laughed, and she got my customary roll of quarters...laundry...always laundry...

I'm gonna miss her cheerfulness on Fridays.
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So Nancy's not going to be able to get to my Trinity/Diamant costume until probably sometime after May...naturally, we'll be gone by then, and since so much of it is going to have to be fitted, I'd need to be around.

Granted, I really didn't know how I was going to *pay* for it in the first place, but I was kinda hoping to have her do it, because her work is just amazing. Ah well. I have a couple raincoats I can use to practice working with vinyl, and maybe I can do it myself over time.

Those wings are going to be a royal pain, though. >_< It would have been awesome for the contest at MedFaire in April, but I don't see it happening.

So anyway, Scooter brought my folder of stuff by work today. He's having a bit of a rough time right now, and asked if he could take me to lunch so we could talk (or rather, so he could talk and I could listen). Of course I'm willing to do that. Yeah, we chat online some, but sometimes you just need to vent to a flesh-and-blood person right there with you. How well I know this.

Besides, am I about to pass up a chance for Chinese? Not in a million years!

He said a girl he hasn't spoken to in probably a year or better messaged him out of the blue last night. I take that as a good sign, if for no other reason than to distract him from his current dilemma. As long as it doesn't screw up his finals. :P He's already worried he's not going to do any better than a 'C'. Anyway, he's hoping to talk with this girl some more, but isn't sure how it's going to pan out.

You know, just praying for someone can really make a difference. He has told me in past conversation that he believes in "some higher power", but only since talking with me about such things has he really considered the true possibilities of God. I don't claim that as my own work; all I do is share my experiences with people. It's just neat to see God use me to soften someone's heart toward Him.

We did engage in some light conversation as well... He's rather fond of Prince, but doesn't really care about the Willie Nelson concert that's coming up in Ardmore next month. I told him that +Kyle & I rented 'Matchstick Men' last night, and he seemed mildly interested. We both like Owen Wilson, Jackie Chan, and just love Christopher Walken. ^_^

Ah well...more later this evening. +Kyle & I are going to see a show at MSC tonight, and I am sure it will be worth posting about.
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People keep telling me to look out for myself first. I must not know how to do that, because when I try, all it gets me is someone (anyone) not happy with the way I do things.

I thought I was past this. I thought I didn't care what people thought of me anymore.

Mark came up to me a little while ago, not really reprimanding, just saying that some things have gotten shuffled around in the confusion of having a new ad manager, and that I need to be sure that if I don't know where something really goes, to just give it to him or Sherry. (Meanwhile, Sherry is running around, crazed, and back to her not-so-pleasant self, and making me very uncomfortable).

What was I supposed to do? One thing was admittedly my fault - I put it up on the board because I assumed it was ready to go. I know, never assume, but how many people actually think I'm thinking straight these days? I apologized.

He stopped and said, "It's okay. You really don't have to apologize; you didn't do anything wrong, we're just letting everyone know.

I just want to cry right now, but I can't. I have weeks of tears stuck in my throat, and they won't come. I'm dying inside. I wish +Kyle was here so he would just hold me on the couch, and maybe I could maybe get all this out of me.

But then he'd want to know what was wrong, and then what am I supposed to do? It's all always the same old things. Work. Dog. House. Stress. Missing family. My problems haven't changed, and I haven't learned to deal with them any better. Everything that is wrong today is the same that was wrong a year ago, and even two years ago, with one exception: Now we are getting ready to go home, and now I have friends here I don't want to leave behind...again... I want to pack everyone up with me and take them back. Micah and I are getting closer as we talk through emails. And Joanna, to a lesser extent. There's my beloved Vera Jean, and our new pal Scooter, who hasn't seen Evangelion yet, and tells me about music I'll probably like, and taught me how to two-step. Then there's all the people I like to just chat & hang out with on game nights and stuff.

I have so many friends, and the best family in the world, but I have never felt more alone.
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Lori went to the City this weekend, and brought me presents. o^_^o WAIII! She found a Hot Topic, had to go inside, and told me she wished she'd had more money, because half the store would have been mine. LOL! What she brought:
* Black Wristband with a red embroidered 'A' (now I have gauntlets! ;)
* Pin with Lola Goth saying, "I'm feeling a little bit blah today." I love her little bat friend.
* Sticker featuring a cow, pig, and chicken, that says "Animals taste good." This is Lori's and my motto, so it's ABSOLUTELY perfect. LOL! Made my morning.

Quote of the day:
Okay, so I never actually had an opportunity to say this, but in one of my more stressful moments, I thought:

When it hits the fan - wear a raincoat! (Or maybe carry an umbrella...I can't decide which is funnier.)
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I'm really looking forward to Friday. VJ & I will probably wind up going to dinner, a movie, and then dancing 'til the wee hours at a place she mentioned last time we went out - Ten Buck Two. I've since learned from Scooter that he and a lot of the peeps from MSC go there (and other places), although they usually go out on Thursday nights. Some of them *may* be there Friday though, so maybe we'll all get to party. Even if not, VJ & I always have fun.

I've been talking with Scooter a bit over the past few days. He's fun; we mostly just goof off and talk about music & anime, although he's expressed interest in learning Japanese. I'm putting together a crash course, just in case. :P He speaks a little German, too, which is fun. I kinda miss Doitsugo, but I need to concentrate on actually finishing this little language project. I'd like to learn SOMETHING completely, at least once. LOL

I'm surprised and relieved to find that I'm not feeling anything dangerous. (I daresay the unknown was far more dangerous than the known.) I'd feared that this new attention might draw me away from +Kyle, but in fact we've been doing really well since getting over Tuesday night. This is of course no reason not to be vigilant, but it's good to know. I usually have a pretty good feel for these things. Scooter has expressed nothing but friendly concern toward me, so I'm not worried about him - but we all know how easily I get attached to people who give me positive reinforcement. So yeah. If I feel like things start going in the wrong direction, it'll have to be 'sayonara'. I don't like that, but +Kyle and I have come too far over the past few months to let even a friendship interfere.

Thankfully, at this point, I don't forsee a problem.


Feb. 22nd, 2004 09:25 pm
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I'm saddened by the loss of a friend tonight. Be well, Jillian. I love you.


Feb. 21st, 2004 05:21 am
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Hey, I got more than 4 hours' sleep this morning! Can't sleep any longer now, but the neighbors are playing their music too loud again, anyway, so...*shrug*

I've been trying to decide what to do next weekend while +Kyle's out of town. I think I'll take a couple of the instant cameras around and take pictures of all the 'Crappe Emporiums' in the area. We've talked about doing it since we moved here, but with only a couple of months left, it must be done.

I also need to take some boxes of stuff to Goodwill or Salvation Army. Shall I go to Durant or Ardmore?

I'm starting to get scared about this whole moving back thing. I guess the reality of it is setting in. We have been here for so long, and feeling trapped for so long that it seemed we'd never escape. Now that the days are getting slimmer, I find myself being afraid to make that journey home. Do I want to live in Oklahoma for the rest of my life? God forbid! But now I have ties here, too.

Someone told me the other day they thought it was interesting that we were making all these friends suddenly, now that we didn't really *need* them anymore. It saddens me, because now it's going to be hard to leave, instead of being a completely joyful release and escape. I love VJ to death, and since I've been getting closer with friends from MSC, there are more people I don't want to leave. I have friends at work, too. I think I'm going to miss Jon the most, and vice versa. Every time my leaving comes up, he gets this sad little puppy dog sound to his voice, and says, "I don't want you to go." We have so much fun cutting up at work, and share music all the time, etc. Kindred spirits.

It's time to capture some memories. There's not much time left for it.

Speaking of capturing memories, I finally found the disc of pictures from Christmas! WAI! This is a good example of the *subtle* "goth" look that I usually wear. It's not that bad, now, is it? I'm especially proud of the katana picture. I couldn't have gotten a better shot if I'd tried.
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Well, this evening went spectacularly poorly.

Mike and Lydia came over for dinner and a movie. The movie didn't work out. :P Mononoke Hime *will not* read on the PS2. Reads fine on the DVD on my computer, but no...not on tele where we want it.

So we had rented Sinbad, and it was okay, but no Miyazaki. Sigh.

Anywho, they left much earlier than we're used to spending with them. Perhaps it's a hint to leave early next time they have us over? Hehe, no, I'm not going to overthink this. Lydia had an early class, and they had both mentioned being tired earlier, so it's no big deal.

Still...I'm irked about the movie. Mike would have really liked Ashitaka's arrow shooting the guy's arms off.

In other news, I finally took off the advert posts and am updating my website. The things one finds to do when one's plans are cut short.
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We got an unexpected phone call about 4:30. VJ called and asked if we wanted to go out with them in about 45 minutes. We had talked last weekend about getting together for Valentine's Day, but neither one had managed to actually call the other to make plans.

When we woke up to snow this morning, it looked like it was going to get nastier throughout the day, so I didn't bother to call and ask. LOL! By 3:00, things were clearing up, although the roads were never bad. Nonetheless, you get these hicks who freak out and think you need snow tires to drive on wet roads just because there's snow piled up on the sides. But I digress...

So of course we said, "Yes, we'd love to!" and got ready. This would be the first time that +Kyle met her husband, Brian. I've known all along that they would probably get along well, because they seem to have similar personalities, but Brian has always struck me as this stoic fellow. He's never said more than a few words when I've met him before, although he'd shown real concern when he found out I'd been hit by one of the Madill police last October.

They got here around 5:30, and VJ met Washu. She's actually terrified of dogs, but hides it extremely well. Mutt jumped on her, so we need to break out the collar again and get her out of that habit. She calmed down pretty well over Christmas, being socialized all week, but she hasn't had that since we got back.

We had to decide where to go. VJ had asked +Kyle to decide where we'd be eating, but he didn't get it, so they asked if we'd been to Rick's Red Onion Grill yet. We had, and love it, so we went there. It was divine, as always. I'm going to have to get one of the steak dinners next time, because the soup it comes with was realllllly good.

We sat and chatted. First VJ & I took up much of the conversation, and we discussed everything from John Nash and his Game Theory, to Lynze's latest faux pas, to Muppet getting hit by a car, to her continually bringing up wanting to take pictures of me. We discussed at length the night we had at Jugg's last weekend. +Kyle was asleep when I got home, and I had given him a condensed version of the evening over the phone, since I was going to be home in a minute, anyway, not thinking he would *be* asleep already. He never asked anything else about it, so I never thought to tell him everything, like the whole lesbian thing. Then again, I hadn't heard either that Ricky had told that guy off rather loudly that, "No, they aren't lesbians, they're married" and embarassed the fool out of him. LOL!

Anyway, VJ decided it was time to let the boys talk awhile and "shut her yap". She said, "Brian, tell one of your funny cop stories," and it was all over. The boy can talk! LOL! He told us about a chase that went down a couple months ago, where the moron trying to escape went 120 miles on the back roads in Tishomingo. Johnson County doesn't keep the roads out there in very good condition anyway...much less the *back* roads. Anyway, the guy who was leading the pursuit had the whole thing on tape, and his dog is howling in the back along with the siren, and all of a sudden, he hits one of the *deep* potholes, and when he came out of it, the car went flying. I guess you really have to hear Brian tell it, but it was funny. :P He also told us about the narcotics dogs, etc. +Kyle and Brian also sat and talked at length about guns in general. Brian's a cop, of course, so he has a need for weapons, and also seems to enjoy them as a hobby. They really hit it off, so I'm glad we got together. It's a real shame we never got together sooner, but we've agreed that we must spend many fun evenings together over the next four months.

We all sat in the restaurant drinking our sweet tea, Dr. Pepper, unsweetened tea, and Sprite for awhile. VJ ordered some chocolate fudge ice cream brownie thing after awhile, then coffee. Then +Kyle decided he wanted to try the cheesecake after all, and we both thought coffee sounded like a good idea. He's a much bigger coffee drinker than I am, but I admitted that working at the Record has driven me to drink. Everyone got a good laugh out of that. ^_^

We sat at the restaurant just talking for *hours*. It was so much fun. The manager came out, and they offered us a complimentary "Happy Valentine's Day" cake, which was pretty good. I had 2 or 3 small bites of it, but stopped when I felt my body going, "Ooh! Sugar! More!" :P Stupid body.

As we were leaving, we talked with the owner a minute and, well, apologized for just sitting there so long, and thanked her for being so great. She assured us that she *loves* it when her customers sit and chat, because it means they feel at home, and that means they come back. ^_^ We assured her we'd be back. She also told me and VJ to get a rose on our way out, because they had a vase full of them for the couples who came in. ^_^ I have put the two from +Kyle into borax in hopes of preserving them, so I still have a pretty thing to smell. I am, in fact, holding it as I type. ^_^ I love the smell of roses.

I told VJ to expect to go out on the 27th, and that I need to stay out like all night, since +Kyle will be out of town. He's got another Student Government seminar to go to like the one he had in September, and I don't want to be up all night crying alone again. She was all for the idea, and we figure we can go see a movie, maybe have a couple of drinks, go dancing, shoot some pool, etc. etc. If it comes down to it, we can rent some movies and stay in. She did mention that she knows the lady who has the keys to the student room at MSC, so we may have a place to ourselves to shoot pool if we so desire, although we may have to be careful how late we stay. I hope that works out.

We did all decide that our next outing shall be at the Durant Bowling Center. VJ isn't much for bowling, because she has a bad shoulder. I enjoy bowling, but I'm worse at it than I am at pool, so I don't go for it so much, either. +Kyle loves bowling, but we never get to go. He and I plan to take *them* out for dinner next time, though. We figure Simple Simon's Pizza and an evening of games will be most entertaining.

I really love these guys. I'm going to miss them both terribly when we move.


Feb. 14th, 2004 01:00 pm
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It snowed all night. I'm so glad we went to the store last night. We'd have been hurting today otherwise!

It's a good snow, too...makes that satisfying crunch under your feet.

Ah well. Today is the day of cleaning the house, because Mike and Lydia are coming over on Friday. I have KP.
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Well, DUH, you went out with VJ, of course it was fun. :P

Many of you will be glad to know that the square dancing thing didn't work out, after all.

VJ was running behind, so we didn't get out until 7:45, instead of 6:30. No biggie. :) She looked so cute tonight, with a blue velveteen turtleneck kind of thing, and sexy, wavy, hippie-dread hair, which I subsequently learned was a wig. She chopped her hair a la Susan Powter (not quite that short, but you get the idea), and "broke her mother's heart." Like Edith's hair is *so* much longer than VJ's is now. LOL!

She had to get gasoline, then we stopped for gum and she wanted some Dove chocolate, since she figures she won't get anything for Valentine's Day. Poor dear. (Not that I will, either, mind you.)

We drove out to the dance hall, but it was dead. No lights, no cars, no sign of life. (I almost said no sign of intelligent life, but that would have been a slam on us for going out there in the first place. :P) It was nearing 8:45 by now.

Naturally we talked this whole time - how's life, etc. Brian wants out of Tishomingo, yet he brought her the keys to a different house *in* Tish. Go figure. I told her things were mostly going pretty well right now. She did mention that, when something you've waited on a long time is finally on the horizon, it gets harder to wait on it. I'd noticed that trend lately, and affirmed it.

"...So what do you want to do instead?" We never have a plan B, so we always end up having an adventure. We circled around, came back through Madill, and opted to go to Kingston. If we couldn't find anything to do there, there would be Durant, and if we got really desperate, Sherman, although it was already getting late to be going all the way to Texas.

She's always wanted to check out Carlotta's Cantina. It's supposed to be a nice restaurant with one of the biggest dance floors in the area. We stopped for directions, only to find out that it probably won't open until the end of April, because they close down for the winter months. Maybe if it does reopen in time, we can hit it one night.

"The Lodge!", she exclaimed, while remembering an old flame she's reminded of every time she goes there. He was the love of her life in seventh grade, and they went out a couple of times as they got older, but nothing ever really came of it. One night (I guess they were in high school or college by now), he came to her on the stairs at the Lodge, and confessed his love. She was convinced he was drunk, so she paid it no heed. When she saw him again six years later, he asked, "Do you ever think about what I said that night on the stairs?"

"You remember what you said that night? I thought you were drunk."

"I hadn't had a single drink. I meant every word."


She laughs about it now, but ouch... You miss 100% of the chances you never take.

Anyway, the Lodge was dead as well. The bar was completely dark. There was one room with a pool table, but we decided to keep looking for the time being - she really wanted to dance. Yeesh, on a Friday night, you'd think there would have been something to do, even in a hick town. We wandered around inside the Lodge for a few minutes. There're a lot of historical documents on display, and the architecture is really pretty. VJ said the Kingston Alumni has a public dance there every spring, and it's standing-room only. I think it happens at the end of May, though, so I'll probably miss it.

We pondered whether Art's would still be open this late, but decided it must have been closing around 9:30 the last time we went. That had actually been her first thought when we found out the dance hall was closed - I told her, "First thought, correct thought," and we decided that we'll just go there first next time we go out, period, the end. :P

Running out of ideas, we opted for debauchery. She's been threatening to take me to a casino ever since we met, so we went to the new one between Kingston and Durant. We each spent $5 on penny and nickel slots, which was amusing. We both had some small wins, but did wind up spending the whole $5 by the end of it. I was ahead by about 2 cents once. LOL! I guess we stayed about half an hour or so. It was actually rather depressing, despite the pretty lights and sounds. So many people gambling on hope.

Shelly was there, so we chatted a minute. She's loving school. VJ informed her that we were in the process of further corrupting me.

About 10:15, VJ decided she needed chicken, largely because there's a KFC built onto the casino/gas station/smoke shop. We were amused by each other's reactions to having gambled. Now, she's done it before on several occasions, and admitted to having the fleeting thought about taking her change from dinner and playing some more. I felt absolutely no need or desire to go back. It's fun for a little while, and I can see how the lights and sounds could mesmerize people...but not for *hours*. I guess my attention span is just too short for...ooh, look! Shiny things!

All in all, casinos are sad places. +Kyle and I still want to go to Vegas someday, but I don't forsee becoming Gamblor.

So now it was nearly 11:00. We decided to check out the new club in Kingston, Juggs. They ran an advert in the paper, and I mentioned that Wednesday was free pool night. Obviously this was not Friday, but we thought we'd see what their lineup was.

Wednesday: Free Pool
Thursday: Ladies Night
Friday: Just Party
Saturday: Karaoke

We decided to check it out and deem whether or not it would be worth coming back on a Wednesday or Saturday. It's actually not a terrible place, inside. For it's size, it looks like it could be pretty seedy, but it's clean inside (even the restrooms!), and the managers are really nice, and run a tight ship. There are pool tables, a small dance floor, a stage for a band and karaoke, and a section with tables and chairs. We sat down, and were subsequently carded. The lady returned our licenses backwards - VJ got mine and vice versa. I'm glad we caught it before, oh, say, the next time I need to show my license at the bank or something. :P

We sat for a short while, then decided to wait on a pool table. We both suck royally at it, so we knew it would be a good time. We asked the proprieter, a sixty-something looking woman, what proper pool ettiquette was. She said to put our quarters on the table, and when the game was finished, it would be our turn. Then the guys who were playing at the middle table left, so we waited until it looked like they weren't coming back, and she set up the table. They immediately came back with drinks, and asked if we minded playing doubles. VJ said, "as long as you don't mind the fact that we're terrible at pool, sure!", so doubles it was. She's played a lot more than I have, so she picked up on it much quicker. I think I pocketed one ball in the whole game. LOL! I spent the rest of the time figuring out how to hold the cue, how to gauge lining up the angles, and trying to figure out why I tend to hit to the right.

It should be noted that these guys were probably 35 and 40 (if not older), rather drunk, but not particularly sleazy. They asked what our situations were, and were more impressed by our honesty than trying to pick us up or anything, although the older one (Ricky) offered to buy us drinks, too. I didn't want anything, and VJ knows I can't drive a stick, so she had a soda.

It should also be noted that we overheard some of the hicks behind us muttering things like, "look at those two lesbians back there." LOL! We were tempted to play it up, but didn't, because we'd have probably been asked to leave.

After one game, Ricky asked VJ if she wanted to keep playing or go dance, so they went off. I checked on her a couple of times to make sure she was okay, and learned later she was doing the same for me. Brian's best friend is a cop in Kingston, so we weren't worried about having trouble, but we both prefer to err on the side of caution. I played what must have been the longest game of pool in history with the other dude (neither VJ nor I knows if he said Justin or Dustin), and won. I'm sure he let me win, because he was sobering up, but it was still fun. By the time there were only two balls left on the table, I was getting pretty comfortable with the cue and lining up shots. Not that I'm anywhere near being a champion, but it was fun, and that was the entire point.

It was about midnight now, so I went to see what VJ was up to one last time, and we danced together for a couple of songs. The jukebox had a good mix of classic rock, mostly southern like Tom Petty and Skynyrd, as well as the obligatory country. VJ is a great dancer. She moves so smoothly, and obviously has fun with it. I had fun, too.

Don't know if we'll be back to this place, but I told her I have to try karaoke before I move, and we *did* have a lot of fun with pool, so we'll see what happens.

About 12:30, we headed back. I called +Kyle to let him know how the evening went, and that we were en route from Kingston. He sounded tired, but not terribly put out with the hour this time. :)

When we got back to my house, we sat and talked for another 10-15 minutes or so. We're really going to miss each other when +Kyle and I move away, but VJ has a sense that we'll get to know each other even better after we're apart, and that maybe we'll even see each other again. Her friend Rachel, who she thought she'd never see again after they parted, ended up in Lawton, just a couple of hours away. VJ doesn't want to live in Oklahoma or even Texas for the rest of her life, and desires life near a real beach. Virginia has some very nice beaches, quoth she.

I love you, Vera!

Going out!

Feb. 6th, 2004 07:04 pm
lsdiamond: (Default)
Going out with VJ! Going out with VJ!

She should be here in about 15 mins... I can't wait! Not so much for what we're going to do tonight (she wants to try square dancing), but just the fact that it's VJ. ^_^ I love her so.

Let it never be said again that I refused to try something new. Don't know how well we'll like this new venture, but the company will definitely be agreeable.


Jan. 25th, 2004 09:17 am
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Today was homecoming at MSC! Yeah, I know...homecoming...bah! But Lydia was up for queen, and I wanted to go see her. +Kyle, being in the Student Government, had to be there to get things set up and all, anyway, so I decided to tag along.

I slept in 'til about 8:30, then got up to mess around online for awhile. +Kyle got up around 9:30 and we both started getting ready to go. We left around 10:15, and got there right on time.

Micah and Robbie were there, and two other girls I've never met. Laurie of course was directing, so the two girls decorated the arch with lights and tulle. Micah and Robbie wrapped streamers around the railing of one side of the home bleachers while +Kyle and I did the other side. Then, Robbie ran around flailing while +Kyle, Micah and I hung streamers on the wall behind the opposite bleachers. I was able to demonstrate my monstrous fear of heights. Seven years we've been together, and +Kyle has never gotten that I'm afraid of heights. Seven! :PP Oh well...he knows now! Bridges, heights, and camel crickets... Other than that, I'm pretty good, although mice startle me when they run across the counter and I'm not expecting it. LOL

Back to the day... Micah has the most incredible eyes. She's so pretty and cute, and fun to be around. ^_^'> Must obtain her number from Joanna, and hang out more before May...

After decorating, +Kyle and I had lunch, then hung around the dorm building until 10 til 1:00. Happened to catch Scooter looking out his window as we walked by. He waved and said 'hey,' so we all chatted a second.

+Kyle and I watched MTV, which was lame. Have they even played any music videos in the last 10 years? I saw exactly one commercial for a music compilation...everything else was movie ads, ads for The Real World and some new movie, 'Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen'. LAME! Oh well... There were some guys playing ping pong in there as well, and that was moderately entertaining to watch.

When we got back to the gym, people were arriving for the game. At 20 after 1:00, one candidate and two escorts were still missing, so people were getting antsy. Lydia looked very nice in her dress, and even Mike cleans up well. LOL! Seeing him without a hat was the strangest thing. I videotaped the ceremony, and it turned out okay, but not great. I need practice, and a tripod helps, too. :P

Afterward, we went to Mike's house, then bummed at the Western Inn for an hour. They make a wonderful omelet. :P We then went to Lydia's friend Heather's house to chill for an hour or so before leaving Tish. That didn't happen! Instead, we watched a movie...or perhaps I should say it was inflicted upon us: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. I must admit that there were funny moments, and Kevin Smith is quite amusing, but it came across as "Hey, let's see how many times we can say f*** and still keep an 'R' rating. Such talent. Ah well - had it not been for Mr. Smith, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck would likely not have gotten such a good start to their careers. Can't say I'm overly fond of the latter of these two, but that's okay.

After the movie, we played Scattergories, which was highly amusing. The first couple of rounds sucked pretty badly, but once we all got into the swing of it, it went well. We left around 7:00. Heather is really cool, and I like her, although we could have done without her kids screaming and running into the room every five minutes. Kids in general...yikes. Ah well. It was great to spend time with friends, and she invited us to stop by anytime.

It's late now, so I'll be going...
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So we went to Mike's tonight for dinner and movie(s). Yay! Lydia was there as well, of course.

He made Mexican for dinner - some tortilla thingies. Mike's a great cook. He then inflicted upon us 'John Carpenter's: The Thing', which was actually quite good. Nonetheless, we made derogative comments throughout, in true geek fashion. :) We had a brief intermission so they could obtain pie, and I got a couple Sugar Free Hershey mini bars. (Almonds, yum!) After that, we watched 'The Frighteners', which is a favorite of +Kyle's and mine. More derisive banter throughout the film, of course. :) Normally, I hate that (at least at the theatre), but after you've seen a film once or twice, it's acceptable behaviour. MST3K the sucker.

We chatted a little bit afterward. Lydia showed off her new toy - a NICE digicam she got for Christmas. We'd conspired about a month ago to video her tickling Mike, as it's quite amusing when you can get him going. It was. LOL!

Mike lent us a book: Leviathan, by James Byron Higgins. He wrote 'A Wolf Story', which was excellent, so I expect good things from this one.

Not much else to write about at the moment.

Ge-mu Naito

Jan. 8th, 2004 09:31 pm
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Ahhh, Game Night. It's always fun. :)

Micah brought her ferret - she's so adorable, and her name is Mocha. She's so well-behaved, prettily colored, and doesn't smell like male ferrets do.

+Kyle called bingo since we got there too late for the pool tournament. That was fun, mostly because everyone complained that they couldn't hear him. It's likely because they're used to Joanna and her...ability to project, shall we say? Oh who am I kidding? She's loud. LOL! But that's Joanna, and that's why we love her.

Joanna was there of course. She, Micah and I talked about nothing in particular for much of the evening. At one point, Joanna got up for a drink, and brought back blue Hawaiian Punch for herself and Micah. Both cups had approximately the same amount of beverage and ice, but Joanna took a sip out of one, then switched cups with Micah. LOL! We both looked at Joanna like she was insane, and then at meach other to confirm that thought. Micah asked what the difference between the glasses was, and I said Joanna had put crack cocaine into her own cup. What I didn't know was that Micah calls Joanna a crackhead all the time, so it was really funny.

Oh! Scooter showed up, also too late for the pool tournament. He'd forgotten that game night was today until he was walking by the building and saw everyone inside. It was nice to see him. He confirmed my thoughts: his mom has looked over my designs, but with the holidays she hasn't had a chance to do anything with them. I said I'd figured as much, and that was why I hadn't called, not wanting to bother her. She has my number, so when she's able to, that's cool! :) I told him that I was able to get the pattern for the base parts, so maybe that will spark something soon. Still don't know how I'm going to pay for it, but I'll think of something.

He did get to play a game or two of pool when one part of the tournament was over, though. :) He practiced a lot over the holidays, he said.

Spongebob (Robbie) was loud as usual. One girl won a whoopie coushin, which was disastrous. It was funny for about 3 or 4 times, but then it got a bit annoying. :P Oh, did I mention Robbie was loud? He was.

It was all over about 8:30. I am so bored of Bingo. LOL! Think I'll try to get someone to play pool with me next time. Anyone should love playing pool with me, because I SUCK! You are guaranteed to win if you play against me. Same with ping pong. SUCK SUCK SUCK! I am the suckiest suck that ever sucked!

Joanna, +Kyle & I stood outside talking for several minutes afterward, which was amusing. She gave me her MSC toboggan. I've been envious of +Kyle's all week (they were given to all the people who helped with orientation to 'mark' them as people to follow). It's SO warm, and cozy. If you ever read this, thank you, Joanna! :)

Fun night, all in all. I do so love being around people. Next one is February 17th. +Kyle has class that night, but I will take him to school in the morning so I can go. :P We'll have an early breakfast at the Western Inn, since we only have four months to enjoy what little local cuisine we enjoy. I haven't been there yet, but +Kyle has been on a couple of occasions, and says their bacon omelette is to die for. Yum!

Goody...only a little over a month away!


Dec. 30th, 2003 03:40 pm
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+Kyle called JC's for that interview time. Seemed to be a good thing, but Mr. Vaughn sounded annoyed to him on the phone. Worry!

Went to see [ profile] desireah first thing. We caught up a bit. She seems to be doing well - in a band, and all, working. She's broken her 3-month record of having a boyfriend (5 months and counting! Grats!) She's basically the only one of the four of us (Joy, Liz, Des & me) who seems to have wound up where she planned. Maybe Liz did too, being that she's trying the modeling thing. Joy's married now; Vicky still hates Des, so go figure that one out. I wound up in freaking Oklahoma.

I can't wait to get back. I'm hoping to spend time with Des again - watching her play and going to karaoke and everything.

Got back at 11:00. +Kyle was annoyed because I'd thought I'd be back by 10:30. Left immediately for Decatur.

I started packing things, but went to store with Dad and met Keith, Logan's dad. Saw Logan again, got phone number and made him promise to call.

+Kyle got back around 1:00, discouraged. JC's doesn't actually *do* gunsmithing anymore. Nice of them to actually *tell* +Kyle before he wasted his and their time going in to talk with them. :P

It may actually have been a good thing, though. Mr. Vaughn gave him some information about two places that they farm their gunsmithing needs out to - one in Somerville, AL, and one in Cowan, TN. +Kyle at first wasn't inclined to contact either one, simply because they're more than an hours' drive from the Athens/Huntsville area. Dad simply mentioned that this was only a start: that to start there may not necessarily mean forever.,.in other words, he could keep looking closer to the area.

+Kyle was also a bit afraid of, "What if they do ofer me a job, and I find something better later?" Dad told him it's a matter of being polite and businesslike, just write to tell them 'thank you' for their faith and interest in him, but that an offer closer to our target living area had come up. He listened! Who is this person, and what has he done with +Kyle?, really, I am indescribably proud of +Kyle and the progress he's made since we've been gone. He actually gets out, and makes some modicum of effort to meet people, or at least put up with them for a little while. He *wants* to come back to the North Alabama area, because he actually *misses* our family and friends. I'm highly impressed by the growth that being away seems to have inspired.

I did get to spend some time with [ profile] desireah this morning. I've been afraid to talk with her for awhile, largely because I've been so terrible about keeping in touch. We've never really had a major fight that has distanced us, it's just been a gradual thing that quickened after I got married. When we get back to the area, I look forward to spending more time with her again. I doubt we'll ever be as close as we used to be, but we'll always be friends.

So anyway, we had planned on leaving out of here around 4:00 today, but +Kyle didn't get back until around 6:00.

They didn't offer him a position, but they may be looking to hire around the time he graduates. As of now, if they don't hire anyone else, they have enough work to keep them busy until June of this year. Imagine the waiting list they could have come May. It's a very good prospect, if nothing else. They did bring up their pay scale, which I take as a very good sign. It would be right around what +Kyle is asking, which would be plenty for us to live on.

+Kyle plans to go back to the area during Spring Break so he can look for housing. Cowan is about a 90-minute drive from the 'rents. Cost of living is about the same as this area, so if I were able to work part-time, we could pay off debt *and* save a bit as well, just living off what he makes.

We really hope something comes of this. Pray for us!

We decided it would be best to go on back to Oklahoma, due to me already missing two days of work. We packed the car and left around 8:00. I'd have liked to have seen more people: Rita & Lindy...Nathan, and maybe Sherry...Jinni & the kids... Ah well. I guess we'll see what happens in May!

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