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Happy Birthday to Me!

Today was a pretty good day, overall. Not much really went on for the first half. I got up around 8:00 so I could check email and such before running some errands around town.

First, I took laundry to the 'mat, and then ran to the post office for a couple of cube boxes. Those two eBay auctions NEED to go out Monday. Then I went to Wesley's Closet to look for clothes. Being the 4th Saturday, it was bag sale day - $1.00 for you to cram as many clothes as you can into a standard size plastic grocery bag. Not a bad deal. I think I got about a dozen pairs of jeans for +Kyle and myself for $4, plus some workout shorts and a couple nice shirts. Eat that, Old Navy!

Ran back to the laundromat and put things in the dryer. Next, onto The Dreaded (Mini) Mart of Wal for some cough drops, as I'd woken with a nasty cough, much like when I'm coming down with something. I'm pretty sure I am. :P Bleh. Saw George out in the parking lot, corralling shopping carts. He seemed in good spirits as per usual.

Back to the laundromat for a second round through the dryer, then went back to the house to see if it was "safe". +Kyle had said he needed me out of the house *anyway*, so he could wrap my pressie. He was finished with that, so I checked email and such before going back for the clothes.

+Kyle called the guys back about taking Washu, and they agreed to. +Kyle drove her out there, and said that she was just as happy as anything after her initial "I'm meeting someone new" growl. He misses her, but I think we did the right thing giving her up. She needs more room than we can give her at this time, and probably for awhile. She needs a pack. These people have a huge place and several animals for her to befriend. They have several years' experience in caring for and breeding them. +Kyle said their animals weren't as pretty as Washu, though.

So later, +Kyle ran out and got a cake for the party, and picked up something else, but I don't remember what it was. We just basically vegged for a couple of hours. I think there was talking, but that would have put me in a poor mood for the day, so I think we dropped it. We took about an hourlong nap, since it was likely we'd be out late, at least with the movie.
We got ready to go around 3:00 and left at 4:00. I forgot the camera, and we had to come back for it; fortunately it was easy to find, and we realized it was missing only just after the first bridge, so it wasn't terribly out of our way.

We stopped by Clary's to see if they were still open for an imprinting, but they close at noon on Saturdays. D'oh... A quick run by the ATM, and then we went to Simple Simon's to wait on people. It was right at 4:30 like we expected.

Everyone was there by 5:00 except VJ. Mike & Lydia, Scooter, Micah, and Joanna were all there, and VJ came very shorly after 5:00. Brian wasn't feeling well, which was sad, because we like him. Joanna's boyfriend was also unable to make it, which was fine, because we don't really know him. We took LOTS of pictures. Everyone got along famously, so it was great. We all talked about everything under the sun, mostly just goofing off, and telling stories on ourselves. I wish I remembered entire conversations like that better. I need to start carrying around a tape recorder. :P

Presents! I had told +Kyle to make sure people knew NO GIFTS, but somehow that word was not spread to everyone. This was meant to be rather a Hobbit birthday. Mike and Lydia bestowed upon me a copy of Tales of Mystery and Imagination by The Alan Parsons Project, which ROCKS. VJ brought me some new face paint (haha! - eyeliner and the like). The pièce de résistance was from my family - DDR Max 2 with 2 gamepads. Muahahaha! I have already gotten a 111 combo, albeit only on Beginner Mode. I've played at least a half hour every day since, and today over an hour.

The cake was a disaster. Oh, yes, it was good. Fudge. Chocolate icing. Tasty. But ugh. +Kyle nearly went into a diabetic coma after eating his. Really, we all did. I definitely got sick on it, and I didn't eat nearly the whole piece. Sugar and I just do not get along. We all agreed it was divine, but also of the devil. LOL

Everyone dissolved around 7:00, which was about as long as we expected. It had been a quiet evening at Simple Simon's, so we didn't bother anyone, and no one bothered us. The manager gave us a sweet deal on dinner since we were having so many people.

So, Scooter, +Kyle and I had already been planning to go see The Punisher all week, so we went down to Jim & Nancy's to shoot some pool before heading down to Sherman, since we'd miss the 7:30 showing by now. Much of their extended family was there due to Promise's baby shower. Tyla and a cousin were watching The Haunted Mansion, so we saw about the second half of that. It really is kindof a cute movie. Cheesy as all, but cute.

Got to Sherman about half an hour early for the 10:30 showing. We'd seen all the previews except for The Village. This was funny. I had just said not 5 seconds before that promo came up that I was ready for a new M. Night Shamaylan film. Voila! It really does look interesting, and I'm glad to see Joaquin Phoenix in another one of his films.

Lots of g-g-g-g-guns... Lots of big explosions... Lots of skulls... Some cute comic book dialogue. Some disturbing torture... (I actually got sick over Dave's experience. Poor kid. My face hurt just watching. it) We agreed that the director seemed to fall into a revenge vs. punishment trap toward the end, which may or may not agree with the comics. I never kept up with many of them...none of us did, really. The end of course is wide open for a sequel, so we may be proven wrong.

So after the movie, we went for the customary coffee and chat, this time at IHOP. This is definitely my favorite so far. Waffle Shoppe...ehh... Denny's...very not bad... IHOP...magnifique... Oh dear, am I becoming a coffee snob? Help! There is a Starbuck's in Sherman, after all. But I doubt they're open late, and we only drink coffee after midnight...

So I think the next movie we're going to see is going to be Van Helsing... Really looking forward to that one!

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