Mar. 21st, 2004 07:47 pm
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Took yesterday's acquisitions to Nancy this afternoon. +Kyle came with, and we stuck around for quite longer than expected, but 'twas all fun, and we had a great time. Scooter hadn't gone back to the dorms yet, so we all played pool for an hour or so. We discovered why I drift so badly (I let my arm drop a bit instead of pivoting smoothly), and a shorter stick helped with that, so I might actually get okay with it eventually. None us did very well at all, but that's okay...we had fun, and that's what it's all about.

I forgot to mention this before, but it was hilarious. I was wearing the enormous pentagram ring that Gamegod gave me at Christmas, and Scooter wanted to see it, so I took it off the chain. He looked at all the runes and lettering, and of course, tried it on. Bad tiki. LOL! It got stuck, and just wouldn't come off. He asked if it was cursed or something. +Kyle and I cracked up over it, because he's sitting here going, "It looks a lot bigger than it is! It went on real easy!" He did eventually get it off, but I don't think he'll be trying anything of mine on again for quite some time

I did bring an instant camera, and got some lovely shots of Nancy's gardens, as well as some of the boys playing a round. Also, I brought 3 CDs of miscellany as promised. Played on random in their DVD player, we wound up with some interesting tracks, including She Don't Use Jelly by The Flaming Lips, The Veteran Cosmic Rocker, by The Moody Blues, and Pachelbel's Canon by Robert Miles. +Kyle is of course horrified by much of the music I listen to, but most of what played ended up being from the radio anyway, so he only really complained about the Lips. LOL! It started playing, and he looked at the screen and said, "Oh, NASTY...not this song!" I just laughed, and watched Scooter's reaction to the girl putting Vaseline on her toast...'twas most emusing. Should have gotten a picture of that.

Nancy came in after awhile said we should stay and have dinner, so they ordered pizza from Simple Simon's. ^_^

We got the grand tour of the house. I had seen much of it on Thursday, but +Kyle was absolutely enthralled. It's a bit large for me (sooooo much to cleeeeeean!), but he thinks it's perfect. The airyness is delightful, though...lots of open spaces, even in the rooms that have a lot of things in them.

A dreadful film called Whacked! was on when we got back from picking up the 'za. We MST3Kd it somewhat, because it was just SO bad. Jim turned around at one point and said it was definitely a "C" class movie. LOL... Mike would probably like it, though.

So we're planning to get together for MedFaire. Not sure at this point whether we'll follow him up, or if we'll just meet up in Norman, but we'll see what pans out. We all want to see Hellboy, which opens that weekend, so it should be an entertaining day.

In other news, my husband is just WRONG

Also, let it be made known that cigarettes are evil. I have had an undying headache for most of the afternoon. :P Nothing can touch it, so I'm hoping sleep will fend it off.

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