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This weekend turned out quite differently than initially planned, but it was simply marvelous.

Saturday, +Kyle & I got up at 4:30. I went ahead and got dressed for the MedFaire, despite a lack of breakfast because my outfit takes so long to get into. +Kyle opted to wait until we got closer to Norman to get changed. Anyway, we met Scooter at Denny's in Ardmore at 6:00 (He was also already in-costume - a very nice Ranger outfit), had breakfast and chatted nicely for probably an hour and a half before setting forth. Nancy & Jim were meeting Promise and Jason for breakfast, too, so we saw them before we left, as well. ^_^

The drive wasn't too bad; only about an hour, and then +Kyle got dressed at a gas station. Several fairegoers passed in and out while we waited outside for him. We got to the softball field for parking right at 9:00. There were maybe a dozen or twenty other vehicles. We meandered through Reeves Park, which is absolutely huge. This faire is easily three-to-four times larger than the one in Florence...and Scooter said it was two-to-three times larger than it was when they held it at the duck pond. Lori had said it was huge, but I had no frame of

Somehow or another, a running joke for the day was +Kyle being French...all in a derogatory sense, of course, but also in good fun. I think it started with the frog on his sash, included the frog that holds his sword, and things just snowballed from there, especially when he affected a French accent.

Let me tell on myself for a moment: one of the earliest places we stopped in at was an art booth. The vendor said to me, "Those aren't the two you were in here with yesterday." I just stared blankly for a minute and said, "Excuse me?" My mind was running through how he couldn't have possibly seen me here with or without anyone yesterday, as I was at work. Eventually, it registered, and I *facepalmed*, laughing, and walked out of the tent, shaking my head. The guy just goes, "Oh good, she got it!" and we all laughed. Oh, that was bad.

One girl was running around with a basket of eternal roses. These were really gorgeous - even more real-shaped than the one I have. +Kyle asked if I would like another, and while that would have been nice, it wasn't a big deal, so I just said 'maybe' and we went off. If I ever see anymore like these, definitely...but right now just isn't a good time.

Many people of course were in costume, and there were some very impressive ones, including an Ent and Dryad (both with amazing body sculpture), a mime-type fellow called "Toy", who winds himself and moves "mechanically". +Kyle posed with him. ^_^ There were gypsies, belly-dancers, pirate-types, and many obligatory faeries. Some of the more interesting ones we saw were a dark rogue-type fellow on long stilts. Scooter chased after a black fae with dreadlocks and tattered wings...he did get her picture. We all chased another guy who had some incredible angel wings. They looked like they moved (similarly to how I want the batwings to move), and upon stopping him and his lady, found that they were. He gave us a demonstration, and let us look at the mechanism (what we could see of it), and provided his email address so I can contact him about more information. He said he builds them, but I'd just like to ask some questions...rather build them myself. Let's see...there was a beggar who went around dipping his fingers into a stein of some kind of gruel, then eating it messily before belching in a most obnoxious fashion. He'd stand there afterward and say, "Who did that?" or something else similar. Oh! There was a slaver; he'll slap a set of manacles on you and drag you around for a few minutes, heckling your friends to find a replacement before letting you go. Fortune smiled on us, and we escaped capture in the first place. Some of the more disturbing folk we saw were a man in an orange dress, dress shoes and some ring-shaped monk-type hat thing. Having only seen him from a distance, I insisted he must be some kind of monk, but upon closer inspection, we all decided that no...he was probably just a queen. Scooter saw another fellow wearing basically only pink tights. Neither +Kyle nor I ever saw him, but our good friend seems scarred for life by the sight.

There is a neat carousel that these two guys cranked by hand. Eight or ten hammock-type seats hung from overhead. A person could lounge in one, and the cranked device would swing them around in a circle, then the guys would spin the hammocks themselves, causing the children to scream. It was most entertaining.

What would a Medieval Faire be without a live chess game? This one was choreographed very well, and the story was pretty good - King Arthur's Court against another court, of whose name I can't recall. Morgan and her sisters were key players. The game ended in more of an all-out brawl between the two teams, but it was still cool.

There was also a booth with birds: two falcons and an owl. For $5, one could get their picture taken with said bird. We took pictures of just the birds for free. :P

We passed by a strength test booth - you know, ring the bell by hitting the post with a sledge hammer? Well, this was more of an Orcish wooden mallet, really. Anyway, my company challenged each other to see who could actually do it. Neither one did, although Scooter only missed the bell by perhaps two inches on his second try. The fellow running the booth heckled them both madly over it. I got pictures, of course...hope they turn out!

We stopped around 1:00 or so for lunch - turkey legs and McGilly's fine beverages of sarsparilla and cream soda. They've come up with a nifty bag to carry the bottles in. It's a disc of leather, slit in such a way that it unfolds down into a mesh-like pouch.

Lunch was good, if rather messy. That is an awful lot of meat for one sitting, but we all picked the bones clean. I have been deemed both a 'prissy' and 'dainty' elven lass. Prissy, because I really didn't care for turkey juice running down my arm while I tried to eat... Dainty? Not sure where that one came from...but it's cute. ^_^

We walked around for another several hours. Scooter saw three or four people he knew, having lived in Norman throughout high school and for several years after that.

Of course, there were many armourers there, but one tent stood out in particular. The piece that caught my eye was a stunning leather set with enormous batwings coming out from behind it. They didn't move, but the leatherwork was incredible. They're quite like what I'm interested in. I took several pictures of these guys' work. Gamegod will absolutely love this particular one.

We went back to the pavilion area on our second time around, and sat at a concrete picnic table this time. We were all starting to pink up a bit by this time. I could feel the heat coming off my skin by 11:00, so I knew I was in trouble early on, but of course you never see it until hours later. SUNSCREEN! Remember it next time!

We set up the timer on our cameras and got some pictures together later in the afternoon. I'm not sure that the timer on our camera worked, so hopefully Scooter's came out well. It's a nice digi, so I'm sure it will. I really wish I'd taken about a million more pictures at the faire... Maybe we can come back next summer.

It would be really cool to come to that (maybe even hit the gun show first, if +Kyle wanted to), then come down to Madill for maybe a week, visit everyone at work, VJ and Brian, and then go down to Scarborough Faire before heading back...assuming it was within that same time frame, which I think it is. I will guarantee that if I ever even *mention* the possibility of coming to visit, there are at least half a dozen households who'd invite us stay with them rather than get a hotel. Lori, Edith & Dale, VJ & Brian, Jim & Nancy, Mark & Sherry, and probably even Jay & Doris or Marsha & her husband, although we're not as close with them as some of the others.

Around 5:30, we decided it was about time to think about going, and besides, we were quite tired from walking around in thin-soled moccasins all day...we had a movie to catch, and wanted to grab a bite beforehand, and we had to think about changing, since we were planning to go clubbing after the movie let out.

First, Scooter stopped by a liquor store called Hob Nob Rob's to get some hard-to-find stuff for his birthday party Saturday. They were out of honey mead, so he was mildly disappointed.

So we ran to Wal-Mart...+Kyle needed socks anyway...and got changed. I took the longest this time, having to fight with my domme boots for about 10 minutes, trying to get my jeans tucked in AND get the boots to zip up...the bells on these jeans are just a bit bigger than on my Old Navy jeans, so it took some doing. +Kyle went for socks, and Scooter wanted to find a better shirt for clubbing in, but couldn't find anything he liked.

We went to the theatre next and procured tix for the 7:40 showing of Hellboy. Muahaha...

So we went to the mall for awhile and tried to decide what to have for dinner. Joe's Crab Shack was mentioned, but the drive was prohibitive due to time, so we just bummed around part of the mall.

There was a nifty hobby shop, similar to the one at the Target center in Huntsville. They had a fantastic setup in the back, filled with all manner of old aviation gear - flightsuits...the ejector seat from a plane...helmets...the thing that they set the trig for dropping bombs with (can't remember the name of it at the moment)...old patches from flight groups... There were other pieces of miscellany, and I wished I'd brought the camera. Dad would love it.

There was a Hot Topic, so of course we had to go in there. They still didn't have any good club shirts for guys, but I saw about a dozen things I'd probably have gotten. :P I was wearing my "I'd be goth, but I can't afford to shop at Hot Topic" of the sales people walked up to me and said, "You know we're having a sale today, right?" LOL! I'm sure he was just doing his job, but it was funny nonetheless.

I think I've realized the tattoo problem. I want one, but don't like the idea of the permanence of it. I've considered the airbrushed type, and could probably learn to do that fairly easily, so I'd like to give that a try before too long. But there's Henna, as well. They're still rather popular, and Hot Topic carries a starter kit for about $20. I'd like to get one fairly soon (sadly not 'til after we move) and see how I like it. *ponders* Birthday, maybe? Hmm... :P

We went to the arcade, too. +Kyle played some flight combat game, I think, but I can't remember what it was called. He also tried out a sword-fighting game where you sand on this platform, and there's a motion-sensitive stick, so you actually have to swing, defend, etc. to play. It was really keen. Kinda cheesy, graphically, but a great concept, and the technology seemed fairly sound. Scooter played some driving sim that had good graphics, but he didn't like the controls. We all played Star Wars pod racing. This unit wasn't as nice as the one in Huntsville - you couldn't sit back as far, for one thing, and the screen was small...but it was still pod racing! +Kyle did the best at it, of course. They also had an original Galaga machine, so the guys both played it once just so we'd use the last two tokens.

On our way out, we watched a guy doing DDR. He was absolutely incredible...moved like lightning. He did a combo of 120, and then another one of 108, I believe, and that was just in the couple of minutes we watched him. We were amused to note that the arcade had placed a bench behind the game accommodate the line of people always waiting to play. Yes indeed, that will be the next game we get for PS2. I need to start doing aerobics and build up stamina anyway...may as well do it to good music. ^_^

About this time, we decided it would be good to get food and get back to the theatre, so we went to Chik-Fil-A and obtained edibles. We got to the theatre plenty early. There are soooo many good films coming up this year! Van Helsing...Troy...King Arthur...Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban...I, Robot... We only saw a few of those trailers this time, but oh yeah... It's going to be a good year for movies...

Anyway, Hellboy...

WAI! Sugoi ne!!! I really need to go back and read the comix now, especially if they stayed as true to the story as I've heard. We all really enjoyed it, especially Ivan. +Kyle and I were impressed by how relatively little CGI was in it, as opposed to, say, The Hulk or Spiderman. Scooter was disappointed by that aspect, because he figured there would be a lot more, based on the commercials. The most obvious parts are the monsters, and portals, etc. The things you'd expect. I'm certain there was a lot more CGI than we actually noticed. The only place where the CGI really bothered me was when Hellboy gets thrown into the air by the really big baddie at the could tell in the face that it was *not* Ron Perlman...the quality is getting much better, but it's still just so rubbery.

Ivan was the man...or at least half the man...

Must remember to look up the book they quoted at the beginning of the movie for +Kyle.

So after the movie, we decided what to do next. My burn was starting to hurt pretty badly during the movie, but I fortunately remembered that there was toothpaste in the car...that helped somewhat, but it was rather conspicuous, and I got it all over my shirt in the process. LOL Ah well... I was still good for clubbing or whatever all night, but Scooter mentioned thinking about going back toward McBride instead of staying overnight in the City. +Kyle had already decided that we weren't going to be staying overnight, either, so we went back to Jim & Nancy's house to watch movies and play pool instead.

But first, the obligatory coffee stop after an evening out. (It must be a law out here.) We went to IHOP and sat just talking for probably two hours or better. We talked about everything from the movie to storm chasing to being overly paranoid to bugging out when everything eventually hits the fan, as +Kyle predicts it will within the next 10 years. It was really a wonderful fellowship. Our waitress, Florence, was super, ultra-friendly, and kept an eye on us all night. She was an absolute doll. +Kyle had three cups of coffee. I had four. Bear in mind that I had been off caffeine totally for a week at this point, so not only was I excited from just being in party mode, I was jittery from being utterly doped up. But, I got really cold when we went outside after, so I put on my velvet shirt to warm up. This was a good idea for the burn, too.

We stopped by our house first to check on Washu and leave our costumery at the house, since the cab was absolutely *packed*. The mutt was fine, but excited to see us, and didn't want to get in her cage when we were ready to leave.

So, on to the house... Jim and Jason were up talking when we got there about 2:30 (actually 3:30 with the time change), and we stood around for awhile, then decided to pop in Sleepy Hollow. Poor +Kyle really was getting tired by this time, and nodded off when Ichabod was attempting to ride a horse, and it wouldn't go where he wanted it to. S seemed rather amused by the movie, but figured most of the ending out fairly early on. Meh! :P

When it was over, neither of us was very tired, so we just sat up chatting about Johnny Depp movies (Pirates!!), which led to Disney World, and then things must have kindof deteriorated, because I don't remember much else. I guess I was more tired than I realized. I went and laid down on some bed around 6:30, but only slept about an hour. Came back into the game room and found the guys asleep on either end of the reclining couch. LOL! It was pretty cute. I should have taken a picture, but it probably would have woken them up.

I heard life upstairs, so I went up to visit with whoever was up. It was Jim. We sat outside on the kitchen balcony and talked about all kinds of things. He's from Colorado, and told me about the Red Mountain Pass (I think is what he called it), that's a 1000 ft. sheer drop, and he's seen it completely full from avalanches and regular snowfall. He told me about one year where a guy cleaning the roads had an avalanche fall on him; it swept him into the ravine, and they had to wait until July or August before all the snow melted and they could retrieve his body.

We laughed about how people in the south freak out over two inches of snow, and suddenly everyone needs snow tires and chains, and bread and milk are the first things to go. He said there's no such thing as snow days where he's from - they have hunting days, but because they take care of their roads, there's no need to close school over inclement weather.

He also talked about building his workshop and laying stone for Nancy's patio soon. I guess we sat for about an hour, then he had to go to Kingston to pick up a trench digger to lay the electrical and plumbing lines for the shop. He's hoping to have it mostly completed by next week.

I went downstairs and dug out my sketchpad to work on The Pearl Hotel series for awhile.

Much more to come...but I have only so much downtime to write...

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