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Mental tallying has brought some things to light.

Early 30s
Fatigue & inability to sleep
Heaviness in chest
Chest pains
Difficulty breathing/Underwater feeling
Deep yet shallow cough
Throaty quality to voice

Mom had all these symptoms, and was eventually diagnosed with sarcoidosis. Her mother had it too, she just told me today. Soooooooo... I need to start treatment immediately. Thankfully, she is an encyclopedia of knowledge, and our family doctor actually listens to things like family history and previous treatments that have worked. She doesn't like unnecessary testing, so I'm hoping to avoid X-Rays and skip straight to a biopsy. Best case scenario, maybe she'll just start me on the inhaler they put mom on, and maybe the cough meds as well.

This also means I should probably start cutting back on wheat. Mom's sarc symptoms eased somewhat when she went gluten-free. I don't generally mind food substitution, so that won't be too terribly painful.

The depression may or may not be linked directly. Well, i know parts of it are not. but maybe the extremism is just an offshoot of sarc.

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Go West

May. 28th, 2004 11:46 am
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If for no other reason than health, I or we should have stayed out west.

I've already had two very bad headaches (one migraine) since getting back here. +Kyle's had three nosebleeds - two in the past 24 hours.

This valley is so hard on the body! >_

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