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Christmas was a good one this year. It's a good one every year, but I like it when everyone's a little poorer than usual. We find more creative and interesting ways to give gifts, and everyone manages to find miraculous specials on each other's wishlists.

I did not get out of the wishlist gambit this year. :/ Apparently everyone was tapped out from my refusal to offer a list last year, and so I was forced into coming up with some ideas. We all tried to keep our wishes within reason.

Noel made Beignets for breakfast while we all watched A Christmas Story, then we did PRESENTS.

Boy did quite well for himself:
Popcorn, Pocky, various chocolates & fruits
Accoutrements Musical Instruments - kazoo,
Friction Racecar
Pewpew Laser Keychain
Totoro & Catbus mini-posters
Farm Animals
Chik-Fil-A Gift Card (from someone @ the rents' church
Knitted "watch" bracelet (from his classmates @ the rents' church)

The big stuff:
Cootie & Don't Break the Ice (He *loves* hitting the ice.) (Santa)
Melissa & Doug Blocks (from GayGay & Dankünt)
Melissa & Doug Wooden Sushi Set (From Adger & Dankünt)
1 oz. of Silver (from Ian)
School House Rock DVDs (from Adger)
Veggie Tales Jonah (from GayGay & Dankünt)
Mickey Mouse Pirates of the Caribbean Playset (from Mommom & Daddy)

Angel did fairly well, too.
Standard candies, popcorn, & fruits
Pocket knife
Figment Figure - 1982, Ireland
Utility Light
Before They Were Stars - Wrestling DVD
Good Cigar
Accoutrements - He got a Nazi in one of the figurine sets LOL
Pew-pew Laser Keychain
Collapsible trash can for RV
First Aid Kit for RV

Sealab 2021 (Ian)
Kindred: The Embraced (Dad)
Wrestling Gold (Dad)
Disney "Behind the Scenes" DVDs (me)
Outfit (Al)
Old Spice Giftset (Me & Al)

I made out nicely as well!
Candy, Fruit, Popcorn
"Love Pirate" Eyepatch (realllllly disturbing coming from my parents...)
Black Cat Tape
RV Log Book & Journal (!!!)
Batteries Not Included DVD
Parasite Pals pencil bag & Address Book
Slice Ceramic Safety Cutter (from Noel)
Magnetic "Tacks"
Pink Elephant Beverage Napkins
Pirate Anne Bonny Action Figure

Electric Water Kettle (for tea!! From Mom & Dad)
"Power Plant" Indoor Gardening Kit (From Mom & Dad)
Harry Potter Clue Game (from Angel)
Ancient Egypt Knowledge Cards (From Angel)
Disney Apples to Apples (From Al?)
Lego Pyramid Game (From Ian?)

All in all, an excellent haul, and no one spent too much on anyone. I didn't keep track of what all the rents & boys got, but a lot of the gifts were things we'd purchased earlier in the year, and just held onto. I'm pretty sure the Power Plant was a regift from Mom, as she got one last year, and it's been sitting in the red room all year. I hope that's the case anyway, because Mom *has* a garden to go out into, and doesn't have room indoors for extra projects.

Dinner was a masterpiece. Dad got a countertop turkey fryer for Thanksgiving, and I gotta say it's incredible. It sounds like the worst idea, but everything's enclosed, so it seems safe enough. Of course, mom cooked pretty much all morning and wouldn't let anyone help.

We all played Apples to Apples right away. The guys were antsy about it being overly Disneyfied, but it's basically just illustrated with movie scenes. I got in a couple good ones with Noel & Angel. On one round, I pulled "Brave", and said immediately, "No cards from Pocohantas." Noel just glared at me, turned his deck around and showed me a card *of* the princess herself. LOL

On another round, Angel pulled "Surprise", and I played "Moms". I've felt weird for a few days, and he asked rather defensively if I was pregnant, so I've been messing with him for about a week now about it. When he picked up the played hand, he got to mine, and knew immediately whose it was. He glared at me, and I smiled and said, "Now honey, wouldn't that be just the most surprising thing you can think of?" Evil, right?

Pretty sure I'm *not* in a family way at this point. I don't think I could handle another pregnancy, much less a second (third!) child.

Still antsy to try out Clue and the Lego board game, but we need a couple more willing people for Clue to be a really good game.

I need to upload photos something awful.
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