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I meant to post again Monday evening, but didn't have a chance. +Kyle did send in the paperwork in spite of his fears, and things should work out. I didn't have to prove anything.

My brother was able to help out with the tools that +Kyle has to have. Thank God for that! Once the loan money comes back, it'll have to go back to my brother, of course, but at least +Kyle won't flunk now.

That pulled muscle feeling seems to have been just that. It's gone after a couple of days of resting/not lifting, etc.. I need to get checked out *anyway*, as soon as we're able, but I feel much better about this for now.



Feb. 27th, 2002 12:26 am
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My skin finally cleared up!

But it looks like I'm going to need to go on a high calcium regimen for awhile. The chest pains were getting better, then I ran out of supplements, and now they're getting worse again. *sigh*
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I looked up the name of my antibiotic - it's not penicillin based. It's Sulfamethoxazole, which is a sulfonamide antibiotic. Common allergic reactions to this drug is a skin rash, and there are no reliable tests for allergy to these antibiotics. Doctors must rely on the patients memory about when and how these drugs were taken, whether it was in combination with other drugs, how long after the dose the symptoms developed, and what other medications were being used at the same time, including non-prescription items such as vitamins,

So it looks like I'm not allergic to penicillin. Why didn't I look this up before?
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Well, I am feeling much better as far as the bronchial problems go. I noticed last night as we were going to sleep that my throat no longer has that "bubbly" sound when I open my mouth - that was a really nasty sound. I'm really thirsty, though...been drinking everything all day. ^_^'> At least I'm not coughing nearly as much, or coughing *up* as much. Very thankful for that.

The rash, on the other hand, has spread such that I now look more red with white splotches than normal with red rashy splotches. It's really icky looking and feeling. Took another baking soda bath, and have been doing the Benadryl thing all day.

Mom saw a lady from church at the store today, and they got to talking - somehow I came up, and it turns out she had bronchitis and then also had a rash towards the end of it all. It seems she was allergic to the penicillin in her meds, and it just built up in her system until she broke out. With my family's history of severe allergies to everything (mom - wheat, soy, etc. dad - wasp stings, hay fever, me - hay fever, grass/milk, most soaps and detergents, etc., brothers - hay fever, red food dye, etc.) this is a distinct possibility. I just have taken the last of my antibiotics, so if it clears up in a day or two, I'll know that I have an allergy to penicillin (must remember to note that in my medical records!!!) . If it doesn't clear up, it's probably the detergent we used, and I'll just have to wash everything again in something that we know I'm not allergic to.

Either way, it itches, and I hate hate hate being itchy. It makes me feel unclean, even after baths, showers, etc. -_-

And my ear still feels weird. -_- But overall, much better.
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except for the rash.

My feet and, well, nether regions have been sortof itchy all day, and then about 4:00 I suddenly broke out in this weird rash. It started on my hands, then I noticed it was all over my arms. My face & ears were getting hot, so I went in the bathroom to check, and sure enough - I was horribly red & had bumps all over. So then, I started undressing to see just how far this thing went - all over my chest & shoulders. Oddly, not on my back or stomach, or legs. Called mom. Diagnosis: allergy (but to what!?) or possibly the precursor to scarlet fever (associated with strep throat.) Called the doctor's office. The nurse said to take a Benadryl, and to finish taking my antibiotics (they run out tomorrow). She didn't sound worried at all, so I stopped worrying so much. She said that if the rash persists after the antibiotics are gone that I should call back and they'll decide if I should come back in for more tests or get a new prescription.

So, I took a Benadryl, and went to take a bath with baking soda till it kicked in. Got to thinking. We took laundry to the laundromat one week when I was too sick to go to mom & dad's. We used Cheer with color guard. We've never used Cheer before, period. Methinks I'm just getting around to using the clothes we washed that week, and methinks I'm dreadfully allergic to Cheer. (Why it took most of the day to show up, I'm not sure - unless my immunity to it was just gradually being worn down throughout the day.)

It's the most feasible explanation, as I'm very sensitive to soaps, detergents, etc.

So, I feel good, but still a bit itchy and hot. x_X
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Surely to goodness I'm getting enough calcium by now. I'm taking 1200 mg a day, plus approx. 2 glasses of milk, plus any other calcium that may come in foods I eat. That's definitely over the USRDA recommended dose. These muscle spasms actually feel worse today. Maybe I'm not getting enough magnesium with it. I thought they were spreading to the left side, but it was thankfully just a breathing stitch.

I may sleep on the couch tonight. Took a nap today and found a position that didn't aggravate the coughing or the spasms. I don't really want to, because I hate sleeping alone...but it may be the only thing.

I'm so sick of this. Only 2 days of meds left, and I'm still hacking. I really hope it goes away within the next 48 hours. We can't afford for me to go back to the doctor's office, and I really don't want to ask my parents for more help with it. They're doing well this year, but not surely not well enough to keep spending $130 on me every 2 weeks.
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I let +Kyle sleep in today while I folded the laundry that got washed Sunday. While I was collecting hangers from the closet, he woke up, so I stopped and laid down with him so we could cuddle a bit. That was nice, up until these blasted chest spasms got really bad. He just started rubbing my back, trying to feel where the tense spots were. I can honestly say I've never been in more pain before today. The spasms move around my right side, sometimes in front, just below my breast, sometimes on the side, and sometimes in the back. He kept trying to make me let him stop, but it really was helping, in spite of the, well, agony. ^_^'> Have you ever bitten into your own hand to try and distract yourself from the hurting elsewhere? After about 10 minutes of it, I let him stop, and it really had relaxed the muscles. I can breathe deeper now than I've been able to in nearly a month. Still taking the calcium supplements, of course, but I'm spacing them out through the day rather than taking them all at once in the morning. It seems to be helping more this way.

My ear still hasn't popped. It's really getting annoying. I can (mostly) hear fine, but this 'full' feeling is really uncomfortable, especially when I'm trying to get to sleep.

We went to Windmill this evening to get some brandy since it's been helping me so much at night. Gosh that stuff is expensive. I would have liked Apple, but Peach was the cheapest they had, so I guess it's more peach fire for me.

We also went to the mall. The place is dying so badly. Same old stores, same old junk in 'em. It's really a bore these days. I did find the X-Com trilogy for $10. Now I need $10. LOL Maybe when I finish with this plush I can get it.

Ah well... enough talk for now ^_^ I'm almost finished with 2 of the 6 customs I'm working on. Can't wait to see how the Windy Wing comes out. Need inkjet transparencies. *makes note*
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I stayed at mom and dad's this afternoon. Goodness, I needed out of the house. ^_^'> Mom got out all her herb books and we determined that the chest pains I've been having are a calcium deficiency. (Dr. Lyndon Smith actually says this, not mom ^_~) This jives with things because ever since I've been sick, I have not been drinking milk because it's such an allergen. How can something I love so much be so bad to my body? =( Normally, I have at least 3 servings of milk, plus whatever cheese or other dairy foods I may have. But since the 27th, I may have had 3 glasses of milk. ^_^'> No wonder I hurt so bad. I'm on supplements now, and am drinking a bit of milk in spite of the extra mucous it will cause. Better than these muscle spasms. Breathing is so difficult with this pain, and the coughing is unbearable. My poor hubby sat on the couch and cried tonight while holding the places that are spasming while I yelled and yelled over the pain. I feel so bad making him cry like that -_-

Anywho, mom also looked at my throat, and the telltale white spots of strep coat my swollen tonsils. The antibiotics must be fighting that too, because I certainly don't have the symptoms of strep. You can bet I'm gargling with Listerine a little extra just in case, though ^_~

Got muchly much laundry done at the 'rents house too. Gosh, we needed that. We took some to the laundromat last week because I was too sick to go to their house, but that's so expensive. Besides, I just needed to get out of this house.

Oh.... -_-' My ear is bothering me again. Stupid sinuses...and my prescribed sinus drugs didn't help much today with the pressure like they're *supposed* to. I was tempted to take more than one, but maybe that's not a good idea. I can't hear so well today, which has not been fun, but it should go away tomorrow if it does like it did before. If not...I guess I'll need to call the doctor's office again -_- It feels like it will pop out soon, though, so I'm not too worried over it.

Hubby brought "O Brother Where Art Thou" home from the store today (emps get free rentals! woo hoo!). That was a really fun film - it made me laugh, which was painful, but worth it. ^_^

How can I have a good day and still complain so much? ^_~ Ah well. I need to do a bit on customs tonight and take some in-progress pictures. Tomorrow I reckon we'll go to the post office after a MUCH long-needed time. (Yes! You will all get your ponies soon! ^_~)

Am still very tired. All this shallow breathing has really cramped my style. But, the brandy ("it's like drinking peach fire") mom sent has been very helpful at night. Haven't been waking up every hour with that hacking cough. Sleep is still not restful, unfortunately, but at least I'm sleeping 5 or more hours in a row again. =)

Anyway...enough of my ramblings. Today really was a good day.

stir crazy

Feb. 9th, 2002 05:26 pm
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I have got to get out of the house... x_X

but I've got to get well.

But I'm so bored!

But I don't reel up to going anywhere...

*frought with indecision*
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My voice is shot. This is probably a good thing - hopefully it means I'm almost over this. It's just amusing that the one day I really shouldn't be talking is the one day we get bombarded with telephone calls. -_-'>
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They were throwing out roasted chickens at the store today, so guess what we had for dinner? yummm... I must have eaten half the breast doused in lemon juice. THEN I took meds. no more up-chucky for me thanks.

*saves her yogurt & apple for in the morning when nothing else sounds good*

Overall I am feeling better tonight. =) I think I burned my face in front of the heater earlier, though... LOL
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Called the doc...they confirm that I should not take these meds on an empty stomach, and if I have further problems, I should call back.

The lady I spoke to said it would more likely be the antibiotics that give me trouble, but so far it's just been the cough syrup.

Hubby is bringing me plain yogurt as per mom's recommendation. I hope I can eat it. I'm so tired of Jello and Pretzels. =_=
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I am soooo sick today. Got up, took my new meds, and not a half hour later, everything came up. -_- I took everything on an empty stomach - nothing says you have to eat first, so I didn't think about it, but that's the only reason I can figure out.

I know I need to eat... I'm extremely weak, and my stomach definitely says 'feed me', but literally nothing sounds edible...probably because it's been over a week since I really ate a full meal. Am nibbling on lettuce because it's almost time to take meds again. -_- Guh, I feel awful.

But the worst thing? I don't think I'll ever make it to the post many ponies to send out. -_- Everyone's really understanding, but I still feel terrible about it. It's ALWAYS something with me. I should just give up trading.

*wants to cry, but hasn't the energy*
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OK so I finally went to the doctor today. (Parents offered to help out with it since we can't afford an office visit.) It was a long wait, being a walk-in clinic, but worth it. And the verdict? I have my first bout of Bronchitis!

My ears have really been bothering me, so I was afraid they were infected, but he says it's just a touch of sinusitis - no infection, thank God. I have a stabbing pain in my chest, too (pulled muscle) so coughing is no fun at all. Oh, then there's the headache, which is weather-related. I have drugs. ^_^'> He prescribed 10 days of antibiotics and some new cough syrup, and some other pills for the sinuses. It's definitely all helping, but it makes me very sleepy.

It was pretty cool, actually. I am of the school of "hate all doctors" (especially men). This guy was so nice, and really *listened* when I was telling him all the symptoms - he wasn't one of those "fire off as many questions as possible in 30 seconds and ignore the fact that the patient is still answering your first question" doctors.

He even stopped to check when I remembered to tell him about my ear fears. I've never had such an attentive doc. (At the same time, he didn't seem OVERLY critical or 'know-it-all' like so many doctors do.)

I might actually start going to the doctor regularly when we can afford it again. ^_^'>

I did forget to tell him about these swollen veins in my mouth...d'oh.

My first real LJ entry. I feel better, if a bit sleepy.

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