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My husband is treating me with cruel and unusual punishment.

My parents have sent me a birthday present.

He knows what it is.

He has hidden it and I am not allowed to look for it.

I am not allowed to open it until Saturday!

Go figure.

In all seriousness, I don't *really* care that I have to wait, nor do I want to know what it is until I get to open it, and neither do I intend or even want to look for it! It's no fun shaking the box, because I am a pretty good guesser. Also there's the mild ESP thing we've done before. ;)

But man is he rubbing it in every time the subject comes up.
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Got to work this morning to find a *most* lovely surprise... Lori had left one of the eternal roses from MedFaire on my desk. ^_^ I went back to hug and thank her, and she told me, "I believe every woman should be given a rose - especially one that lasts forever." Thank you, Lori!

We chatted about the faire for quite some time today, asking what each other had seen. (Lots and lots of skin, in her case.) LOL! There are always so many pretty people at these events.

I'm still writing about everything and will post it as new, then backdate it a couple of days forthcoming as well!
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Lori went to the City this weekend, and brought me presents. o^_^o WAIII! She found a Hot Topic, had to go inside, and told me she wished she'd had more money, because half the store would have been mine. LOL! What she brought:
* Black Wristband with a red embroidered 'A' (now I have gauntlets! ;)
* Pin with Lola Goth saying, "I'm feeling a little bit blah today." I love her little bat friend.
* Sticker featuring a cow, pig, and chicken, that says "Animals taste good." This is Lori's and my motto, so it's ABSOLUTELY perfect. LOL! Made my morning.

Quote of the day:
Okay, so I never actually had an opportunity to say this, but in one of my more stressful moments, I thought:

When it hits the fan - wear a raincoat! (Or maybe carry an umbrella...I can't decide which is funnier.)


Feb. 21st, 2004 10:47 am
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No one is online! My one day to really relax, and there is no one to talk to. :P

In other news...sometimes, I can totally relate to this

Gots a care package from the 'rents today! New shirts for +Kyle and me...his belt...Vanilla soap (yum!)...Stargate Season music from Ian!

Arigato gozaimashita, otoosan to okaasan! ^_^

Crudmonkeys.. NOW I remember the past-tense conjugation. *waves fist in air*
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^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

+Kyle brought me roses for Valentine's Day... Awwwwwww...

I really wasn't expecting anything, though I had mentioned it in passing the other day. There was some poll on the radio about what women vs. men thought were the best gifts for Valentine's Day. A dozen roses was at the top of both lists. So +Kyle turns to me and says, "So...two dozen roses, then?"

I laughed and said, "No, I'd be happy with just one rose."

He brought two. ^_^

So we are about to go out for a nice dinner, then grocery shopping. The guys went to the range today so we have all day tomorrow together. We'll probably just veg and clean house, but that's okay!

So we went to Ryan's before grocery shopping and obtained a pleasant level of 'full'. Ohhhh how we enjoy their buffet. LOL!

Our waitress was really great, and kept calling me "hon", "sweetheart" and things of that nature - you know, Southern Genteel type nicknames.

I laughed when she was gone, and +Kyle wanted to know what was funny...I said I must be really hot tonight if even women were calling me 'sweetheart'. He laughed in that embarassed way. We left her a decent tip, and I wrote "Thank you!" on a napkin. I need to start carrying cards with me for our servers when we go out. We usually have pretty good service wherever we go, but sometimes it goes above and beyond, or we're just struck by the service.

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