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The outcome is very good. My pants wardrobe has quadrupled!! I have 8 more pairs of pants to hang in my closet now. 3 of them are suitable for interviews and the like, so if I get a job offer, at least I'll have something to wear! ^_^ On top of that there are 5 more pairs of shorts that I can wear. *Breaks out the razors* (Time to start deciding which ones to keep and which ones to yard sale.)

To be fair, I found a milk crate today of things I had forgotten about, so I would have had 2 or 3 more pairs of clothes 2 weeks ago, but I'm just going to take it in stride and enjoy this new-found freedom.

I can button my lovely brown cords again!! ^_^ They're still not 100% comfy, but I bet by next week, they'll be perfect. I'm comfortably wearing a size 36 (men's), meaning that in order for them not to slide down my backside, I really should have a belt. The front still keeps them from falling too far, though. ^_^''> I can wear some 34s, but again, they're not really comfortable. Bugle Boys are the most forgiving. ^_^

Some of these pants I haven't seen since I was married (5 years this Christmas), so this is especially 'huge' news. *g* I wonder what +Kyle will say when he wakes up.

The real progress will begin when I can start wearing smaller shirts. I'm built like a (n American) football player. I can wear a Large, but I don't like ANYTHING to be binding, and a Large js fitting (not as tight as a bathing suit, but not comfortably loose) in several places, so I am still sticking to XL, which is really too baggy, but ah well... ^_^ is the last day of my month-long trial (well, 4 weeks - close enough for me.).
Has it been worth it?

Has it been perfect?
No. There were 3 days where I fell off the wagon - once by only a point or two - the others were pretty bad (5 or so points). Still, that's less than one day a week, and it's far better than I thought I'd do from the outset. ^_^

Do I plan to continue?
Please. Do you REALLY have to ask that? I still have to fit into those cute vintage bells I found 3 years ago and never got to wear! *g* Seriously, I feel better than I have in years, physically and "about myself", so I am totally going to keep this up. I'll never be a supermodel, but I *can* stay at a healthy weight.

Till tomorrow, then....shall I call it Day 29, or start afresh?

Good stuff

Apr. 19th, 2002 11:30 pm
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So it's not Saturday...that's ok. I needed shorts to wear to the shop today. Printing is a VERY hot job, and the weather outside is already warming up quite a bit, so I dug through the drawers today to find anything useable.

I'm currently wearing a size 34 pair. That amazes me to no end. I can hardly wait to go through my jeans tomorrow and find out if I can wear anything else.

These are by no means comfortable. There's a long way to go before they don't pinch or bulge in places. But the mere fact that I can button them without lying down speaks volumes.

+Kyle still isn't thrilled with the whole idea. He's all 'I just don't think it's that big a deal' and 'I'm not going to have anything to hold on to' (meaning when he puts an arm around me at the mall or some such - get your mind out of the gutter. =) I can understand that. Frankly, I'm grateful for it, because it means that he really does find me attractive. Even so, I would like some support in this effort. He may love me the way I am, but I don't love me the way I am. How can I say what he wants me to say when he asks if I know I'm beautiful if I don't believe it myself?

We got into a bit of a tiff at the store last night because I was getting low point foods for me. Decided to try some FF/SF pudding to see if it was edible, and he picked up the box and started reading it off in that singsong-y mocking way. The dialog went like this:
Me: Are you going to be supportive of me in this or are you going to keep making fun of the decisions I'm making?
Him: Well, all this fat free and low calorie stuff isn't as good as the real thing.
Me: I know. But it's not like I have to do this forever. (Meanwhile thinking, 'but I will if that's what it takes to stay the weight I need to be')
Him: I just don't think it's that big of a deal.
Me: That's fine - it's a big deal to me.
Him: Well, fine, I'll just shut up about the whole thing.
Me: I'm not asking you to shut up. I'm just asking you to stop making fun of me for it. (A slight exaggeration, as he hasn't actually targeted me personally.)
Him: Silence, then change of subject.

He must have thought it over somewhat because we talked about it more today. I made cinnamon biscuits (from a can) for him at his request. He was eating them as we drove to work, and said:
Him: You can have some of these if you want them, you know.
Me: Thank you, but I'll hold off on those. They're not worth eating on the program I'm on.
Him: Why?
Me: Well, foods are all given point values based on calories, fat and fiber. Some foods have a high point value, and some have a low point value. Now, you can either have a few foods with high point value or have a lot of foods with low point values throughout the day. I would just rather eat a lot of low point foods throughout the day and have a decent dinner (with you) than 3 high point meals. I've read several articles on how it's better to eat light over a whole day than having 3 "square meals".
Him: (sounding more interested) Yeah, I've read some of the same things. Is this something you're going to stick with?
Me: Well, I made myself do it for a month, and tomorrow's the last day. I've been trying on all the jeans I can't wear every two weeks to see if they fit, and already added 2 pairs to my wardrobe. Tomorrow I'll do it again. I'm going to continue doing this for awhile if it's still working.
Him: Well what size are you wearing now?
Me: 34
Him: And what were you wearing before?
Me: 38
Him: That's the same size I wear.

I forget what happened then, but it just sort of trailed off, and then we got stuck behind some ridiculously slow traffic which made us both late. x_X

I don't think it's a program he'll join me on. He's talked about needing to lose some weight, and it's true he could come down 10 or 20 lbs, but then again, he's not in as bad shape as I am. He'd rather do it with exercise only, and not a change of diet. I really need to explain to him that I haven't really changed my diet that much - just been a little more careful about how much I'm actually eating. Maybe the opportunity will come up soon. It's just certain things that I'm changing - snacky stuff, mostly, which I do admittedly indulge in quite a bit. But instead of Ritz cheese crackers, I'll have pretzels and an apple. Maybe if I get some other "normal" snack foods and just eat them carefully, he will see that it's not so bad. ^_^'>


Apr. 13th, 2002 07:23 pm
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Just one more week of this and I will have been on the WW plan for 1 month. Time sure does fly!!
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My butt is so weird. It's kinda flat-ish. Plenty wide along with my hips (what the lovely folk around here called "child bearin"). but it's so nonexistent the other way that even when pants are a bit tight in the front, they still slide down in the back.

How sad is that?

On a good note, I bet I will be able to fit in those cords SOON!
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Oy I have a headache.

I am very much noticing a pattern here. Some days I get really close to my max, (or like the other day when I went over by a point or 2). Then the next day, I REALLY cut back a lot. So much so that I add up points after dinner and it turns out that I have 4 or 5 points left over just to make my minimum! x_X At least now I have a way to SEE that I'm undereating on those days. (The funny thing is that I usually feel fuller on the days I have lots of points left over...cause I stock up on 0 point veggies or 1 point fruit those days. ^_~)

+Kyle had today and also tomorrow off. We were going to go biking, but it's been r-a-i-n-i-n-g here. x_X Bitey. So we packed some more.

I need to iron white hair and finish the Bridal baby. So many people want to see her! ^_^ Then I need to work on Baby Sugarberry. And work on rehairing. x_X And and and and.......
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I am reasonably sure I fell off today. Shoulda had water instead of that second glass of tea this afternoon. x_X Thank God for second chances! I'm not going to let this get me down. I'm going to get up tomorrow and do things right.

I'm also going to fold laundry, wash dishes, scan my point counter so I can make the 3 I've agreed to help with, continue going through old audio tapes, rehair 2 ponies and finish painting Baby Bridal Beauty...not necessarily in that order, and some things can be done simultaneously. *g*.

On to better futures...
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Well... It hasn't quite been two weeks of being on this WW point thing, but I decided to get out the old jeans I've been hoarding. Every time I'd outgrow a pair, (or find a $1 pair I could *almost* wear at my fave thrift store) I'd just put them in a drawer "for when I get that weight off". Yeah right.

So, I opened that drawer up today and started trying things on. Mercy of all mercies, I have two pairs to add to my closet!!! One pair is just about shot, but I can patch them up for a little while longer. The other pair was one of those thrift store goodies. They're both a little tight, but I can zip them up, and that's something haven't been able to do in almost 2 years. I can't quite wear my groovy brown cords again, but maybe next month.

I have discovered a guilty pleasure which I'll share on Dotti's page when I go again next. Fizzy drinks! ^_^ Namely, Sam's Choice Cola (remember New Coke? Same recipe!). We've been getting it for years simply because it's cheap, but I haven't had any since I started counting points. I was just desperate yesterday, so I figured up the points on a can - 3 points for 12 oz. I'm not willing to use up 3 whole points on a coke, but I'll give up 1.5 for the taste! It's amazing how long you can make 6 oz. of something last if you know you won't have it really often.

Something else I've been doing is mixing cereal in the morning. Half a serving of Kashi GoLean and half a serving of Alpha Bits is 3.5 points with 2% milk. Not a *great* deal better, pointwise, than just the Alpha Bits, but it "lasts" longer. Add half a banana, and that's a good filling brekky for only 4 points. (I would use the whole banana, but the ones we got from the Piggly Wiggly this week are all half bad, and today was the last one.)

The PW also sent about a million bags of Marshmallows. There are some super sounding low-point Rice Krispie Treat recipes, so I'll check into that soon and report on the results. I still need to find a good low point chocolate snacky thing that isn't pie. Maybe trail mix with M&Ms or something...I'll have to figure up the points on the recipe I made up while I was still working at Digital E.

Michelina's lunches are REALLY good. Too bad they're so high, pointwise. I had the Pepper Steak & Rice today, and that's 5 points on its own. Ah well...I can have them *sometimes*, just like the Sam's cola. *reminds herself that she's not giving things up...just prioritizing them better* I used my clear Keroppi chopsticks today, so that was a brightening factor as well. =)

Good pony day! Wolfchick's CB ponies came, and a couple people paid for their purchases. So if you're expecting a package from me, *hopefully* it's going out today. ^_^ If not, I'll be buying extra postage with these payments and I can mail them tomorrow from home.

Well, I need to make Jello and pudding for tonight's Trifle. I managed to bring the points down a little bit, but +Kyle made a big deal about "all this health food stuff". x_X Someday he will understand.

Day 10

Apr. 4th, 2002 10:39 pm
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I'm bored.

Not that I have nothing to do, mind you. I could be making hair plugs, painting, ironing, sewing, or going through boxes right now, but do I feel like it? No way.

I am getting frustrated with 'the plan'. It's my own fault, but that doesn't change the feeling. I just need to crack down and make menus for myself a couple days in advance. Fruit or veggie with every meal. Water...lots of it... If I do it *right*, I can enjoy it greatly. I haven't planned well at all this week, and that's why I've been bummed and frustrated and bored and going "bleh" at the food I do end up with.

I found something COOL at the store...Lipton Cup-a-Soup Broccoli Cheese (for which I've had a hankering). It's 97 cents, 2 points, and the box comes with 3 packets, so it's really cheap.

So I made that for lunch today. It was so NOT what I wanted. x_X It's cheesy, but the spices and other flavourings are overpowering. They taste like those Ranch Wheat Thins. The broccoli? There's only enough in there so they can SAY it has broccoli in it. Just dehydrated buds from the flower part. Plus, it's watery, and I really want *substance*. So I guess I'll get the 'lite' Velveeta at the store and try out that 3 point cheese soup recipe instead. With plenty of broccoli this time. x_X

Well, I need to go find some paperwork, and then I have a big announcement to make.
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And on the eighth day, when he had rested, he created darkness. And for all around him he needed a cloak to hide himself from his tired labours. And the antelope and the deer and the ostrich and the zebra hid their faces and ran like tiny children into the shrivelling blackness around them. And the trees grew hoods and the cows winced. And all the crops began to droop. Even the coal rattled in terror for, lo, there was no light anywhere.
And he was well pleased with his labours and he smiled and was unable to find his way out of the room. Consequently, he blundered around his new creations; stamping helplessly left and right upon the new buds of his endeavour. Octopuses, caterpillars, tendons and worms were squashed like buds. Easter bunnies ruptured like eggs.
At length he found the door, and, fumbling with the handle, he chanced to knock the key on to the ground. As he lowered his nose to rummage around that vast appendage where he might see something on the floor, beheld a ray of light coming in from the hall.
"Kevin? Supper's ready."
"Mom, I'm locked in!"
"Kevin... Supper's ready!"

[Lover lover]
[Lover lover]

That amusing if disturbing bit was from Robyn Hitchcock's "Invisible Hitchcock" album. It's far more fun to actually hear it, but ehh...I can't be bothered to record it from my cassette to MP3 and upload it somewhere. Maybe if someone asks for it....

Anyway, it's the eighth day for me too. I think I managed to go over today. Had planned for an 8 point dinner at most, and +Kyle decided he wanted Hamburger Macaroni. Didn't think it could be as bad as it was, but man...13 points? Ouch. I only went to 28, so it could have been worse. If only I hadn't had tea earlier.

On a good note, we went to the store today. Got lots of good food that will be better for me than tonight's was. Got low fat/salt popcorn. It's 2 points a bag instead of IceFeather's 1, but I could never eat a whole bag at one sitting anyway. LOL I'll take 1 point for half a bag. This was the best stuff they carried. Got lots of veggies too. Found some 2 point juice, also. ^_^ Yay!

Let's do better tomorrow.

Day 7

Apr. 1st, 2002 01:51 am
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I think I made it today. Do I really want to count them though?
Breakfast - 2
Lunch - probably around 10
Dinner - 8
tea - 2
milk - 2

So yeah, unless I missed something...but it's so late I can't be bothered to think about it


Mar. 29th, 2002 11:36 pm
lsdiamond: (Default) - my email forwarding service of several years - is closing their free service on April 15. =( If I could afford to keep it, I totally would, but as things are right now, I'm just changing all my email addresses.

Geesh, I'm signed up at a lot of places. LOL!

This is a bad thing - For one thing, whenever I change email addresses, I ALWAYS lose some friend due to either them not getting my change-of-address email, or *something*. I have changed addresses enough since Jan 1996 to recognize this pattern. So if you're reading this and haven't received my "change of address" email, let me know!!

This is also a good thing. Having used for many years and signed up for many services, inevitably the spam gets to be ridiculous. Losing that iname address will also lose a lot of that spam for me. (Until certain places start selling my *new* address...grr...)

I think I managed to keep under 27 points today. Dinner was the killer here. 12 points. Let's see how I did for the rest of the day:
Breakfast - 4
Lunch - 4
Snack - 2
Dinner - 12

Oops, I forgot, I had tea with dinner - 2 points the way my mom makes it, so sure enough...right in my proper zone of 24-25 points! Wow, I thought for sure I was scraping the line today.

I need to do better than I did today, though, healthwise. It was a mostly carb day, up until dinner, when I had a lot of proteins. I could have used a nice salad or some fruit. I was out much of the day, so my green bean stash was unavailable. I could still have fruit, but I only have one orange left, and would like to have that tomorrow since we're not going to the store till tomorrow night. I guess I could go munch on some lettuce...not that that has any especial nutritional value. ^_~ beans...
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We had a fun date today. It's been so long since we've been "out" like that. Gosh, I miss being able to afford a nice night out more than once a year. We really couldn't afford this, to be honest, but it worked out fairly well, overall.

First we went to JC's Guns & Tackle so +Kyle could look at some case he wants for the Taurus. We looked at some other stuff there, too. There was Taurus revolver that was SO long - it was kinda reminiscent of Vash's gun. ^_^ Too funny! I saw another small really boxy looking Beretta semiauto that was too too cute & cool. I would love that gun.

Then we went to Hobby Lobby so I could pick up new spotter brushes and some paint. Some was on sale 3 for $1, so I went with that brand this time. Hope it works out alright.

Then on to Barnes & Noble...just to look - we don't buy from there if we can help it. I found several REALLY useful books on Kanji, but didn't have anything to write the titles down. One had an especially helpful section on radicals (which I still don't fully understand). We went back after the movie and dinner, and OF COURSE I couldn't find the book that had that info. (when I *had* something to write with.) There was lots of other useful information, though, and I got some other good titles to look for. Time to make my birthday list. LOL!

After that, we went to the movies. Saw "Fellowship of the Ring" again. We probably should have seen something new, but I'm glad we saw this a second time. I can't wait for the Director's Cut DVD this November!!!

Maybe we can go see Ice Age for my birthday. *crosses her fingers that she'll be able to get more hours at her dad's shop*

Then we went to TGI Friday's for dinner. =) Our waiter's name was Bree, and I know we've had him before...but not at Friday's. Probably Ruby Tuesday or maybe Outback. Of course, that would have been over a year ago, but I totally remember him. The other cool thing? I saw my old co-worker Annette!!! We got along SO well, and I was actually wondering about her the other day. We actually got seated beside her! She's been married a year, and they already have a kid. (I knew they were going to GET married when I last saw her, but had NO idea they had already gotten together!!) We exchanged phone numbers, and I am DYING to get together with her. She's such a love, and her hubby is pretty cool too, although I don't know him that well.

So now, I guess we're down to the stuff about the 4th day... I was so good today that it's 10:30 and I still have to have one point in order to make my minimum!

I took my own movie goodies (bad me, I know ^_~) and my 20 oz. water bottle. 1 cup of Marshmallow Alpha Bits & 1 serving of mini pretzels got me through almost the whole movie - and only 3 points between it all!! The marshmallows are stale. LOL! Ah well, you still can't look at free groceries in a bad way, IMO.

I allowed for 10 points with dinner tonight. I ate half their grilled chicken salad (no dressing, just spritzed with lemon). (Our waiter, Bree, said that was the strangest order for a salad he'd ever heard. LOL!) The salad was romaine lettuce and tomatoes, with the chicken on top. I had sweet tea instead of water because, frankly, I was sick of water for today. LOL! Had at least 40 oz. of it (probably still not enough, but definitely more than I'm used to.). I may have actually been a little overly generous with the points, but I'm still new at this, so I don't know. If I get myself up to 25 points for today, I should be fine...I think. ^_^'>

I must have had some serious water weight or something. I've been drinking lots of water since starting on the plan, and my rings are already loose after 4 days. I haven't worn my engagement ring in a long time, and it's always been a *little* big, but even my wedding band is a tiny bit looser. +Kyle actually noticed it first, because he kept straightening the ring on my finger. (It would slide over and the setting would rest on my middle or pinky.) It's cool that he already noticed. I didn't realize he paid THAT much attention to me. LOL!

Well, I need to finish out my points and iron out some hair for making plugs tomorrow...


Mar. 27th, 2002 10:36 pm
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I am sitting here eating a yummy yummy dinner. Approx. 3 oz. of steak, biscuits & mashed potatoes. And I *still* need a couple of points! x_X

The tough decision now is, do I want more potatoes, or do I want to wait awhile and have a cookie? ^_^

Cookie. I had a salad instead of more potatoes. *lets her full tum settle awhile*

Day 3

Mar. 27th, 2002 03:52 pm
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It progresses... I think today I will actually have to struggle to get enough points to meet my minimum! Monday, I hit 25 - right where I need to be. Yesterday, I barely squeaked in at 27, and today, it's already 3:20 PM and I still need 17 points! We're going to have kindof a rich dinner, since we're down to the worst junk possible in the pantry, but even that is only going to bring me up to 16 total points, unless I have seconds (which I'm usually FAR too full to have.). I guess I could have a cookie or 2 after dinner to bring me to my minimum goal for today. Oh, I need to have my second milk serving too, so maybe just a cookie & milk. That will bring me up to speed.

I really like this "0 point food" thing. I had 1/2 cup of green beans just a little while ago, and boy were they good! I will be stocking up on green beans, celery, broccoli (just found a 3 point cheese soup recipe = YUM!), salad, salsa & tomatoes when we go to the store this weekend. Carrots, too. Sure, they cost, but I gotta have my carrots. ^_^ What's up, doc?

Popcorn is CHEAP, dollarwise...and not just the junky gross popcorn, either - the not-so-bad-for-you kind! Ice told me one kind that's only 1 point for a whole bag of it, so I'll probably get some of that this weekend too. ^_^ I also found a recipe for 3 point caramel corn, which is a nice treat once in awhile. Will have to get some low-cal syrup & convince +Kyle that I need low-cal margarine for that and other stuff.

It's too bad I don't do the shopping & cooking myself. I could sneak in all kinds of healthy stuff, and I bet he'd never notice.

I am soon going to make my usual Easter dessert - Strawberry Trifle. Someone mentioned making it in wine glasses, so I may try that instead of the huge bowl. If you make it by the regular recipe, it's like 5 points per serving (which is HUGE, btw.). I'm going to go as low-fat as possible without compromising flavour and see how it turns out.

I went through all our cereals, and Marshmallow Alpha Bits (hey, they were free) are ONLY 2 points per serving! I will probably take those to the movies tomorrow, since we're going on our engagement anniversary date. No need to spend extra money on junk that costs way many points. (Especially since I have to be REALLY good tomorrow.)

*thinks to look for something*

HEY! TGI Friday's has a website...but no helpful info. *emails them and looks on Google*

Got to get off here for now. Later later!

Day 1

Mar. 25th, 2002 02:23 pm
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Today is the first day. It's been pretty good, so far! I printed out my points lists to fill in, and on the other side of the page, my "More Hours in My Day" lists. Now I'm forced to pay attention to both things.

But then, the first day is always easy. It's about the 4th day that I start running into trouble. ^_^'>

My daily points goal is 22-27, and I am doing pretty well keeping up with it.
For breakfast, I had a 6-point meal, measuring everything out. 1 cup Raisin Bran Wheaties & 1 cup 2% milk. (I just can't make do with 1/2 cup of milk. x_X)

For lunch, I had to scrounge, and the best I could come up with was pizza bread. It's pretty bad, pointwise, but it'll teach me to be careful. It would have been 9, but I think some of the cheese was bad, so I only ate 1 and a half of the 2 pieces I fixed. Mathematically, that's 7 points (rounding up for the sake of staying under my 27 point max.) I had water to drink.

While lunch was baking, I looked around the kitchen and discovered all kinds of horrendous things about our pantry. Most of the things in there are 4 or more points on their own. Granted, a lot of it is stuff that we just don't eat - stuff that we got free from the Piggly Wiggly, and should really be thrown out since neither of us eats it. (Anyone want about 10 boxes of NutriGrain bars?)

Cereal is going to be a good thing for me. Kashi GoLean cereal is a 1 point breakfast! (4 with milk & probably a little more with fruit.) Also, you can eat a LOT (26!!) of mini pretzels for only 2 points. LOL

Next time we go to the store (probably gonna have to be tonight LOL!), I will need to get better snacky stuff for me. Carrots, celery, lettuce / salad stuff, tomatoes, cucumber. Plain nonfat yogurt is only 2 point too. ^_^ With raisins, 4 points, which is a GREAT lunch.

I realize, however, that this is NOT going to work unless I can have some kind of chocolate sometimes. The free cookies we sometimes get are insane - 3-5 points apiece! I don't have any candies to check, but they can't be any better. IceFeather, help! x_X

That reminds me, I need to check out the points in the trifle I make every Easter. It's essentially fat free, but I wonder how many points it has. You can literally make yourself sick on this trifle, it's SO good. ^_^'>

Ah well, more to come as the day progresses...


Mar. 25th, 2002 01:26 am
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I don't know what it is....I've just been so depressed this week. Maybe it's just hormones. I haven't had a period since before Christmas, so God only knows what kind of hormonal buildup has happened. It's worth it not to have to put up with the problems every single month, but man...

+Kyle told me tonight, "You're beautiful, you know that?" I never know what to say when he says something like that. I know what he wants me to say ("I know"), but how can I when I don't believe it myself? Sometimes I do just to humour him, but tonight I said "I must be, I guess." He really seemed upset over that and made me give him the answer he wanted anyway.

The whole interchange just depressed me more. I'm one of those people who, when someone says "you're a beautiful person", they mean "you're beautiful on the inside". I don't kid myself...I know I'm not much to look at, and even when I do get my weight down where it needs to be, I'm not going to be supermodel material. But is it wrong for me to wish that I had what it takes for people to notice me? I'd never act on a come-on or have an affair or anything, but just once I'd love to know what it feels like to have some cute guy at the mall do a double-take when I walk by.

Just once.

I really should be happy, you know. I should be thankful that I have a great husband who thinks I'm really all that - and I am thankful...I just wish I could live up to that belief, you know what I mean? I really don't deserve to have wound up with such a great guy.

So I guess that's enough pity-partying. The year's a quarter over, and I need some goals. I cleaned my desk off (mostly) Saturday, and found the fakie Points Finder I bought....3 months ago. I made a printable chart that I can fill out daily so I can keep up with the points of what I eat. I'm going to follow this for one month. If IceFeather can do it, I can. (Insert panicked expression in Icey's general direction!!) That's my goal - follow the plan for one month. At this point, weight loss is not the issue - sticking with something for that long is the issue. I'm terrible at remembering to do things, and let myself get off track really easily. (Just look at our Bible Study group! x_X) So, if I can do this for one month, that will be progress in itself - anything else will be icing on the cake.

So Ice, if you have any more sage advice, I am ALL EARS!!!

Well, I feel some better now. That's probably a good thing. =)

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