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As you probably know if you've been reading my blog for the last week or so, you know I'm (loosely) following Weight Watchers again. I discovered Roni's Weight Watchen page, and it is a wealth of information. I highly recommend it for all kinds of point-friendly recipes, besides being a fun read. She's got a 2-year-old, and I have really been enjoying the little things she does with her son to have fun together (like letting him make play-doh "meatballs" while she makes real ones for dinner). I am actually doing a test run on one of her recipes (Vegetables and Shrimp over Angel Hair Pasta for dinner tonight. Angel LOVES shrimp, but isn't big on health food, so I've gotta sneak it in on him now and then, and hopefully bring up Dorian to eat better than we have been. I've become addicted to her Sweet Potato Fries, and am just waiting for a free day to try one of her many Pancake recipes.

All sucking-up aside (haha!), she's got a contest going on to help spread the word about a new Natural line of popcorn by Orville Redenbacher. Their flavors include Buttery Garlic, Salt & Cracked Pepper, Simply Salted, and Simply Salted with 50% less fat. Here's a shameless plug for them, for Roni, and hopefully for a win in her contest! I'm hunting for them in our stores to actually try the product, but haven't found it yet. Maybe our Publix will order it for me.

I'm super excited about starting a garden this year. It occurred to me the other day that mom saved a LOT of money and fed us all really well by including fresh veggies in nearly every meal. Thinking back, I didn't have much of a weight problem in those days! And now I have loads of new ideas to incorporate all the goodies I'll be growing, as well as the ones Roni has introduced me to via her website.

Go check it out, guys!
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Lost a whole pound this week. I'm glad for that, but had rather hoped for 2. I suppose I haven't been REALLY good this week.

In other news, I fell off my bike today on the way to the Post Office, and now have two horribly bruised knees. Ow. When I got to the PO, I found out they are only open for 1 hour on Saturdays! x_X (Of course, I had missed that hour.)

Yes, I know. It's my own fault for riding out there not having called first to MAKE SURE they would be open. Don't keep reminding me. I am an idiot.
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WW - not going so well. I'm on a plateau, sadly. Haven't lost a thing in 2 weeks. I'm not really sweating it - I've definitely lost the first 10%. I don't have time to worry about it anyway...too much else to do. LOL! I'm kind of trying to stay OP during the move, but it's hard because it's just been 'grab a bite here and there when possible'.

The move is going pretty well. We've got about 40% left to pack in 3 days. Can do. Tomorrow, I'm washing all the dirty clothes, the sheets and whatnot. We have to drain the waterbed tomorrow for sure, since we also have to break it down into boards. Guess we'll sleep on the floor for a few days. ^_^ Not much of any other choice, really.

By Wednesday:
Cancel everything forwarding to my ISP email account,
Call hotels in Little Rock about pets/prices
Pack everything but toothbrush/paste, change of clothes, music, 2-way radios, food & water for trip, cat litter and food, Tylenol, Benadryl & band-aids.

On Wednesday:
Get U-Haul @ 8:00
Cancel electricity, get letter of credit
Transfer phone service with Bellsouth if possible
Cancel Companet
Pack U-Haul (enlist Kataphroneo and Grrltechie, also Alien Hydra, Aardvark, and crew)


May. 11th, 2002 03:57 pm
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Well, this week just sucked muffins. I either lost a lb. or gained a lb. I got a cheap scale, so it's hard to tell. Ah well, it's my own fault for not keeping up with things every day, when I KNEW I should. I should be happy I didn't gain the 5 I lost last time.

I'm trying ever so hard to be good today, but I sure don't feel like it.

Oh wait! We went out and rode bikes today! (Up hills and did some hiking and played in the creek some.) I wonder how many activity points I would get for that. When we move, and I'm gainfully employed again, I'd really like to join WW for real, even if it's just online.

Earlier this morning, we went out to dad's shop again and got all our yard sale stuff together. Made $10 more, but we packed it in after several hours, and took it to Goodwill before coming out again and biking. It was great to get rid of so much stuff - someone will get good use out of it - but it's been at the shop, and not here, so our house is STILL full of boxes. x_X There's got to be more we can get rid of before we move. There's just got to be! Anyone want a 10 gallon aquarium? (Maybe 20, I'm really not sure.)

After Goodwill, +Kyle wanted to go to Dub's Burgers - it's a mom & pop type place, and those're usually REALLY good to eat at. My dad and +Kyle have both sworn by them for years, and I've dutifully sworn off them for years - it's just been a running gag kindof thing forever. But, I figured "We're probably not ever going to eat here again, since we'll be visiting only on holidays and that sort of thing, so what the hey? I may as well try it once." I'm telling you, I should've stuck to my guns. My stomach is bothering me, the thing was so much greasier than the way we fix hamburger meat. (Grill on the Foreman, or fry in a pan, and drain every ounce of fat possible, squeezing it all out and whatnot.) Yuck. They have good tea, though, and good ice. LOL

Ah well...I need to find something to nosh. We'll have sandwiches later. I'll be good.


May. 9th, 2002 11:03 pm
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I'm tired. No real reason TO be tired, aside from the fact that I've let my sleep cycle get *off* pretty badly. (Staying up till 3, and taking naps in the afternoon can do that to you.)

I think I have a pinched nerve in my neck. This could be very bad - I've had numerous friends that have had mass surgeries for that very ailment, and never gotten it fixed. It started when I was printing all those hundreds of shirts last week - at the time, I figured it was just from the actual printing, you know, how your body gets tired of a repetitive motion. Well, it's not going away. It's not a constant pain, but I really hope it eases itself out soon.

I've pulled something in my back today, also. Don't know HOW. The only thing I lifted was 1) with my knees, and 2) after I noticed the pain in my back. It's definitely a 'pull' feeling.

ON TOP of everything's "that time" once again. I think that being on WW may be straightening out my feminine problems, also.

Speaking of WW... I haven't been very good this week. I didn't *really* keep track of points until yesterday, and even then, I think I just barely squeaked in. Even so, my current favorite pair of jeans is literally falling off, and I just noticed last night that I need to buy the next size down of panties. Woo hoo! I can wear these for awhile longer. The elastic still holds 'em in place. I think when I get down to my next point range, it might be time to get new ones. My bras are starting to fit weird, too, so I'm probably going to HAVE to get new ones soon.

OK, that's enough "too much information about LSD" for one night. *goes to open up her last couple posts for multiple private friends*
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Yesterday was a messy messy day, so I didn't have time to update.

As of yesterday, I am down to 175! 5 lbs. in one week. I am stunned and pleased. *g* These results are surely atypical. The past week has been a killer, and I have been on my feet literally all day most days, in addition to lots of lifting, and printing t-shirts, etc. I didn't know enough about activity points, so my range was probably pretty low (even though I ate 24-27 points every day).

I haven't done try-on day yet...haven't had time. I dont' think there's anything in there that will fit any better than it did last time, anyway. The stuff I've been wearing is still a bit tight, albeit not AS tight I think I'll save it for another week.
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I wore a pair of ancient jeans today. Levi's for Men - "with a skosh more room". They're boot cut, and kinda tight everywhere but my calves. They're so cool...I can't wait till they're comfy comfy and really do have a skosh more room. ^_~

They don't look bad on me - that's the weird thing. I mean sure, I'm a bit bulgy around 'em, but the way they fit doesn't scream "You REALLY shouldn't be wearing these". Yay!!! I don't get to look at myself in a mirror very often. All we have is a sad little bathroom mirror on the medicine cabinet. I took advantage of my parents' large bathroom mirror today, and was surprised in a good way. I can see (and feel, now that I think about it)...shrinkage. Yahoo!

Well...I've still got the munchies, and running low on points for the day...let's see what I can find that will fit. *g*
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NutriBase - it's a database proggie for finding nutritional information from the USDA database. I'm downloading it now, but wanted to let anyone else interested's great for the products that don't have nutritional information available...natch, you'll need a scale to get 100% accurate measurements.

There's other cool stuff on the site too, but this is free. ^_^
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Here's some things I've been wondering about re: WW. I get snippets here and there from Dotti's, but haven't found anything really truly explanatory. Maybe I will find it if I look harder, but maybe someone who reads my LJ already knows. ^_^

Banking Points? I get the idea behind it - eat your minimum allowed points for a few days, especially so you can "safely" go over your maximum points on a given day. It's meant for when you're going to be eating out. Somehow, it just doesn't seem like a good, sound idea to me. Seems like it would throw off your body and confuse the things going on.

Measuring (body)? I'm getting the idea that it's necessary (or at least a good idea) to measure the body in places - waist, thighs and calves are the ones I've noticed so far. Are there other places that need to be measured along with the weekly weigh in? Where should these parts be measured? (thinnest or thickest part?) I'm guessing this is so you can figure your BMI as you go along. Is this hugely important/helpful?

I had another question, but now I can't think of it. >_
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My whole life, my nails have been really brittle and tend to break & split. Since I started on WW, my nails have become thick & strong. Wonder what the reason is...
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OK, so I needed 3 points just to make my minimum point range for the day. My dear dear hubby brought home....CHEESECAKE - those little prepackaged Philadelphia Cream Cheese cakes (6 to a box). They're not really great, and about 5 points apiece, but hey...I made my point goal for the day, and got to have cheesecake on top of it.

Put it to you this way... I wouldn't spend money for these, but having the PW give them to us since they have to throw them out anyway is NOT a bad thing. Think I'd rather have chocolate, though. ^_~


Apr. 27th, 2002 06:59 pm
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Wellie... I've had a bit of a disappointment today.

+Kyle & I talked things over and he decided to be helpful with this as much as he can, so we got a scale last night. The last time I was weighed was at the clinic for that bout of bronchitis a couple months back. I was 180 then, and had been going on that information to do the WW thing. (I know, I know - not the smartest thing, but we weren't in a position to get a scale when I started - didn't figure I could swing TOO much in that time.)

Anyway, I weighed this morning, and what does the bloody thing say? 180... *sigh* It didn't occur to me that when I went to the doctor, I hadn't been eating NEARLY enough for nearly a month). When I got well, I resumed a fairly normal diet - and thus probably gained 5-10 lbs before even starting WW.

So here I am, at the weight I thought I was when I started. It's a little frustrating, but I still have all these clothes to prove some modicum of success. Thankfully, I've been within a reasonable point range for what I must have weighed a month ago. One thing is for sure, I'll be keeping track of actual weight now that I have the means to do so. ^_^ Still going to be trying on my too-small jeans every 2 weeks, also. That has been most helpful, mentally.

My weight goal is 130, which is on the heavier side of my range. (+Kyle was incredulous when he found out that I weigh 180 lbs and that I am going to be "only" 130. He honestly thinks that's too small. On my frame, it'll still be anything but small. I'd rather be 120, which is more mid-range, TBH. >_<) I stay on the program, but I'm inclined not to lately, so my MAIN goal is still just to go it a month at a time...heck, sometimes a day at a time. Don't know why I'm having so much trouble...must be stress setting in.

I press onward and forward.
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I can wear a towel! Fresh out of the shower, wrap that puppy around me, tuck it in, and it stays!

I know, I know...the thought of naked LSD is too much information for you. =PPP ^_~

Ah well...time to show off my new piccie. I love Gir!!!

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