Nov. 27th, 2003 07:32 am
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I'm thankful we have somewhere to go to celebrate with friends today.

Brian & Cassie have invited us to their new house in Commerce, TX, so we are about to leave. It's going to be weird not seeing them very much after this.

I'm also thankful that my muse has been so patient. Let's see if she inspires me any during the trip. *brandishes sketchpad and pencil*

I'm thankful for a lot of other place to live... I'm thankful that +Kyle is trying so hard. He's been cleaning the study this week, looking for his ring (He had taken it off and thrown it during one of the many "you're a liar" over laundry, I think), and happened upon some old pictures yesterday. He came to pick me up after work, and called me over to him for a hug. He whispered, "You're right."

"...Right about what?"

"You do look better now. I found some old pictures today...I guess they're from your bridal shower."

We had had a small disagreement a day or so before. I found a picture of me from last summer and groaned at it. He was insistent that you couldn't tell I was pretty large even then. I said, "Well, *I* can." and it ended there.

^_^ I'm glad he likes me this way. I was so miserable when I was fat. I'm thankful for being a resaonable size now!

OH! I'm thankful that my computer is (almost) working! Our Windows installation discs have developed pinholes, so they're really finicky about working. We had to copy +Kyle's system files over to my new hard drive, then go in and remove his motherboard and card settings so it would catch mine. It's NOT the best solution, but until we can get a new Windows ME disc to replace this one, it's about as good as we can do. At least I'm up and running. Going to install the Wacom tomorrow and PLAY!!!!!

Well, we need to get out of here pretty shortly. I hope you all have a lovely holiday, whether or not you celebrate it. :)
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Today has been a great day.

I woke up to an email from a dear dear old friend that I'd lost touch with several years ago...Bowman He's doing well, and we're both thrilled to finally be in touch. +Kyle's glad to hear he's still around, too...might have to get a chat reunion back together! (Bowman was one of the regulars in Jabberwocky, where +Kyle & I chatted/met.)

+Kyle had taken the truck in to get the brakes fixed on Tuesday, when the appointment was, but the guy said he couldn't get to it till today...he did get to it, and it turns out he overestimated on the quote! Only by about $10, but even so, we were thrilled. The truck is more screeching more fear of the discs just giving way at any moment.

+Kyle also went up to MSC to see about enrolling in the actual classes he needs. No one had said anything about it until he called Monday to see what he needed to be doing to prepare. He's been worried all week that the classes he needs would be filled, because early enrollment has passed, and the regular enrollment period is nearly over. Amazingly, all his classes and labs had room!

To top it all off...Sherry came to me this afternoon at work and told me she was really pleased in particular with my work on the classified ads. She said I do a great job getting everything lined up, keeping things neat and straight, and that it all looked good. I told her I was relieved, because they always look crooked to me, and I'm never sure of myself. She said that even though most people don't realize it, when something is laid out well, it's easy to read and go through. ^_^ ^_^ ^_^

I thanked her for letting me know, and mentioned that I never thought I would have so much fun at a job like this, and Sherry said *she* was relieved to hear me say something. The last time we talked about it was shortly after I'd first started, and I was more unsure of myself than anything else.

Needless to say, I've been saying a lot of thank-you type prayers today. ^_^

Also...a huge thank you to everyone who helped make getting our brakes fixed possible. If you haven't received your grab bag(s) by now, yours is/are probably in the pile going out this weekend.

That's all for now...just got an email from my old supervisor that I should reply to. ^_^
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*hugs her friends* I love you all!
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I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Leaning towards cry right now.

My computer has died once again. It seems to be the power supply this time. Who knows when we can afford to get a new one, assuming that's the only problem with the system. I do NOT need this right now. *sigh*

Anyway, if you're expecting anything from me - a custom - a rehair job - or just a pen-pal type note - you'll have to write me, as my address list is on that system. I can keep in touch on my husband's system, but it's gonna be like it was after Thanksgiving when it died the first time. I just won't be around as much, so please be patient with me. =(

I really don't feel like being thankful right now. But, I suppose I made a promise. I'm thankful that Glow finally came today. I'm thankful that I had answered all the most pertinent emails that can't be answered via yahoo groups or something. I'm thankful that I have plenty to do that's not completely reliant on the computer. I'm thankful that we're going to have a good dinner tonight. I'm thankful that we have two systems.

I'd love to go on about how much my life sucks right now, but I can't be bothered to keep coming up with things to be thankful for.
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If I can have such a long and B-I-itchy post, I can surely come up with 5 things I'm thankful for:
1.) That even after a year of unemployment or virtually no income, we still have a roof over our heads, and even luxuries like the internet.
2.) That even though my husband and I fight sometimes, we can be adults about it and make things right between us.
3.) That the mail doesn't always have bad news, even if it's not always great news.
4.) That we have good neighbors.
5.) That my family and friends love me so much, even though I don't do nearly what I should to deserve that.

Geesh, now that I'm started, I really could go on... I think that from now on, every time I have a complaint or rant to make on here, I will make myself come up with 5 things to be thankful for.

Here are a few more just to make up for all the stuff I complained about when I was sick.
6.) My hearing is finally coming back normally, and my ear isn't popping as much as it was.
7.) The chest pains are not as bad today...maybe I won't have to go on super-high calcium doses, and just keep regular ones.
8.) My voice is almost totally back. I can almost mimic the cats again when they meow at me. ^_^
9.) I got a pony today! (Thanks, Sy! =)
10.) I got caught up with everything I had to mail this week.

Keeping the faith,



Feb. 19th, 2002 05:58 pm
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I don't deserve to have the wonderful friends I've been so blessed with. *hugs everyone* I love you guys!

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