Dec. 28th, 2010 09:17 am
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So, I think there needs to be a baseball-themed story of Arthur. He'd have to pull a bat out of a pitcher's mound, and the bat would be named Excalibunt.

What do you say?
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Well! Ian and I went out tonight as planned, and had a most enjoyable time. We ran to the mall shortly before the film, for dinner at Sakkio and to obtain aforementioned beverage "for when the sun goes down" from Hot Topic. Ian also saw a postcard featuring Siruis Black in all his madness - it's a copy of the Wanted poster. We also ran by Software, Etc. because Ian saw a bin and is compelled to look. It was just DVD movies on clearance, no games, so he was a little dismayed, but we ran across an anime that looks vomitously cute: Puni Puni Peomy.

I discovered that H.T. still carries the innertube/bottlecap/seatbelt-buckle belts of which I'm so very fond. The Medium fits me perfectly now. I remember when I couldn't even wear the largest size they made...and those things have some give! Next time I splurge on something both useful and chic, I think that's going to be it. That'll be awhile, but worth it, methinks. There were some other very lovely postcards by Amy Brown, too. I'm rather fond of her tattered faeries.

The movie was...well...wow. We really enjoyed it - cut for potential spoilers. )

I was glancing through the paper on break the other day, and happened to see that The World's Fair is next year in Aichi, Japan. Wow. I so want to go. The tickets for the event itself are el cheapo...3900 yen, which works out to about $35 by today's rates. The worst expense would be the plane tickets. This is something that I would seriously consider going into deep credit card debt in order to do. Paying it off would be worth every dime of interest for the richness of the experience itself. The World's Fair is only held about every 25 years, and what is the likelihood of it being held in Japan again the next two times? I'd love to see the sakura for my next birthday, perhaps.

*ponders the possibilities of it being a way for dad to get Aardvark Screenprinting's name to Japan*

Finally...quotes from the day:

Ian: Here you go, biznatch.
Me: Thanks, pimp daddy.
Ian: No, it's "Funkmaster I".

On driving through New Orleans to meet Alyce (as opposed to taking her with us) if we all go down there for the next Crescent City Con
Ian: That would suck. I hate driving through New Orleans.
Me: Yeah, no kidding.
Ian: It might even be The Suck

On tasting Vamp for the first time:
Ian: You can TASTE the caffiene!
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Things for the past few days have been soooooo busy at work. But I am getting faster, doing better, and people are noticing. I also scare people at work because I'm so energetic and happy. Donna (?) who works in the pharmacy said I should spend one night with her and that'd cure me. LOL

On Thursday night, I worked paper with Peggy. I had at least 2-3 hours of overtime, but when I called to see if they wanted me to wait 'til Midnight, Lou said to come on in. This sucked because +Kyle and I had planned to have a couple of hours to do *something* together based on what I had already been told about watching my hours.

I have since heard that if Lou tells you to work overtime anyway, to talk to Store Manager Lori about it, because he's not supposed to do that. I have also heard that as long as you don't go over like 5 hours, no one says anything, so not to worry. When my first paycheck comes in, I will talk with Gwen, Tommy, or Angie in personnel about it. This way I can have the numbers in front of me.

Anyway, Thursday was killer. General Merchandise had over 4000 items, and of course, a great deal of it was paper. The whole thing was a fluke, because the big trucks don't usually come in until Friday night.

Peggy and I tried a system that worked quite well. She brought a pallet of the little items - garbage bags, Ziplocs, plastic wrap, paper plates, plastic utensils, etc - into the middle of the aisle, and I worked all that, plus most of the Kleenex type stuff. She took the bath tissue, paper towels, napkins and the rest of the Kleenex. We whipped it out like crazy, and made really good time. I think we were out of there by 7:00, and that was only because Annoying John pushed ahead of us at the baler and his cardboard got jammed.

Friday night I worked chemicals with Jennifer. There were only about 2100 items in GM, so it wasn't a bad night workwise, either. I was rather hyper for some reason, and disturbed her and several others with my pep. ^_^ I've taken to running for the far carts when we go out at 1:45, partially so I can just get in some running, and partially because no one else really likes to go out that far for the loners... They kid about me not bringing whatever it is that I'm on for the rest of them. Haha!

I can take 7 carts easily, even over the incline. Yar! Time to up it by one.

Anyway, Jennifer and I had a lot of fun. We made each other laugh almost all night...mostly she laughing at me and "the way I talk". She's just a country girl, and says I amuse her. We made good time.

On Saturday, Becky and I worked paper. We did the same thing that Peggy and I did, and everything came together beautifully. Nothing really special happened that I recall, although Jackie mentioned that Ozzfest is next month in Nashville. Ugh! I would LOVE to go. It's like $75, which is not bad, considering.

Sunday night, there were *4* trucks. 4100 items in GM, and I don't know how many in grocery. I started out working paper with Becky, but Gwen soon moved me into grocery to help in Aisle 10. Cereal, pop tarts, granola bars, etc. Melinda had me and one of the maintenance guys, David, working this aisle. Ben (who is from Detroit and seems pretty cool) helped us get set up. We took all the freight from the pallets, and piled it up all in the aisle more or less in front of wherever it was supposed to go. That took awhile, even with three people, although two of us really didn't know where things went. Some of those cases of cereal are surprisingly heavy! I was concerned that it would be too light to be any good for me, but I was definitely wrong.

So I took the side with all the little stuff while David did the cereal. I think we both did really well, considering that neither of us had done grocery before. It was definitely an experience. :P The work itself is not so vastly different, in that it's taking things out of boxes and putting them on shelves, but there are a few things that make it a little more complicated, and there are SO MANY different versions of the same item. It's very time-consuming, and I see why so many people gripe about it...but as it's basically the same work, I enjoyed it all the same.

David cut his hand with his boxcutter, and bled all over the store on the way back to wherever they keep the bandages. The other maintenance guys were ticked, because he should have known better and just stayed where he was, and had me or someone else get help. I don't know how long it took them to clean everything up.

We were finished with the aisle around 7:00 (I zoned while he took the excess freight to the back on those silver carts). I don't know where he went, but Melinda asked me to stay and help set up a couple of things, then Gwen had me gather everyone's cardboard and take it to the baler. Jackie caught me, and stayed to help because there were 8 or 9 carts by the time people stopped bringing it in. She's so sweet. Incredibly, it all fit without having to make a new bale! We got out of there around 8:00. I'd probably have been there another half hour without her assistance.

The real highlight of the evening was my beloved [livejournal.com profile] desireah coming to see me! Des, you look fabulous, and it was nice to meet the infamous Jason. I am thinking that we need to go out and talk over coffee when I get off work one morning, like say 9-ish. Either that, or go out one night when I'm off, so we don't have to worry about time as much. What thinkest thou?

Monday night, Gwen put me in grocery again because they're so short-handed. This time, I worked on Aisle 4 with Vicky. That's the aisle with pasta, sauce, gravy mixes, Mexican foods, and barbecue sauce type things. Ugh! Breakables! Being the ultimate klutz, I worked very slowly so as not to drop *anything* made of glass. One jar did fall off the shelf, but I caught it on my leg on the way down, so it rolled harmlessly instead of shattering. :P Whew! I did drop a few other things, or knocked them off the shelf, but they were plastic or canned, and didn't burst. Vicky said that not a night goes by that she doesn't drop and break *something*. She usually works in the baby food aisle. She didn't drop anything tonight that I know of, though, so that was good, and probably an exaggeration, anyway.

Vicky is nice enough, but very quiet, and rather dull. We really didn't talk much, but again the night flew by because of the nature of this type of stocking. I'd look at my watch after 15 minutes and it would actually be an hour later. Everyone kicked serious butt, because I got out of there around 7:15. The grocery workers aren't supposed to leave until *everything* is finished, but Miranda said 'good job, let's go!' A couple people still had their own cardboard to gather, etc., but there wasn't any reason for everyone to stay.

Today's quote comes from Doug, AKA 'Hippie'. I am going to guess that Hippie is around 40, because Jackie said she knew him in high school, so they are probably close to the same age. I don't understand the nickname 'Hippie', because he seems like something of a cowboy to me. Not one of the Wrangler Preppie "Look at me, I'm a cowboy!" guys, but the real deal. Still, there is a hippie laid-backness about him, so I dunno. It may take some pondering. He's got nicknames for several people there at work, and calls me "Little Chibi" because I was wearing my 'chibi' shirt the other day when he sat down to talk with Jackie (and I was already talking with her.) He's like a cool uncle who tells wild tales that are always at least based in truth.

So without further ado:

Doug: Let's just say you should never go out for the evening with an exotic tattoo artist and four synthetic Quaaludes.

My cousin Leslie and her husband were doing their shopping tonight. I was crouched by the spaghetti, arranging and putting some boxes on the shelf. One must address any customer once they come within 10 feet, so when I saw someone out of the corner of my eye, I turned, and did a double-take. So did they. Leslie said she barely recognized me, and they both were impressed with how different I look now. ^_^ Lucas was incredulous..."You've lost a LOT of weight! A LOT!" I just grinned and thanked them...what else can one do? :P

We talked for a few minutes about where they're going to church now, and what her sister is doing, and the like. Kim has a house in Athens now. Les has one year of nursing school left, and after that they're not sure what they'll be doing. They're considering moving, perhaps, but not sure where to. Leslie asked if I missed Oklahoma at all.

I had to get back to work, so they went on, but it was really nice to see them. I think I'll try going to their church soon. Kasey's preaching there, and he's always been my favorite, and one of the most edifying speakers I've ever heard.

In other news, I think that using canned tobacco is probably the nastiest habit ever conceived. If you're going to get addicted to nicotine, the least you can do is smoke it. :P I'd say that any drug one has to snort is a close second as far as the disgust factor, but that pinch between cheek and gum is just...*shudder*

So that was my week. How was everyone else's?
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I really AM going to post something for real soon.

Random quotes from Sunday:

Ian: The Dutch are working on low-carb potatoes.
Me: Oh good. That'll really take off all over the world.
Ian: Oh, but it will!
Me: Yeah, just like their wooden shoes.

Me: It's like spitting in someone's drink.
Ian: (finishing the thought): You can't not do it!

On being bitten as punishment for tickling me:
Noel: Look what your little rat teeth did to me!

Game Night

Jun. 10th, 2004 06:14 am
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Well, we went to the rents' house tonight for dinner and Mechwarrior clix with the boys.

Any evening with my brothers promises to be amusing, because we are all completely insane. Quotes follow:

Noel: Your nose is too big to be Xellos.
Alistair: Yeah, well your ugly is too big to be ANYTHING!

Ian: Sometimes Pocky is just Pocky.

Noel: The best things in life are Glico.

On being attacked:
+Kyle: If you continue in your current course of action, you will live to regret it!
Noel: Boring! Let's fight!

On Pocky:
Noel: I need a 'G'.
Alistair: This is the last one. Here, you can have half (meanwhile breaking the stick).
Noel: I don't want half; that's losery.
Alistair: Then you can have less than half! (throws him the smaller piece)

We use pennies to mark which pieces have taken a turn so we can click the heat dials as needed. +Kyle picked up three or four and tossed them at Ian.

+Kyle: I'm throwing money around like it's candy.
Me: Oh yeah? (Tossing a piece of Pocky across the table) Well I'm throwing candy around like it's money!

Noel: When would I be stupid and -- (everyone burst out laughing)

On our considering dressing up as a party from The Slayers for the next anime convention. First Ian said +Kyle should be Red Priest Rezo, and the conversation deteriorated from there:
+Kyle: Let me be the invisible man. The mute invisible man, so you can just pretend I'm there and I can stay home.
Ian: +Kyle can be the deaf mute blind invisible man who has lost his sense of touch and smell!

On Christopher Walken
Ian: Beware of the Anti-Walken!

Someone requested that someone write a haiku about killing oneself, and I started to, but +Kyle asked that I don't, so I changed it to being about killing someone else:

I wish you would die.
I will shoot you in the head.
Ha, ha. I killed you.

On 30+ year old people who live with their mothers:
Alistair: ...and if I do live with mom, it will be because I have a failed art career!

On Super Mario World 3:
Noel: Half the fun of that game is playing it!
Me: Only half?
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I am so physically tired it's not funny. It's a wonderful feeling, to be so worn out from an honest day's work...and it *is* work. The problem right now is that my brain is still 'on' and so I can't sleep.

Tonight was rough. Becky was off and will likely not be in tomorrow, either. I started out in chemicals again with Jennifer and Kelly. I enjoy working with both of them, and they really put forth a lot of effort. There were four trucks tonight. General Merchandise had 4588 pieces to put out. Grocery had upwards of 1800 if I recall correctly. The unloaders got the last of the freight out onto the floor around 3:30. That's a LOT of stuff to unpack and shelve! I think Jennifer said they wound up with 13 pallets of items, and got through all of it.

John from California came by as he was sweeping. He's pretty funny, and your typical laid-back Surfer Joe type. He hates working the cake mix aisle, and Jennifer got onto him about saying how much it sucks. LOL! Everyone makes a big deal about swearing, as it's against company policy, but she takes it to the nth degree with John. Someone named Adam was working in the pet food section with Allen. Adam seems to smoke quite a bit of marijuana and passes the drug tests anyway.

So anyway, we worked on detergent and the like until our first break around midnight. A girl named Peggy was working in paper goods (paper towels, plates, cups, etc.) alone, and she got utterly swamped, and complained about it to someone. Apparantly someone got offended, or something, but Tommy was informed about it, and he told Jennifer to decide which of the three of us would go help her.

Neither Jennifer nor Kelly wanted to work with Peggy, as she allegedly tends to complain about nothing in particular. I just said that I was content to work wherever, and to put me where I could best serve, so Jennifer sent me to paper goods. LOL! Ah well... I have to learn it someday.

So Peggy and I wound up with somewhere around 20 pallets of stuff, and none of the pallet jacks were available since the unloaders had so much work to do. So we moved boxes around on an 'L' cart, which holds 9-12 LARGE boxes, and got perhaps half of the freight out on the floor. A majority of the items could not be placed on the floor because those items were already overstocked. But the unloaders don't know this, so they can't just leave certain items in the back. Everything has to come out onto the floor to be sorted. Yikes.

Around 6:00, Peggy had me start zoning the area while she consolidated the remaining pallets. It looked like that aisle had never been zoned before, EVER...a real nightmare. We were finishing those respective tasks around 7:00. Store Manager Lori came in, and she was NOT pleased with all the pallets still in the middle of the floor. She didn't gripe at us, but I bet someone got chewed out over it.

It occurs to me that perhaps had I worked with Kelly and Jennifer, we might have all been able to go help Peggy...but she would have just been that much further behind anyway.

Anyway, we had to take the cardboard back to be baled, of course, and ran into someone who used to do work the paper aisle: Charles. Apparantly someone told him to get the freight off the floor to help us out. Peggy was glad because this meant she got to go home.

Now approximately 7:30, I went to find Jennifer, and she and Kelly were just finishing up with putting the overstock into the risers. All they had to do was get the bleach from the back, zone, and it was done. They had me zone while they went for the bleach, and we finished up about the same time, as the chemical aisle is kept a lot more neatly than paper goods. It really is just a matter of pulling stuff toward the front of the shelf, instead of hunting around, putting things back in their place, etc. We finished in no time.

Then Lou found us.

"Have you got about 10 minutes, girls?"

Someone had left a few boxes in housewares. It was just candles and picture frames, but there were 2 boxes for a feature, so we didn't have to do those. He said he'd take the empty bleach boxes back to claims for us...and left the L-Cart in the middle of the aisle. He's very busy, apparantly, but honestly...that does get annoying.

I'm almost dreading tonight. Jennifer, Kelly, Peggy, and Becky are all scheduled to be off, and I want to say about 9 total are going to be gone, but it might be 11. I know I won't be put anywhere alone, because they can't do that to trainees, but I wonder what fate will bestow upon me.

At lunch, I was sitting and just listening to Jennifer talk to this other girl, and I remembered how much I hate the overall attitudes of people in this area. Everyone has to complain about everything. Not only that, but everyone is sick, and everyone they know is sick, too. They practically hold contests to see whose grandmother is closest to death. I hope I'm able to avoid the mindset.

Kelly wins my Quote of the Day today, on bags of dog food, and the effects of 1-1/2 hours of overtime:
Kelly: You know you're tired when even dog food looks comfortable.

That couch is looking pretty good right now, too...

Prease...Ret me sreep...
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On former nicknames:

Noel: Freakboy!

Me: Noel, he's not 'Freakboy' anymore, he's 'Son of Father of Freakboy'.

+Kyle: Geesh, Noel, you don't even know who your own brother is!

Noel: I'm getting some Tomato Pretz
Ian: Tomato Pocky?
Noel: It's not Pocky! It's Pretz!
Me: Tomato Pocky?
Noel: Ian, you've started a chain reaction of stupidity!
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+Kyle: You know, Capcom used to be cool, but then someone told them about fighting games.

In other news, this site is hilarious. Please check out the Strong Bad Emails.
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Have had some decent recall of dreams lately - the past three or four days, anyway. This seems to be a good thing, expecially with how erratically I've been sleeping.

Here are some funnies from our (probably last ever) D&D session of the 12th:

+Kyle: "You've got roadies!"
George: "Yeah!"
Scooter: "Is your name Meatloaf?"
+Kyle (in-character - a rowdy Dwarven Rogue): "We'll see what happens after the demi-lich gets finished with you!"

...and later...

On who is better between Kirk and Picard:
Corey, wiggling fingers a la Homer Simpson: "Woooooo! I obey the Prime Directive!
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Geekgrrl asked me to expound upon my chaos theory regarding golf.

Well, the random thought was generated by the fact that (at least in Jurassic Park), chaos theory dictates that tiny causes result in great effects, eventually.

I was just thinking how vastly different a golf game could be just from this blade of grass being bent one way, or the dew not quite being dry there...that kind of thing.

I didn't say it was a good random thought...
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Noel: "Oh no, they're going Cosby on me."
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Sitting here watching the news, I consider that there must be something interesting to be said of golf and the chaos theory.


May. 5th, 2004 12:47 pm
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Dreamed and remembered for the first time in ages this morning.

Niki once again reaches my prized (Hah!) Quote of the Day status...

On the high carb content of fast food:

Niki: *holds out a breaded stick of something* "They're pizza sticks...want one?"

Me: "No, but thank you for offering."

Niki: Oh, that's right, I forgot...They're carbonated...

*shakes head and giggles* I am so going to miss you, Niki. Can I kidnap you and take you with me?

Edith came in wearing a long bright pink wig and cowboy hat this morning. That was an absolute riot, and I wish I'd had my camera today...too too fun. See, last week she came in with this adorable pixie cut, dyed beyond red. (Red #36, I think she called it. :P) Marsha and Clara liked it, but gave her all kinds of heck about it anyway, so it was funny. Edith decided to 'show them' this week, and we all had a giggle over it.

I'm going to miss that woman and her antics. I hope she writes down all her stories someday...they're too wonderful to lose forever. Jay, too, for that matter. They've both been through so much.

Well...after dreamjournaling and blogging here, my lunch hour is gone, so...back to the grindstone.
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From Wednesday:

On the mutt:

Niki: "The's thmart... The thaid 'I'm a wolf and a dog, so I'm a dwolf...or a wog...'"

The child is not right.

From one day last week...

On the thinness and pale quality of the skin on my inner arm (i.e., REALLY easy-to-read roadmap):

Niki: Wow! You have a needle freak's dream!"

From another day last week:

Niki: I'm so fertile you could sit beside me and I'll get pregnant...

Now if THAT isn't a disturbing image, I don't know what is...
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On men:

Jon: We're all just different dogs with the same fleas.
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On being the only person there, and bombarded with phone calls and walk-ins...

Edith: You can only do one thing at a time...and that's it.
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It does not do to dwell in dreams...and forget to live...
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Lori: Vegemite is the bologna of vegetables.
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From the illustrious Niki!

Niki: "You know what they say about guys with big feet..."

Me: "Ahh...yeah..."

Niki: "They gotta wear big shoes."

I hurt myself laughing. She's just not right, but I love her.


Mar. 8th, 2004 10:01 pm
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Okay... Regarding Singulair, I believe it was...

Can someone please tell me what good it is to have a side effect of "upper respiratory problems" for a product that is supposed to AID your upper respiratory (allergy) problems?


I must be feeling better...ads are starting to tick me off more than every day life. :P

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