Jun. 7th, 2003 10:51 am
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Well, I was finally able to make an appointment, and went to a doctor yesterday. I told her about everything, but I feel like she really didn't listen to what I had to say. I told her right off that I really wasn't interested in medication, I don't like filling my body with extra chemicals, and outlined underlying circumstances, nutrition, etc. ...So immediately she prescribed Paxil for me. The essence of it was, "I don't know what's wrong with you, but let's try several things at once (lab/blood work, etc.) and put you on this so you won't care." She also went on about how antidepressants have to build up in your system for about a month before they really start to work. Meh! I already knew that, and that's exactly what I don't want.

I haven't gotten the prescription filled yet. First off, I'm a troubleshooter. I'm waiting on the lab work to come back before doing anything - if it turns out I'm anemic, or there is some other problem we haven't thought of, there may be something else we can do besides...Paxil... >_< Secondly, we can't afford it. LOL Besides, I've been having really good days lately.

They should have the results back Monday, so I should know more then.

New thoughts...

I hope the results are useful. I'd really like to know why I bruise so easily lately. They're not usually visible, and go away quickly, but they're still uncomfortable. There was even a smallish one around where they drew blood Thursday. It's gone now. I read somewhere that it can just mean you're low on B12, so I'm not worried about it. I can handle a few supplements or adding some different foods to my diet if it comes down to that. Vitamin C is supposed to help you absorb Iron, too, so I'm hoping it will be something simple like that I can try *first*.

More later. I didn't get much sleep this week, so I'll probably have a nap here shortly.
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First I didn't realize so many people would still be doing the LJ thing. Thank you for your support & encouragement.

Have had a couple of good days...maybe just because it's the weekend. Or maybe it's something else. Am starting to wonder if all these problems are actually "just" PMS. I've never experienced such severity before, but they've been getting progressively worse since I started doing the low carb thing. This really sucks because everything else in my health has been so much better.

Could it be that simple of a problem? If so...I can't go through such hell every month, and I can't put everyone around me through it. But if so,'s probably easily least I would hope so.

Money came yesterday. Going to make that appointment for as soon as possible.

Naturally, tomorrow's Monday, and the start of a new week. This should be the true test - will Monday be another livable day?


Dec. 29th, 2002 10:00 pm
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My parents paid the way for us to come visit for the holidays. Thank you, mom and dad!!!

We were off for the whole week of Christmas at work, due to the way the publication dates fell, so it made for a good visit. We saw lots of friends, and most importantly family.

Everyone says we look great, and are amazed at my successes with weight loss. Tommie has also been on WW, but is on a plateau right now. She had prepared meals suitable for WW for the family Christmas get-together, so that was excellent. I didn't have to worry about keeping up with points too much.

So much happened. We had to leave right after the family event, so we could drive all day Sunday and get back here. I didn't want to leave ever again, and cried for a long time. I miss everyone terribly. I know +Kyle does, too, but never to the extent I do. He just wasn't raised in a close family unit, so he doesn't "need" it as much.

But enough negativity. The new year is soon to be upon us.
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Surely to goodness I'm getting enough calcium by now. I'm taking 1200 mg a day, plus approx. 2 glasses of milk, plus any other calcium that may come in foods I eat. That's definitely over the USRDA recommended dose. These muscle spasms actually feel worse today. Maybe I'm not getting enough magnesium with it. I thought they were spreading to the left side, but it was thankfully just a breathing stitch.

I may sleep on the couch tonight. Took a nap today and found a position that didn't aggravate the coughing or the spasms. I don't really want to, because I hate sleeping alone...but it may be the only thing.

I'm so sick of this. Only 2 days of meds left, and I'm still hacking. I really hope it goes away within the next 48 hours. We can't afford for me to go back to the doctor's office, and I really don't want to ask my parents for more help with it. They're doing well this year, but not surely not well enough to keep spending $130 on me every 2 weeks.
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I stayed at mom and dad's this afternoon. Goodness, I needed out of the house. ^_^'> Mom got out all her herb books and we determined that the chest pains I've been having are a calcium deficiency. (Dr. Lyndon Smith actually says this, not mom ^_~) This jives with things because ever since I've been sick, I have not been drinking milk because it's such an allergen. How can something I love so much be so bad to my body? =( Normally, I have at least 3 servings of milk, plus whatever cheese or other dairy foods I may have. But since the 27th, I may have had 3 glasses of milk. ^_^'> No wonder I hurt so bad. I'm on supplements now, and am drinking a bit of milk in spite of the extra mucous it will cause. Better than these muscle spasms. Breathing is so difficult with this pain, and the coughing is unbearable. My poor hubby sat on the couch and cried tonight while holding the places that are spasming while I yelled and yelled over the pain. I feel so bad making him cry like that -_-

Anywho, mom also looked at my throat, and the telltale white spots of strep coat my swollen tonsils. The antibiotics must be fighting that too, because I certainly don't have the symptoms of strep. You can bet I'm gargling with Listerine a little extra just in case, though ^_~

Got muchly much laundry done at the 'rents house too. Gosh, we needed that. We took some to the laundromat last week because I was too sick to go to their house, but that's so expensive. Besides, I just needed to get out of this house.

Oh.... -_-' My ear is bothering me again. Stupid sinuses...and my prescribed sinus drugs didn't help much today with the pressure like they're *supposed* to. I was tempted to take more than one, but maybe that's not a good idea. I can't hear so well today, which has not been fun, but it should go away tomorrow if it does like it did before. If not...I guess I'll need to call the doctor's office again -_- It feels like it will pop out soon, though, so I'm not too worried over it.

Hubby brought "O Brother Where Art Thou" home from the store today (emps get free rentals! woo hoo!). That was a really fun film - it made me laugh, which was painful, but worth it. ^_^

How can I have a good day and still complain so much? ^_~ Ah well. I need to do a bit on customs tonight and take some in-progress pictures. Tomorrow I reckon we'll go to the post office after a MUCH long-needed time. (Yes! You will all get your ponies soon! ^_~)

Am still very tired. All this shallow breathing has really cramped my style. But, the brandy ("it's like drinking peach fire") mom sent has been very helpful at night. Haven't been waking up every hour with that hacking cough. Sleep is still not restful, unfortunately, but at least I'm sleeping 5 or more hours in a row again. =)

Anyway...enough of my ramblings. Today really was a good day.
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OK so I finally went to the doctor today. (Parents offered to help out with it since we can't afford an office visit.) It was a long wait, being a walk-in clinic, but worth it. And the verdict? I have my first bout of Bronchitis!

My ears have really been bothering me, so I was afraid they were infected, but he says it's just a touch of sinusitis - no infection, thank God. I have a stabbing pain in my chest, too (pulled muscle) so coughing is no fun at all. Oh, then there's the headache, which is weather-related. I have drugs. ^_^'> He prescribed 10 days of antibiotics and some new cough syrup, and some other pills for the sinuses. It's definitely all helping, but it makes me very sleepy.

It was pretty cool, actually. I am of the school of "hate all doctors" (especially men). This guy was so nice, and really *listened* when I was telling him all the symptoms - he wasn't one of those "fire off as many questions as possible in 30 seconds and ignore the fact that the patient is still answering your first question" doctors.

He even stopped to check when I remembered to tell him about my ear fears. I've never had such an attentive doc. (At the same time, he didn't seem OVERLY critical or 'know-it-all' like so many doctors do.)

I might actually start going to the doctor regularly when we can afford it again. ^_^'>

I did forget to tell him about these swollen veins in my mouth...d'oh.

My first real LJ entry. I feel better, if a bit sleepy.

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