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...that I have about 10 minutes to use this library puter.

* We made it to Oklahoma. The drive was long, but I made it without totaling anything. ^_~
* We made it to our new apartment
* Said apartment was unliveable; the landlady had fulfilled none of her promises, and refused to come in when we invited her to see our complaints.
* We stayed at a hotel for two days while we looked for another place to live.
* I had an interview with a local newspaper.
* I opted to take newspaper position over the print shop position. Less pay, but much more secure job. Wonderful people!
* New bosses helped us find a house! A lady had come in to place a classified ad the day before, and since I would be working for them, they gave me the ad - it had not yet run in the paper. Much larger place than we had in AL, and for the same amount in rent.
* House needs some work, and we can't afford gas for hot water or the stove yet, but hopefully we can before winter, assuming we stay there that long. Hubby likes the place, but would like something better if it comes along.
* Did I mention the house is only 3 blocks from my new job, and about 15 miles from Hubby's new school? ^_^ Lots of exercise for LSD, and not much wear and tear on the truck!
* Have maintained my weight since we've been on the move. It's only been 10 days, but it feels like a month. May have gained 1 lb, but cheap scale and saggy floors make it a little hard to tell. Will start back on WW when we can afford food. (Living on $40 for the next 2 weeks while waiting on my first paycheck.)
* Brakes are nearly shot. Trying not to drive until we can afford to get them fixed. x_X Hubby has to make a trip to Ardmore today (about 60 miles round trip)
* Other minor issues abound, but overall we have been really blessed with this trip. The people are wonderful - fall all over themselves to help you when possible.
* Ah last minute has arrived. Got to shut down for now and get back to the house. Love and hugs to everyone - I'll be back online in a couple weeks when we can afford internet service.
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For those who don't know, that's "strange candy" in Japanese. It's also an amusing web comic that I haven't read in months. =( Wonder if it's still up.

In an interesting twist of fate tonight, a man for whom I have had little respect bestowed upon us a wonderful gift. It's a camper shell for the truck! It's grey and needs a little work, but it's something we've been considering for awhile, and it's nigh impossible to find a shell that will fit a Dodge truck. They're a non-standard size - you HAVE to get a Dodge shell, and those run $400-800 depending on whether you get one used or new. He said he's been trying to get rid of it for months! (Usually when you DO find an ad for one, it's been snatched up long before you found the ad...x_X)

All I can say is, while I don't find him to be a particularly "good" individual, this is something I hope he's blessed for a hundred fold. Maybe his knee will get better finally.
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It's actually going to happen. Unlike so many of the other "yes, we're really going to do this" plans, this one is actually going to happen.

It's starting to get scary. I don't need this.
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WW - not going so well. I'm on a plateau, sadly. Haven't lost a thing in 2 weeks. I'm not really sweating it - I've definitely lost the first 10%. I don't have time to worry about it anyway...too much else to do. LOL! I'm kind of trying to stay OP during the move, but it's hard because it's just been 'grab a bite here and there when possible'.

The move is going pretty well. We've got about 40% left to pack in 3 days. Can do. Tomorrow, I'm washing all the dirty clothes, the sheets and whatnot. We have to drain the waterbed tomorrow for sure, since we also have to break it down into boards. Guess we'll sleep on the floor for a few days. ^_^ Not much of any other choice, really.

By Wednesday:
Cancel everything forwarding to my ISP email account,
Call hotels in Little Rock about pets/prices
Pack everything but toothbrush/paste, change of clothes, music, 2-way radios, food & water for trip, cat litter and food, Tylenol, Benadryl & band-aids.

On Wednesday:
Get U-Haul @ 8:00
Cancel electricity, get letter of credit
Transfer phone service with Bellsouth if possible
Cancel Companet
Pack U-Haul (enlist Kataphroneo and Grrltechie, also Alien Hydra, Aardvark, and crew)
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Well, I couldn't put it off any longer. We got up early this morning and went down to the courthouse to try for my driver's license.

I passed! I have to wear my glasses at all times, and I failed the part about parking uphill (didn't put on my emergency brake =PP), but that was all!

It's not all it's cracked up to be, but at least we can move the way we need to. And I can go pony hunting on the weekends (yard sale season, here I come!)

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Found a place to live.

To do tomorrow:
Get a U-Haul reserved
Mail certified/registered money order for deposit on apartment
Mail more mass quantities of packages to pony people
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Woke up to a job offer today. Coyote Printing wants me! Wahoo!

Gotta find a place to live.


May. 11th, 2002 03:57 pm
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Well, this week just sucked muffins. I either lost a lb. or gained a lb. I got a cheap scale, so it's hard to tell. Ah well, it's my own fault for not keeping up with things every day, when I KNEW I should. I should be happy I didn't gain the 5 I lost last time.

I'm trying ever so hard to be good today, but I sure don't feel like it.

Oh wait! We went out and rode bikes today! (Up hills and did some hiking and played in the creek some.) I wonder how many activity points I would get for that. When we move, and I'm gainfully employed again, I'd really like to join WW for real, even if it's just online.

Earlier this morning, we went out to dad's shop again and got all our yard sale stuff together. Made $10 more, but we packed it in after several hours, and took it to Goodwill before coming out again and biking. It was great to get rid of so much stuff - someone will get good use out of it - but it's been at the shop, and not here, so our house is STILL full of boxes. x_X There's got to be more we can get rid of before we move. There's just got to be! Anyone want a 10 gallon aquarium? (Maybe 20, I'm really not sure.)

After Goodwill, +Kyle wanted to go to Dub's Burgers - it's a mom & pop type place, and those're usually REALLY good to eat at. My dad and +Kyle have both sworn by them for years, and I've dutifully sworn off them for years - it's just been a running gag kindof thing forever. But, I figured "We're probably not ever going to eat here again, since we'll be visiting only on holidays and that sort of thing, so what the hey? I may as well try it once." I'm telling you, I should've stuck to my guns. My stomach is bothering me, the thing was so much greasier than the way we fix hamburger meat. (Grill on the Foreman, or fry in a pan, and drain every ounce of fat possible, squeezing it all out and whatnot.) Yuck. They have good tea, though, and good ice. LOL

Ah well...I need to find something to nosh. We'll have sandwiches later. I'll be good.
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+Kyle has been accepted into Murray State! Looks like we're definitely for sure going now!

I've gotten a response from a resume I sent out - they're supposed to call soon, and are very impressed with my work record. Woo hoo! I hope it turns into an actual job offer.

Other than that, I'm rehairing, customizing, sewing and going less crazy than I was last week.
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Yesterday really exhausted me. I was on my feet pretty much all day, and on these concrete floors of ours, that's not pleasant. x_X BUT...I got all the laundry folded & put away (6 loads or so), and nearly all the dishes washed...yes, even the pans that were beginning to rust because they'd been stacked over there for so long.

On top of that, the Bridal Baby has all her hair, and it's currently wrapped in a turban for the purposes of styling, of course. And I got some other ponies mostly dehaired so they're ready to mail to folks who needed the bait. Now I just have to take lots and lots of pictures. >_<

NOT ONLY those things...but I was able to go through all those sticker sheets I scanned for my scrapbook, so now I have stickers to use, trade or sell. \/\/00+!

When +Kyle got home last night, we went through a bunch of stuff. The boxes of things to get rid of are really starting to amass now. I'm hopeful for a couple hundred dollars to come of this yard sale (at least). That would be SO fantastic. If the golf clubs sell, it'll be more than that, even. (Anyone want some vintage 1960 DYNA-Powered clubs in a white leather bag?)

I still need to get some other rather important things done today, but I think I've earned a day off. +Kyle's off work today, so we're going to see a movie for my birthday. Got a couple hours to burn before the 1:00 matinee, so I'll mosey for now. What to wear, what to wear?
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Today's my try-on day... I'll do that later, though.

Overall, I'm doing ok...not sure about +Kyle though. We got into a big discussion last night about the whole moving thing and he's managed to convince himself that no matter what he does, he's going to fail. (And with a defeatist attitude like that, I have to agree - convince yourself you'll fail and you'll drive yourself down that road.) Yet, my cautiously optimistic approach of "you don't know if you'll fail or if you've finally found what you'll be good at" is waved off as "unrealistic". Please tell me where optimism and realism are opposites, because he won't tell me, and I sure can't find it anywhere.

So now I don't know if that was just exhausted nonsense or if he really means it. *shrugs* I have no idea what to do or say, because he's one of these types that, when argued with, will find any way he can to make sure that the other party's argument is wrong. "Unacceptable answer" is a favorite retort these days.

*sigh* I'm so frustrated. I was finally getting to the point where the idea of moving was starting to be exciting and not just an uprooting, and now he does this. He's convinced he's worthless and would be better off if he'd never been born.

Does my opinion matter? Nooo... "I may be worth something to you, but I'm still a worthless individual" quoth he. He's right and he can't be wrong, in his mind.

I hope anyone reading this will pray for him to make the right decision. I still believe moving is what we're supposed to do because things are still moving in that direction even though he's made this statement. But how do you make an unrelenting person see when they're wrong? He's become the very thing he hates in that light.

Frustrated in Alabama
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We're probably moving.

Who? +Kyle & me, and our 2 cats, Speck & Quirk
What? You heard me.
Where? Tishomingo, OK
When? Likely by August 1
How? We haven't *quite* figured that out. Let's just say, by the grace of God!
and lastly,
Why? +Kyle has decided to go back to school, since it becomes increasingly apparant that his current education is not sufficient. He has decided to take a completely different path, and for quite some time now he has been researching this new field, talking to successful people, searching for the best schools, and getting in touch with the instructors, etc.

We've been in constant prayer about this, and I personally have asked for several direct signs as to whether or not this is the direction we should take. Now either coincidence is a large part of this, or we are finally making the right decisions, because thus far, all signs point to "yes".

In fact, things are falling into place so easily it's almost unbelievable.

Even so, there's been a lot of uncertainty on our part. The past year has been such that it's hard to believe *anything* could work out this well without being truly too good to be true.

So... +Kyle is talking to some specific people at this school and is just about ready to enroll for the fall semester. I've starting job hunting there, and our next goal is for me to secure something we can live on for the 2 years he's taking this course. We hope to make a trip up later this spring to look at housing, utilities, etc.

We've already begun packing the non-essentials - getting many things out of the way, deciding what we don't need or want, etc. We have a huge box of stuff for Goodwill already, plans for a yard sale, and hey...does anyone need an old hideaway couch?

So that's that, I guess. ^_^

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