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Work was long. I have so much to do and no time in which to do it. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, I will probably end up working late just to do the *usual* tasks, and I still have the end-of-month jobs to do from April. The graduation and Sand Bass festival tabloids have been taking up ALL of my normally spare time for the past few weeks. Today was much the same.

After work, we went to the MSC graduation ceremony. +Kyle really doesn't know why he decided to walk, but I'm glad he did. We got there, and he got changed into his robe and hat, then wandered off to find the other graduates so they could get into formation and all. I wandered into the crowded field to find a seat, preferably with friends. I walked right past Micah and another girl. They were with some guy and his son, and I *think* Susan's son. Can't remember any of their names, but I've seen them around.

Micah yelled, and I turned, realizing who had been there the whole time, and so I sat with them. I had taken the folding recliner, since that's the only portable chair we had. Micah was incredulous at how cool it was, and I traded chairs with her, because it's really more of a gaming chair than a sit-down-at-an-event-and-try-not-to-fall-asleep chair.

Shavonn came up shortly thereafter, and sat with all of us, too. Mike and Lydia were almost directly behind us - just a few seats over to the left. Roger's girlfriend and I guess his parents (or maybe it was Jeff's parents) sat with them, too, so I saw a lot of people right off the bad. Alan came up from somewhere and said hi, but Rodney is out of money, and therefore out of gas, so he wasn't around. Bummer! Guess I won't be getting his autograph after all. :P That kid is going to be famous someday.

Anyway, Micah was talking on her cellphone, so I chatted with Mike and Alan for a few. Nancy was graduating, so we were proud of her for that. Lydia was working in the cafeteria, so I didn't actually see her right away. Scooter wandered up after awhile, but the ceremony was about to start so he sat with the rest of us.

The ceremony was pretty good. It was outdoors, and a simply gorgeous day, although it was probably murderously hot for the grads, in their polyester robes. :P Dr. Peterson (the president) is leaving MSC, for a more important job in...Ohio?...being a grandfather. He spoke for a minute, introduced much of the faculty, and then another fellow, Kermit McMurray, I think, got up to speak. He had some pretty good things to say, but he's not a public speaker by any stretch of the imagination. The whole concept was staying educated for your whole life, and learning to do the things that are right over what you want to do. Self-sacrifice, morality and what's wrong with the nation (i.e., poverty, illness, etc.), and what we can do to help these things. It was supposed to be motivational, but it was so long, and he so overly verbose (Frasier gots nothing on this guy!) that the meaning was lost.

After that, I think Dr. Peterson got back up and they started calling names of people to get their degrees. I got some pictures of Nancy, JoAnna, +Kyle, and VJ, of course, who was the only reason I wanted to go until I found out +Kyle had decided to walk as well. I'm really proud of her for finally getting her degree. She's been going to school off and on for something like the last 15 years. I'm proud of +Kyle, too. The past two years have been a real struggle, and it's good to see some of the fruits of his labors...mine, too, I guess.

Close to the end, Tamica was called, and more people cheered for her than for anyone else. Everyone loves her, and she has been at every event that I can recall being at. She's great, and I wish I'd gotten to know her more personally than just hi-howya-doin'?

Afterward, we all split up to find our respective friends to congratulate them. I went where +Kyle *had* been sitting, thinking I'd catch him before he got too far, but he had vanished, as had VJ, so I wandered around, finding Joanna and Roger first, and then I saw +Kyle, and made my way over there. We went around together and found several people to congratulate, especially VJ. We found Mike, and he said to meet him and Lydia at his apartment because they were going to [ profile] bitchness' afterward. Wai! Awesome Heather! ^_^

+Kyle stopped to talk to Dr. Peterson for a minute, and we talked to Debbie Combs, who congratulated us on the move and told us to come back and visit. We found Susan Branch, who nearly cried, but said she wouldn't. We're especially going to miss her - she's done so very much for us since day one. If I were going to work at a college, I would want her kind of job, because she's involved with the students right from the start. She also told us we need to come back and visit.

A lot of people are telling us this. I hope it's not long before we come back to see everyone.

Anyway, I ran to get some more water in the library, and +Kyle went to the truck so we could get out. We hadn't been able to find Joanna all evening, but fortunately her parents' van was parked out quite near our truck, so we got to see her after all. ^_^

+Kyle found a rose somewhere - dropped or lost, no doubt, but he gave it to me. ^_^ I always thought I didn't care about things like that - insignificant in the great scheme of things...but when you're in that moment, and it's the sweetest thing imaginable... Yeah, I like those cheesy romantic-type things. It's strange having them come from +Kyle, because he's so...unemotional... It's hard to say how I feel about it.

So we went to Mike's apartment, and talked with him and Lydia for about 20 minutes while [ profile] bitchness cleaned up her house some. Mike has a white rat named Sniff, rescued from the Vet Tech program this semester. They don't simply destroy the animals that are used in the program, but he didn't want to see her wind up as someone's dissection exercise, either. She is pretty cute - probably average rat size, not one of the big ugly nasty ones.

Anyway, after those few minutes, we followed them to [ profile] bitchness' house. We just sat and chatted about not much of anything in particular for awhile. I guess Mike and Lydia stayed about an hour. +Kyle and I weren't exactly sure what to do, being that we were guests of guests, but we like [ profile] bitchness, too, so we stayed another hour or so. We talked about politics, movies, music, and that kind of thing. She's getting ready to move in a few weeks, too - Seattle.

Don't remember when we left or got back to the house, but it was late, and we were up later, because we slept WAY in Saturday...

More on Saturday...later!
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Methinks it's time for a lighter post.

Friday I had requested off from work to attend and help out the Murray State College SGA with the Senior Day event. It's a way to draw local high-school soon-to-be grads to the college, show off the programs available, and enjoy some competitive camaradarie via games, and a tug-of-war over a vast mud pit.

So things didn't get off to a very good start. I'm so moody lately - one morning will wake up fine, another morning, totally unwilling to even try to be civil. I know I'm putting +Kyle through a lot of hell right now, but I really don't mean to. I just need time for awhile.

Anyway, I was pretty much in one of those 'determined not to have a good time right away' moods, despite having looked forward to this for several weeks. Got out there about 10 after 8, and got involved with everyone. The usual gang was there - Joanna, Micah, Mike, Lydia, Allen, Nancy, Rodney, a girl named Stephanie, and of course Susan, and others. We all milled around doing various necessary things until the kids started showing up. I guess it was maybe 9:00 when everything got started?

Anyway, everyone made for the various groups of kids who had congregated in the waiting chairs. Everyone had their own little cliques, of course - 4 or 5 here and there, most likely all friends from the same schools broken up into their groups by school. It was our job to bring everyone together into teams for the games.

There was one kid sitting by himself. He was goth, and either shy or shunned...doesn't really matter which. I remember being that kid sometimes. The first Big G.I.G. I attended comes to mind. Micah and I saw that he was the -only- high school student without either a friend or a team leader to talk to, so we decided to concentrate on him as a start, and maybe bring him into Joanna's group of kids. It didn't hurt that I'd decided to go goth, myself, that day. (Never Knock at Death's Door...) I hoped to be someone to whom he could relate a little, to break the ice.

I sat down to his left, a chair space between us, and Micah sat to my left. The kid's nametag read "Chris is my name." I really don't remember what all smalltalk was made, but it basically started out with the usual exchange of names, a handshake, and a smile. Chris is 18, and must like to write, because he carried a thick notebook and pencil. I'd have liked to ask about it, but it seemed a little personal. I remember when I was a teenager, and wrote a lot, and was all very private, but I always had a notebook with me. Anyway...somehow, we brought a third party, Invisible Bob, into the picture, and all were amused. We talked to him about the school, and some of the programs, and what the day was about.

At some point, teams began to form, so we used that opportunity to lure, I mean, encourage him to have fun with everyone. He joined a team, but I don't remember whose. Stephanie's, I think. Micah and I went off to help Joanna with her team, and somehow wound up with Allen's team by the end of it.

I wound up talking with another girl, D.J., in our team (Team 3), while the first game was being set up. She's also 18, left-handed, and we wear the same Skechers laceless shoes...down to the color. She likes drag racing, Evanescence and Linkin Park, and a nifty pair of sunglasses that she broke when she fell off a chair at the library. They're taped, as the break isn't bad. They really are cool sunglasses - bluish metallic thick plastic frames with a tribal print along the earpiece. She has a scholarship to MSC already, and is interested in the art program.

The teams played several games - an orange pass game, where you hold an orange under your chin, and pass it to the next person via their chin. Kinda hard to explain, but it's funny to watch. Each team had to pass 4 oranges down their line of 10 people, and if anyone dropped an orange, they had to start at the beginning. Team 3 won that game handily.

The next game was a mud pie 'fear factor' type game. Each pie tin was filled with pudding, and a single sour gummy worm was buried somewhere inside. The first team to find their worm would win. The catch was, you could not use your hands, and one team's pie had no worm in it. :P How cruel! Christy in our group volunteered, but she HATES chocolate pudding! I guess that was incentive, because she won that round for Team 3 as well. Chris was the volunteer for whatever team he was in...his was the pie with no worm. LOL! Poor kid. Everyone who played that round was covered in pudding afterward. Christy had done an amazing job of keeping not only her face fairly clean, but also the table around the pie tin. One girl was actually sucking up the pudding, then spitting it out on the table to find their worm. I think she made second place, but that was pretty gross. :P

After that, we played a Pictionary type game. Whichever budding artist the team chose would pick a topic out of a hat, then paint a picture for their team to decipher...with their nose... Tamara was up for Team 3, and we did pretty well, considering the topic was "A Tale of Two Cities". I don't know who won that game, but the answer was "Eminem", and the clue drawn was easy...a blue circle with an "M" in the middle. LOL!

Next was a "Dress For Success" game where each team had to create an outfit representing success on their chosen teammate...out of toilet paper. Team 3 chose a wedding dress, and put it on our Chris, a little guy I've seen around before - maybe in one of the senior photos at work? It was pretty pathetic, with a hula-dress-style skirt and a sad veil. He looked like he was wearing a cross between some Japanese warrior outfit and a hula skirt. Sad! Lydia's team made a smart business outfit on one of their girls, and it won.

Last was a sack race with a twist... It's just like a three-legged race, but with three people (4 legs) instead of two. Jason and Charley were the two people of choice, and a little guy named Kyle volunteered to finish out the trio simply for the fact that his height was SO absurd compared to theirs. We joked about having the other two carry him, and *did* get their legs bagged together like that, but he said he ran of his own ability. It looked like it, anyway. Everyone yelled about us cheating, but the team to our left REALLY went too far, by carrying a girl between the two guys on either side. Team 3 won, and the judges ruled it fair.

Last was a 'Pin the Thermometer on the Vet Tech Dog' game. A picture of Odie, with a bullseye on his backside. :P All the teams went around once, but everyone pretty much had lined themselves up (despite blindfolds) and got their thermometers in place too easily, so the judges had them be spun around first, and *then* try again. I forget who won that competition.

Team 3 won the most, and so everyone got an MSC Mud Bash t-shirt. Everyone had a group photo taken. I got a few random shots of some of the events, but ran out of film, and hadn't brought another roll, so that was kindof a bummer. But all in all it was a fun day.

Since things were coming to something of a close, a few of us went up to where some of the local artists were showing off their wares. Most of it was pottery, but there was a fellow with geodes, polished stone jewelry, and arrowheads. There was a guy doing metal sculpture - welding or soldering something right there. There were a couple of other displays, but I think they were all more pottery. Only one table had a functioning wheel.

D.J. found me, and we chatted a bit more. At some point, (goth) Chris walked down the field, as if leaving, but he came back after a minute and sat alone on the curb behind us and to our left. It was obvious he felt like being included, having had a good time with everyone during the games. D.J. is really shy, and said something about me being personable, or something, I'm not sure exactly what. She wanted me to go over there with her and initiate another conversation with him. I just smiled and encouraged her a little bit, saying something to the effect of, "Yeah, I do make friends really easily, but it's your turn now." So she walked over, sat down, gave him a little friendly sideways hug, and they started talking. ^_^ That did my heart good. I don't think it's even anything more than just two people kindof alone in the world finding a way to get along with one other person who was a little like them.

After the games, there was lunch in the ballroom - pizza for all the staff involved, and some of the seniors were there, too. D.J. and Chris sat at a small table together. D.J. asked if I would like to join them, but I smiled at her, thanked them both, and said I was with the staff today. I think I learned a little about showing someone how to dig their way out of their shell without taking it apart for them.

Lunch snipped for difficulty )

Anyway, everyone was gathering to watch down the balcony. Some guys were outside with a firehose getting the pit filled with water for the final tug-of-war. D.J. and Chris found me, and we chatted for a few minutes. He threatened us both with a muddy hug after the tug of war was over. D.J. lamented the choice of music being played. I lamented the fact that some guy was messing with the sound system and not letting a single song *finish* playing!

snipped for more talky bits )

At some point, I went and changed into my Mud Bash Staff shirt, because I expected at least to get muddy from someone, be it Chris, or Micah, or Joanna, or whomever, tackling me wetly.

Anyway, back to the pit. We watched the tug-of-war games. I think the FFA team won in the end. Allen's team of Gunsmithing (of which he was the only one actually *in* the gunsmithing program!) put up a good fight in the last round, but the other guys won.

After that, it became a free-for-all, and about half the people there dove into the pit, wallowed in the mud, and got sprayed by the fire hose. It was too funny! Someone asked if I was going to go in, and I -almost- said no, but then I remembered this year's resolution, and went for it. It's very not easy to run down a muddy wet hill without sliding, but I managed to do so and made with a slip-and-slide dive into the pit. Got muddy water ALL up my nose, think I swallowed some, and knelt up out of it quickly, just throwing my hair back and laughing. Ohhh, that was so much fun! I came up out of the water, and Allen was there, and hugged me, then Rodney was on my right, so I grabbed his hand in a firm handshake and hugged him, too. Then Micah was somewhere and I did much the same... Let's see, Chris did wind up muddily hugging me. LOL It was too fun. My eyeliner probably ran halfway down my face, but I didn't care. Two girls outside the pit (not muddy, I might add) smiled at me, gave a thumbs-up and said, "Yeah, sexy..." I'm not sure if they were kidding or not. Don't really care. That was too much fun.

But here was the shocker. I turned to start back up the hill, and who was standing there, soaked to the bone, but +Kyle. Stick in the mud (no pun intended), stay in your shell and don't ever come out, don't try new things because you might actually enjoy them, +Kyle. I couldn't believe it, but I was so proud at the same time. I learned later that he had dragged Joanna down there, and was consequently dragged along with her by our other friends, and thrown in, but he let it happen, and actually enjoyed it. Way to go, +Kyle!

I got about halfway up the hill and then realized that all that mud was going to feel *really* good when it started drying and caking in my hair, so I went back down to get hosed off. MAN, that was cold! The high pressure didn't help, but it wasn't that bad. It would have made a great shower head. :P

more talking and some annoyance )
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If you ever get the opportunity to see The Salzburg Marionettes, do so. It's absolutely one of the most incredible performances I've ever seen.

MSC was able, with the Oklahoma Arts Council, to get them to perform on-campus this evening. The program was The Magic Flute by Mozart.

The articulation and range of physical motion, and EMOTION was phenomenal. The stage sets had such illusion of depth. +Kyle knows for a fact they had no more than 15 feet to work with, but some of the sets look like they have 40 or 50 feet back there! Of course, all the puppets are masterfully created.

I can't even talk about it, it was so wonderful. The troupe only tours for about 6 weeks in the US, so if you ever hear about them in your area, do yourself a favour and see them. They're in Atlanta this weekend!
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...that the rumour mill about me at school is that I'm Wiccan. LOL!

I laughed when +Kyle told me last night, and he said, "That doesn't bother you at all?"

"No!" I giggled. "People are going to think whatever they want to about other people. No one's ever bothered to ask me if I am." No one directly avoids me, so, ya know... *shrug* Maybe next time I should wear that big honking cross I have. Nah, they'd probably accuse me of witchery or some such nonsense. :P

I'm not exactly a Bible-thumper around these people, but *this* is highly entertaining.
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Well, the evening was mostly good. We got stuff done, but the photo place was closed when we got there, so we'll have to reschedule. :P Bah. We looked nice tonight, too.

The dance was pretty good. Joanna and Micah were there, so we hung out a bit. Allen was there, so he and +Kyle talked some. Robbie was well-behaved, but then, he had an outlet for all that energy. He's unabashedly flamboyant, and it's just adorable.

Next time there's an event, I must remember to bring a camera. Too many friends to leave behind. If I can't take them with me, I can at least take their pictures.

Well...tis late, and I require sleep. Let's hope I make it 'til 7:00.

On a Date

Feb. 25th, 2004 06:45 pm
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So I'm all nice and prettied up tonight for +Kyle. We're going to have pictures made for his mom, and then dinner out before grocery shopping at The Dreaded Mart of Wal.

THEN, we're going to go back to MSC for some football dance. +Kyle has to be there 'cause of SGA, and I'm just going to go. I hope Micah or someone chattable is there, since +Kyle will most likely be busy with stuff.

Late late night
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I'm really looking forward to Friday. VJ & I will probably wind up going to dinner, a movie, and then dancing 'til the wee hours at a place she mentioned last time we went out - Ten Buck Two. I've since learned from Scooter that he and a lot of the peeps from MSC go there (and other places), although they usually go out on Thursday nights. Some of them *may* be there Friday though, so maybe we'll all get to party. Even if not, VJ & I always have fun.

I've been talking with Scooter a bit over the past few days. He's fun; we mostly just goof off and talk about music & anime, although he's expressed interest in learning Japanese. I'm putting together a crash course, just in case. :P He speaks a little German, too, which is fun. I kinda miss Doitsugo, but I need to concentrate on actually finishing this little language project. I'd like to learn SOMETHING completely, at least once. LOL

I'm surprised and relieved to find that I'm not feeling anything dangerous. (I daresay the unknown was far more dangerous than the known.) I'd feared that this new attention might draw me away from +Kyle, but in fact we've been doing really well since getting over Tuesday night. This is of course no reason not to be vigilant, but it's good to know. I usually have a pretty good feel for these things. Scooter has expressed nothing but friendly concern toward me, so I'm not worried about him - but we all know how easily I get attached to people who give me positive reinforcement. So yeah. If I feel like things start going in the wrong direction, it'll have to be 'sayonara'. I don't like that, but +Kyle and I have come too far over the past few months to let even a friendship interfere.

Thankfully, at this point, I don't forsee a problem.


Feb. 21st, 2004 05:21 am
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Hey, I got more than 4 hours' sleep this morning! Can't sleep any longer now, but the neighbors are playing their music too loud again, anyway, so...*shrug*

I've been trying to decide what to do next weekend while +Kyle's out of town. I think I'll take a couple of the instant cameras around and take pictures of all the 'Crappe Emporiums' in the area. We've talked about doing it since we moved here, but with only a couple of months left, it must be done.

I also need to take some boxes of stuff to Goodwill or Salvation Army. Shall I go to Durant or Ardmore?

I'm starting to get scared about this whole moving back thing. I guess the reality of it is setting in. We have been here for so long, and feeling trapped for so long that it seemed we'd never escape. Now that the days are getting slimmer, I find myself being afraid to make that journey home. Do I want to live in Oklahoma for the rest of my life? God forbid! But now I have ties here, too.

Someone told me the other day they thought it was interesting that we were making all these friends suddenly, now that we didn't really *need* them anymore. It saddens me, because now it's going to be hard to leave, instead of being a completely joyful release and escape. I love VJ to death, and since I've been getting closer with friends from MSC, there are more people I don't want to leave. I have friends at work, too. I think I'm going to miss Jon the most, and vice versa. Every time my leaving comes up, he gets this sad little puppy dog sound to his voice, and says, "I don't want you to go." We have so much fun cutting up at work, and share music all the time, etc. Kindred spirits.

It's time to capture some memories. There's not much time left for it.

Speaking of capturing memories, I finally found the disc of pictures from Christmas! WAI! This is a good example of the *subtle* "goth" look that I usually wear. It's not that bad, now, is it? I'm especially proud of the katana picture. I couldn't have gotten a better shot if I'd tried.


Feb. 3rd, 2004 11:18 pm
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Well, +Kyle's been threatened at school...again...

It seems someone in a white vehicle (most likely a large truck) hit our truck tonight. +Kyle thinks he knows who it was, and also believes it to have been an accident. He was talking with Jeff & Roger about it, and somehow Jaiman found out about it, and shot his mouth off to the F-Troop, if I understand correctly. All +Kyle did was ask if anyone knew who drives a white truck, and Todd threw a fit and started making threats: +Kyle needs to watch his back come the end of school. Again.

I'm definitely concerned about it. I'm sure that Roger, Mike and Jeff would come to +Kyle's aid if he requested assistance, but one has to remember that the people making these threats are all stupid enough to actually try something. They've always hated +Kyle, and for no apparant reason.

I'm glad we'll be leaving soon. 92 days.


Jan. 25th, 2004 09:17 am
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Today was homecoming at MSC! Yeah, I know...homecoming...bah! But Lydia was up for queen, and I wanted to go see her. +Kyle, being in the Student Government, had to be there to get things set up and all, anyway, so I decided to tag along.

I slept in 'til about 8:30, then got up to mess around online for awhile. +Kyle got up around 9:30 and we both started getting ready to go. We left around 10:15, and got there right on time.

Micah and Robbie were there, and two other girls I've never met. Laurie of course was directing, so the two girls decorated the arch with lights and tulle. Micah and Robbie wrapped streamers around the railing of one side of the home bleachers while +Kyle and I did the other side. Then, Robbie ran around flailing while +Kyle, Micah and I hung streamers on the wall behind the opposite bleachers. I was able to demonstrate my monstrous fear of heights. Seven years we've been together, and +Kyle has never gotten that I'm afraid of heights. Seven! :PP Oh well...he knows now! Bridges, heights, and camel crickets... Other than that, I'm pretty good, although mice startle me when they run across the counter and I'm not expecting it. LOL

Back to the day... Micah has the most incredible eyes. She's so pretty and cute, and fun to be around. ^_^'> Must obtain her number from Joanna, and hang out more before May...

After decorating, +Kyle and I had lunch, then hung around the dorm building until 10 til 1:00. Happened to catch Scooter looking out his window as we walked by. He waved and said 'hey,' so we all chatted a second.

+Kyle and I watched MTV, which was lame. Have they even played any music videos in the last 10 years? I saw exactly one commercial for a music compilation...everything else was movie ads, ads for The Real World and some new movie, 'Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen'. LAME! Oh well... There were some guys playing ping pong in there as well, and that was moderately entertaining to watch.

When we got back to the gym, people were arriving for the game. At 20 after 1:00, one candidate and two escorts were still missing, so people were getting antsy. Lydia looked very nice in her dress, and even Mike cleans up well. LOL! Seeing him without a hat was the strangest thing. I videotaped the ceremony, and it turned out okay, but not great. I need practice, and a tripod helps, too. :P

Afterward, we went to Mike's house, then bummed at the Western Inn for an hour. They make a wonderful omelet. :P We then went to Lydia's friend Heather's house to chill for an hour or so before leaving Tish. That didn't happen! Instead, we watched a movie...or perhaps I should say it was inflicted upon us: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back. I must admit that there were funny moments, and Kevin Smith is quite amusing, but it came across as "Hey, let's see how many times we can say f*** and still keep an 'R' rating. Such talent. Ah well - had it not been for Mr. Smith, Matt Damon and Ben Affleck would likely not have gotten such a good start to their careers. Can't say I'm overly fond of the latter of these two, but that's okay.

After the movie, we played Scattergories, which was highly amusing. The first couple of rounds sucked pretty badly, but once we all got into the swing of it, it went well. We left around 7:00. Heather is really cool, and I like her, although we could have done without her kids screaming and running into the room every five minutes. Kids in general...yikes. Ah well. It was great to spend time with friends, and she invited us to stop by anytime.

It's late now, so I'll be going...
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So we went to Mike's tonight for dinner and movie(s). Yay! Lydia was there as well, of course.

He made Mexican for dinner - some tortilla thingies. Mike's a great cook. He then inflicted upon us 'John Carpenter's: The Thing', which was actually quite good. Nonetheless, we made derogative comments throughout, in true geek fashion. :) We had a brief intermission so they could obtain pie, and I got a couple Sugar Free Hershey mini bars. (Almonds, yum!) After that, we watched 'The Frighteners', which is a favorite of +Kyle's and mine. More derisive banter throughout the film, of course. :) Normally, I hate that (at least at the theatre), but after you've seen a film once or twice, it's acceptable behaviour. MST3K the sucker.

We chatted a little bit afterward. Lydia showed off her new toy - a NICE digicam she got for Christmas. We'd conspired about a month ago to video her tickling Mike, as it's quite amusing when you can get him going. It was. LOL!

Mike lent us a book: Leviathan, by James Byron Higgins. He wrote 'A Wolf Story', which was excellent, so I expect good things from this one.

Not much else to write about at the moment.

Ge-mu Naito

Jan. 8th, 2004 09:31 pm
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Ahhh, Game Night. It's always fun. :)

Micah brought her ferret - she's so adorable, and her name is Mocha. She's so well-behaved, prettily colored, and doesn't smell like male ferrets do.

+Kyle called bingo since we got there too late for the pool tournament. That was fun, mostly because everyone complained that they couldn't hear him. It's likely because they're used to Joanna and her...ability to project, shall we say? Oh who am I kidding? She's loud. LOL! But that's Joanna, and that's why we love her.

Joanna was there of course. She, Micah and I talked about nothing in particular for much of the evening. At one point, Joanna got up for a drink, and brought back blue Hawaiian Punch for herself and Micah. Both cups had approximately the same amount of beverage and ice, but Joanna took a sip out of one, then switched cups with Micah. LOL! We both looked at Joanna like she was insane, and then at meach other to confirm that thought. Micah asked what the difference between the glasses was, and I said Joanna had put crack cocaine into her own cup. What I didn't know was that Micah calls Joanna a crackhead all the time, so it was really funny.

Oh! Scooter showed up, also too late for the pool tournament. He'd forgotten that game night was today until he was walking by the building and saw everyone inside. It was nice to see him. He confirmed my thoughts: his mom has looked over my designs, but with the holidays she hasn't had a chance to do anything with them. I said I'd figured as much, and that was why I hadn't called, not wanting to bother her. She has my number, so when she's able to, that's cool! :) I told him that I was able to get the pattern for the base parts, so maybe that will spark something soon. Still don't know how I'm going to pay for it, but I'll think of something.

He did get to play a game or two of pool when one part of the tournament was over, though. :) He practiced a lot over the holidays, he said.

Spongebob (Robbie) was loud as usual. One girl won a whoopie coushin, which was disastrous. It was funny for about 3 or 4 times, but then it got a bit annoying. :P Oh, did I mention Robbie was loud? He was.

It was all over about 8:30. I am so bored of Bingo. LOL! Think I'll try to get someone to play pool with me next time. Anyone should love playing pool with me, because I SUCK! You are guaranteed to win if you play against me. Same with ping pong. SUCK SUCK SUCK! I am the suckiest suck that ever sucked!

Joanna, +Kyle & I stood outside talking for several minutes afterward, which was amusing. She gave me her MSC toboggan. I've been envious of +Kyle's all week (they were given to all the people who helped with orientation to 'mark' them as people to follow). It's SO warm, and cozy. If you ever read this, thank you, Joanna! :)

Fun night, all in all. I do so love being around people. Next one is February 17th. +Kyle has class that night, but I will take him to school in the morning so I can go. :P We'll have an early breakfast at the Western Inn, since we only have four months to enjoy what little local cuisine we enjoy. I haven't been there yet, but +Kyle has been on a couple of occasions, and says their bacon omelette is to die for. Yum!

Goody...only a little over a month away!

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