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Why hello there! A while back, I discovered this site: AnyLuckyDay, and today, they are giving away the very cool Flip Ultra video recorder. I've linked directly to it, so check it out. Even if you don't want to enter today's contest, you may be interested in the next one!
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+Kyle: You know, Capcom used to be cool, but then someone told them about fighting games.

In other news, this site is hilarious. Please check out the Strong Bad Emails.
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Today has been busy.

Well...things are going to be very busy for quite some time.

We got a rather late start - didn't get up until about 8:30. Still staying at mom and dad's at night, as we have no sleeping arrangements at the house yet. Besides, they feed us. LOL

Played DDR with Noel for a bit. We left around 10:45 to return the U-Haul. Got it there in plenty of time...we came around full circle - took the van back to the same company we rented from when we moved out to Oklahoma two years ago. They're the only place in town who takes them anymore.

Went to the house and cleaned up a bit. Around 1:00, +Kyle went out to Decatur to talk to Mr. Graham about the job at Lucky's. I stayed at the house, called to cancel all of our utilities and things in Oklahoma, and got some of the living room arranged. Mostly, it consisted of moving boxes out of the living room and into the second bedroom. I got the entertainment center set up, and was just getting the couch cleared off to move it when +Kyle came back around 2:30 or so. Good news - he does have the job, and starts tomorrow - 3:00 to 9:00 p.m. He will likely be working Sunday evenings, which means time and a half. Don't think there are any benefits involved, but this is a start.

Mom called and came out shortly afterward to clean while we unpacked boxes. I'm SO grateful she's helping with this...we have been going pretty much non-stop for over four days, and the house is enough of a disaster area that the thought of doing actual cleaning, much less unpacking stuff, is overly daunting. The house isn't UNCLEAN, per se, but it's rather dusty in places, and has that old house smell. We need plants badly, and probaby potpourri or candles until it gets that normal lived-in smell again.

We're watching some TechTV show...Nerd Nation, I think... It's about Star Wars fans, and I cannot believe what kind of tragic lives these people lead. They don't call them fanatics for nothing...

Before Mom actually got there, I went out to get the utilities here put into our name. +Kyle hates dealing with the people at Athens Futilities...they're not *that* bad. That took some doing, but it's done. I just remembered I was supposed to get a smoke detector today, though... :P Have to do it tomorrow.

Went around to about 5 places and picked up applications, and by then it was nearly 5:00, so I thought it was time to get back to the house and help out. Let's see...within biking distance there are many places I would be willing to work, many more I don't really care to work, and several that appear to be 'family' businesses that wouldn't accept outside help. I'll put in apps in that order until I find something. Geekgrrl said there's a position open at the's secretarial, but I bet they have health insurance. :P

We cleaned and unpacked until about 6:30. The living room is looking almost liveable, but we have to figure out what to do with the computer desks. I think a setup like what we had in Madill will be best, but one of us will have to face away from the TV. That's fine with me...I don't really watch it when I'm using the computer. If I'm going to watch something, I'll sit down and watch it, or work on a project on the couch while doing so.

Got showered and came back to the 'rents' house for dinner, stopping by Piggly Wiggly first to say hi to +Kyle's old co-workers. Only Kristie was on, and he "scared the crap" out of her while she was in the office, sneaking up behind her silently. She was bent over, reading some article, and he came up behind her and said, "That's cute." She jumped, and we were most amused. We got keys made for the house, too, as I needed copies.

Had hamburgers at mom and dad's, played more DDR with Noel - we killed ourselves - did laundry, and have been catching up with emails and blogging for much of the evening.

Now we need to gather is quite late, but hey, at least The Dreaded Mart of Wal in Athens is actually open 24 hours a day...

So in the morning, I need to fill out applications and take them around, then pick up more within a reasonable biking distance from the house. I need to find a job quite soon. Don't really want one, but we have got to get caught up financially, and there are so many movies we want to see this summer. ^_^'>

Tired. Need to shop. But mostly need sleep.

For your entertainment...something that Ian said he sent me, but I apparantly never received:
Hello C'thulu

And something else he posted in his made me giggle until I hurt...
Why you should never post your picture on the internet


Apr. 21st, 2004 12:56 am
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What Men Want

Go read this now. Especially if you're a woman with any kind of man in your life.

That is all.
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My brilliant younger brother has written an interesting article taxation in the U.S.

Everyone should read this.
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This may be the funniest thing I have seen in a very long time.
Freaky Franks!

Of course, The Sneeze is delightful anyway, but that particular section is too too funny.
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Any of you guys know a good (free or demo) MP3 editor program that will let me bring down the quality just a touch? I've got some at 320, but would like to bring them down to 256 or even 192 just for the sake of filesize.

I've found a bazillion *potential* programs on CNet, but I don't feel like downloading them, trying them, finding they're not what I need, and going through all that rigamarole. (I actually had to look that word up to make sure I spelled it embarassing, although I did have it spelled correctly on the first go.)
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This man amazes me.

I've long come to grips with the fact that cancer is probably going to be the way I go, unless I die in a car accident first. Both of my maternal grandparents suffered from this ungodly disease. Also, in addition to people being strangely attracted to me, so too are many mechanized vehicles - even when I am inside another one, they seem to sense my presence and come straight for me.. ^_~ I told you everybody loves LSD!

On a more serious note, I don't remember much about my grandmother's situation back then; I was 10 or 11, and didn't really understand...or maybe I just didn't want to. I knew she was sick - dying - and in a lot of pain, because she had headaches all the time. We spent a lot of time at her house, but mostly it was just us kids in the back room, working (halfheartedly) on schoolwork, and watching Nickelodeon or Disney.

Papa was amazing, though. He was so positive right up to the very end. I didn't see him much, due to work and starting a new life with +Kyle. It's one of my larger regrets, but you can never go back, so I just have to look forward to seeing him again Later.

I hope I have half the ability of this "cancergiggles" man to look at a bad situation and see good - even if it's just in the form of a joke. He's in my prayers, for certain.
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If you ever get the opportunity to see The Salzburg Marionettes, do so. It's absolutely one of the most incredible performances I've ever seen.

MSC was able, with the Oklahoma Arts Council, to get them to perform on-campus this evening. The program was The Magic Flute by Mozart.

The articulation and range of physical motion, and EMOTION was phenomenal. The stage sets had such illusion of depth. +Kyle knows for a fact they had no more than 15 feet to work with, but some of the sets look like they have 40 or 50 feet back there! Of course, all the puppets are masterfully created.

I can't even talk about it, it was so wonderful. The troupe only tours for about 6 weeks in the US, so if you ever hear about them in your area, do yourself a favour and see them. They're in Atlanta this weekend!
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My brother just informed me that someone who frequents his blog mentioned me in hers.

Another kindred spirit, perchance? Sorry I made you cry, babe.


Feb. 12th, 2004 11:01 pm
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Finally got off my butt and did some training tonight. Just upper body and abs, but ohhhh, I feel so much better. :) My muscles were tired from not being used enough. Will do lower body tomorrow night.

Yesterday evening was nice. I was really weak and tired after work, so +Kyle made me lie down instead of doing dishes and starting dinner, etc. I slept 'til about 6:30, and awoke to chili being ready. Yummm... ^_^ Thank you, hon!

Sherry had lent me a film, "Raising Arizona", so we watched that while we ate. That was quite a funny movie. I've never seen Nicholas Cage in a role like that, but he was perfect. His hair was great! +Kyle had already seen it, but enjoyed it again.

Today was okay. Nothing much happened, but +Kyle's lab time was cut short because whoever's in charge decided they didn't feel like being there all evening. Bah. He really needed the extra hours.

Have been reading Ian's Sci-Fi Serial again. It's quite good; you should check it out if you enjoy science fiction. My brother has some fascinating ideas.
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Since I like forcing things on unsuspecting innocents, here are pix from Halloween. There's me on my own, and me and Jon. Yes, he really is that tall, and I really am that short.

Soon as I talk to Susan, I'll see about the ones from the dance. :)

*edit* The link works now


Feb. 28th, 2003 08:27 pm
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It snowed this week - the deepest snow they've had in years, in fact - about 6 inches here in Madill.

We built a snowman, and he's still standing. It's supposed to rain by Sunday, so I doubt he'll last.

In other news, today was day 14 of Induction into Atkins. I lost 9 lbs total! My energy is WAY up, I don't have those constant moments of "what was I doing?" or losing my train of thought. I've been using and for ideas and help.

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