Game Night

Jun. 10th, 2004 06:14 am
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Well, we went to the rents' house tonight for dinner and Mechwarrior clix with the boys.

Any evening with my brothers promises to be amusing, because we are all completely insane. Quotes follow:

Noel: Your nose is too big to be Xellos.
Alistair: Yeah, well your ugly is too big to be ANYTHING!

Ian: Sometimes Pocky is just Pocky.

Noel: The best things in life are Glico.

On being attacked:
+Kyle: If you continue in your current course of action, you will live to regret it!
Noel: Boring! Let's fight!

On Pocky:
Noel: I need a 'G'.
Alistair: This is the last one. Here, you can have half (meanwhile breaking the stick).
Noel: I don't want half; that's losery.
Alistair: Then you can have less than half! (throws him the smaller piece)

We use pennies to mark which pieces have taken a turn so we can click the heat dials as needed. +Kyle picked up three or four and tossed them at Ian.

+Kyle: I'm throwing money around like it's candy.
Me: Oh yeah? (Tossing a piece of Pocky across the table) Well I'm throwing candy around like it's money!

Noel: When would I be stupid and -- (everyone burst out laughing)

On our considering dressing up as a party from The Slayers for the next anime convention. First Ian said +Kyle should be Red Priest Rezo, and the conversation deteriorated from there:
+Kyle: Let me be the invisible man. The mute invisible man, so you can just pretend I'm there and I can stay home.
Ian: +Kyle can be the deaf mute blind invisible man who has lost his sense of touch and smell!

On Christopher Walken
Ian: Beware of the Anti-Walken!

Someone requested that someone write a haiku about killing oneself, and I started to, but +Kyle asked that I don't, so I changed it to being about killing someone else:

I wish you would die.
I will shoot you in the head.
Ha, ha. I killed you.

On 30+ year old people who live with their mothers:
Alistair: ...and if I do live with mom, it will be because I have a failed art career!

On Super Mario World 3:
Noel: Half the fun of that game is playing it!
Me: Only half?


Jun. 3rd, 2004 06:16 am
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It's been almost 24 hours since I last woke up. I must be getting older if I can't even make it a day without wanting sleep. Bleh! Really, the only problem is that I don't have party pals right one with whom to go clubbing and coffeeing until all hours of the night.

Ah well, I am more or less over the nausea from lack of sleep bit. That's really the only bad thing.

Roughly 5 hours and 40 minutes until I can rest. Methinks it's time to game a bit. +Kyle just reinstalled Diablo II on his system, so I'm going to start a new character.

But what to play? It's been so long...
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We rented Kill Bill Vol. 1 last night. It's most excellent, although you have to throw suspension of disbelief completely out the window if you're any kind of a fanboy. It's cheesy as all, but Tarantino is a genius. That is all.

We had some nasty weather after watching the movie. Rain started coming down rather heavily, so we looked out the front door to see what was going on. The sky was that unmistakable colour; you could tell even at midnight. The power went out, so we found some candles, and I turned on the radio. Thankfully, I hadn't taken out the batteries out of the stereo from the trip.

A couple of minutes later, the tornado sirens came on, and I said I was going downstairs. They announced the warning on the radio, but it would be over in just a few minutes. The laundry room is definitely the innermost point in the house, so we went in there. The storm was moving about 60 MPH, so it didn't last long, and nothing touched down in Athens.

We stayed downstairs anyway for probably about a half hour or so. We played games by candlelight. First I beat +Kyle, then he beat me at Mancala. We played checkers, and he beat me badly first because I did the same thing not once...not even twice...but three times. I'm not even sure what I did, but it resulted in double jumps every time. LOL The second game went better for me, though...I trashed him rather handily.

More later, but I'm going to the shop to help dad print shirts and such.
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It's been awhile since I posted about my gaming sessions. I'm not exactly l33+, but I've played every day for the past week, and I am vastly improved.

All the songs are unlocked. I've got AAs (in Beginner and Light modes) on about half the songs. As on most of the rest of them. I'm still not very coordinated with anything over the yellow songs, but I've got some kind of score on all of them. Nothing lower than a D, if I recall correctly.

Two days ago, I unlocked Endless Mode, and last night played it for the first time. I managed a 202 combo before losing it...\/\/00+!

The hardwood floor makes a world of difference. The mat doesn't slide around so much, so I don't wind up off-center. I knew I didn't suck that badly!

I played some with Noel today, but mostly we played DDR Max 1, and my scores don't count if they're on someone else's card, so...bleh.

Maybe I'll do some more tonight, but I'm not sure. Whatever I pulled a couple of weeks ago still hasn't healed properly, and I'm thinking a day or two off might be a good thing.

Last Day

May. 12th, 2004 08:22 pm
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Okay, Niki! There you are - as promised, much to read about in your Book-of-the-Month novel that is my blog.

More about today, as it was my last at The Madill Record, but for now, I need to get ready to go out to Cory's, as we're going to D&D one last time.

Later later.
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I have been sick ALL WEEK. It just started with a sore throat Saturday, but I didn't really think anything about it. It's Spring...allergy season galore, etc. Sunday it was about the same, but Monday it was definitely uncomfortable. Tuesday, I decided it was definitely a cold, but figured I wasn't contagious by this point. Wednesday, I was miserable and really needed to not be at work, but as it was Wednesday, I kinda didn't have much choice. Thursday, I stayed home. I was just exhausted from it - slept much of the day, and part of the night as well. Thursday night, we watched Lost in Translation, which was sweet, but also a very sad story, to me. Hits a little close to home right now.

Friday, I was better enough to come back to work, so all is more or less well. So Friday night, we partayed! ^_^ It was a last-minute thing, because VJ and I had planned to go out on the 30th, but things didn't pan out because she's got so much to do here right before graduation. So +Kyle got in touch with Scooter and we all decided to hang out...but what to do? Nothing really worthy opened this weekend, and anyway, we saw Punisher last weekend, and are going for Van Helsing next weekend. Too many movies in a row gets boring. We debated over skating, bowling, going to Sherman and hitting the mall/arcade, going to Stagecoach for karaoke, or just renting like 48 hours worth of movies and making ourselves sick. LOL!

The weather was absolutely horrendous. Lovely green sky, perfect tornadic conditions. We drove through it on the way out to Jim & Nancy's. We prayed for only rain, and from what I have heard, there was no tornadic activity, and very little hail in Marshall County, so we're very thankful for that. We did get a fantastic light and sound show, though, so that was fun.

So we debated for nearly an hour over what to do while the sky cleared, and finally decided that it was really too late to go to Sherman if we weren't going to stay for a movie. None of us was really up for karaoke. My voice is still shot, anyway, so it's just as well. I doubt the guys would get up and sing anyway. :P +Kyle and I at least will go skating next Saturday, and Sunday afternoon we'll all hit Sherman for the mall, Van Helsing, and Chinese. Probably not in that order. So that left our old standby of bowling, and boy was it FUN! ^_^ The lanes were good and slick this time, despite the weather.

We rented a lane for two hours, and did pretty well compared to our usual. Lucky lane #13. The highest game (total for the three of us) was 399. I actually made it over 100 in that game. I think my average is about 80 now, and they each tend to average around 100, I'm going to guess. Still, we played some pretty bad games, too. We can usually get four games in two hours. Sometimes we manage to start a fifth, but only if one of our games involved a lot of strikes. +Kyle didn't want anything to drink, so Scooter got a pitcher of Budweiser, and we split it just about halfway, but it took nearly the two hours to finish. :P Beer is actually pretty good when you're doing some kind of activity, and everything is just a little bit funnier for awhile. I can see why people like to drink it when they're working outside in the heat, but I'd still rather have something fruity.

So after the first game, the guys were hungry. It was after 10, so pretty much everything in Durant was closed, but Taco Mayo was still open, so we went in there. The food is pretty good, but overpriced in my opinion. It's way spicy compared to most fast food "Mexican". The cashier was cool, and the rest of the night crew was tired, but entertaining. Everyone was really nice. It definitely takes a certain kind of person to work night shifts like that. The rain really started coming down hard again, so we waited around awhile, but it let up before they closed at 11:00, so we went back to the bowling place.

Being after 10:00, it was cyber bowling for two hours. They bump the price up by $5, for a foggy, darkened room lit with strobes and black lights. It's kinda cool, because the music mix is better - more techno, danceable stuff. The fog gets a little irritating to the eyes about the end of those two hours, though. Anyway, we decided it was worthy, and played another round. First game, I made a strike right off the bat, which was cool enough, but when they start the cyber bowl, they randomize this orange pin with white stripes as the head pin. If someone makes a strike when that pin comes up, they win cash on the spot. No pressure!

So about the third round of that game, that orange pin came up in our lane...on my turn... T_T NO PRESSURE, remember? I don't even know WHAT I did, but whatever it was, it was like magic, because I knocked every single one of those pins down, and we got back our $25 for the game. I don't know if anyone else applauded, but we were all totally crunk over it at our table. WAI! THAT was completely awesome. I just did this lame football dance the whole way to the desk, I was so beside myself. I can't believe I made that strike.

Consequently, I pulled something in my hand and bowled terribly for the rest of the night, but it was still much fun, overall. We finished out the second two hours, and all bowled pretty badly, as we were getting tired, but that was okay. We went to Waffle Shoppe for coffee around 1:30.

I got quite buzzed by mistake, so I now know my alcohol tolerance is just under than one pitcher over four hours. I definitely wasn't drunk, because I was fine after one cup of coffee and subsequent trip to the loo, nor do I have a hangover this morning. I was just a bit wobbly, and pretty much everything was funny for about 20 minutes, and then I was fine. So I won't be drinking that much again. Fun, but not THAT fun.

So what did we talk about until about 3:30 in the AM? All kinds of interesting topics like:
The planet's natural ability to maintain itself without the help of mankind (and in fact, how mankind's attempts to "save the planet" often create worse problems than we perceive - i.e., smog in overforested areas, and other ozone related problems.)
The Myth of Overpopulation
Viruses (bodily, not digital - everything from ebola to the flu - and why relying on antibiotics is only helping the weak to survive longer - not increase longevity of LIFE)
Said Longevity - People are living longer years now, but their bodies are breaking down at earlier ages than, say, 50 years ago. Mr. Hamby comes to mind.

Hmm...that's the first time I've remembered so many topics so readily over coffee. Interesting.

Well, I'm off to cut out my cloak, and hopefully get it sewn up, as I'm going for the last fitting at Nancy's tomorrow. Then I need a DDR fix in a major way.

'Nother post on why this worked out so well at some point, but...not yet...
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Well, we are 99.9% sure that the problems with my system are because of that RAM. It won't even get past the option screen you hit F8 to access anymore. +Kyle's going to test it with one of his sticks this afternoon - just leave my system running and see if I get any more random restarts from it.

Had interesting dreams two nights ago, but I removed my pencil from the bedside table drawer for some reason, and didn't have anything to write keywords down with. One of them was animated, and the girl I was with looked a bit like Kim Possible (which is funny, since I've only ever seen the toys at The Dreaded Mart of Wal). We were in an underground facility of some sort, but I don't know if we were spies, or if we were out clubbing. She erased the line around one of her eyes and re-drew it at one point, but that seemed perfectly normal at the different than fixing one's makeup.

I remember a large man in the second dream, but nothing else.

I dreamed last night, too, but it faded as soon as I got up, so I didn't have time for keywords. Sigh. Must get back into practice.

My costume is nearly finished. One more fitting, and it's done. I'd like to get my cloak sewn tonight so that if I'm up to it this weekend, and she's available, I can get out of Nancy's hair. Not that she minds at all...she's invited me to come learn how to work a garden over the summer, depending on how long we're here. She can use the help, and we enjoy each other's company. Don't think I've ever mentioned it, but she's left-handed, too.

Beat my DDR combo score last night - 120. I've got As on almost all the songs that are unlocked. When I have at LEAST an A on each song, I'll move up to the next difficulty, but I'd like to try for those AAAs.

Haven't played Vice City much lately. I've been dubbed "sick and twisted" for my in-game serial slayings of hookers:

I ride a motorcycle or moped. I'm very careful to obey traffic laws, which seems to throw off the game's AI somewhat. It's not designed for obedience.
I carry a baseball bat.
Billie Jean plays on the radio.
I seek one out, hide in an alley or around a corner until she passes, then saunter up behind her.
I bludgeon her to death...then beat her some more...then get pissed if she doesn't have any cash, but that isn't the point of the killing, so it doesn't matter too much. Then I hit her again, and leave.

So far, I've been spotted by a rent-a-cop twice, but I always outrun them until my wanted level goes away.

Lots to write about. Large decisions. For now, my brain is too full and I'm getting over a nasty spring cold, so I'm tired to boot. Maybe this weekend.

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