May. 11th, 2004 06:54 pm
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Nancy finished my costume. It's hella cool, and absolutely incredible work. We had one last fitting before she hemmed the bottom of the bodice, and we just sat and talked about miscellany for about an hour. We talked a little about the move, but not much, and it's a good thing.

Anyway, pictures will be forthcoming. I made the cloak, and it's pretty good. It flows beautifully - am considering lining it with a red metallic flecked material that I just love, but it won't flow the same if I do, so I'm going to have to try a small piece of the two materials first.

Jim came in a couple of times - they're taking a vacation somewhere this summer, and he was getting a place reserved. Their whole family gets together for *everything*. It's pretty cool. ^_^

Leaving was hard. I managed to not break up until after driving off, but after that was the end. I'm going to miss them so much, especially Nancy. I finally realized who she reminds me of so much...Kathy...

And lastly, some fitting words from Chobits...

"Oh, no, I’m fine. I only feel like an angel who was sitting on cloud 9, playing my harp without a care in the world, when all of a sudden, my wings were ripped off, sending me plummeting down to hell and the sulfurous Abyss of Pure Misery." - Hideki


Apr. 2nd, 2004 09:14 pm
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Got back from Nancy's house about 7:30. Everything is going great! Her initial measurements were *way* big, so she took everything in some, then we re-fitted and she took a couple more things in, and I think we're going to be set. I need a deep red camisole or half a tankini, some red satin cord, some pellon or other moderately stiff lining, and that should do it.

Left the PVC with her - she's glad it's so thin, because it'll be much easier to work with than we'd expected. It is absolutely stunning. Let's see if I don't mess it up. :P

Still no velvet. Will have to call the company Monday and see if it's shipped.

+Kyle was missed, having chosen to stay at the house and straighten up some. Darling Niki will be checking on Washu tomorrow (thank you, Niki!). We're not sure what we'll do about the weekend, though. Tulsa is out, being that it's just going to cost too much to have an overnight trip at a hotel, plus getting into the show, plus some things that +Kyle would want/need...

...but there's camping at the park... We're going to go prepared, just in case we all decide to go clubbing or something after the movie. I'm all for it, of course, and +Kyle will go as long as it's not "some country bar". So we'll discuss that aspect of it in the morning.

We need to go to bed early, so we can be up at around 4:30 to get to Denny's by 6:00. I don't know if I can sleep. :P This is going to be soooooo fun, I just know it, and the weather is supposed to be *gorgeous*.

We got film. Must remember the camera. Must also remember that Niki sent $10 with me for "something that screams Niki!" Hehe...I'm sure I'll find something. Also, must remember Lori's shirt, since she was off today, and we'll likely see her tomorrow. Maybe at lunch.

Eeeeeee! It's like Christmas!!!
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One more day 'til MedFaire, Hellboy and the gun show!

Ugh, this has been a most interminable week. Today is going to be truly eternal, because I have to stay upfront since Lori's off today. Bleh!

Finished my tiara last night. It's just a cheesy swag of fake burgundy roses, but it looks pretty nice. One of these days, I'll actually be able to find some that size that *look* real, but for now this will do for the effect. I have wanted to do something like this with the outfit for quite some time, but just never took time to do it. I'm really enjoying this costuming thing for now. I could so get into cosplay.

Now if I can just get my act together and finish the leopard-ear headband with the fur I got at the last gun show (in October!), I'll be set. Almost. Am hoping the velvet for my cloak comes in today. I'd like to pick up the lining for it when we go grocery shopping, but want to take a swatch to see which one will work best.

I'd have *really* liked it to be ready for Saturday, but wasn't expecting that to happen, so...

Oh! I need 2-1/2 yards of a deep red satin cord. Must not forget. Anything else I still need from HobLob? I don't *think* so...but will double check tonight when I go over to Nancy's.

Sigh. Almost time for work. Bleh...Maybe maybe we'll get some legals or something for me to type in. *hope*


Mar. 21st, 2004 07:47 pm
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Took yesterday's acquisitions to Nancy this afternoon. +Kyle came with, and we stuck around for quite longer than expected, but 'twas all fun, and we had a great time. Scooter hadn't gone back to the dorms yet, so we all played pool for an hour or so. We discovered why I drift so badly (I let my arm drop a bit instead of pivoting smoothly), and a shorter stick helped with that, so I might actually get okay with it eventually. None us did very well at all, but that's okay...we had fun, and that's what it's all about.

I forgot to mention this before, but it was hilarious. I was wearing the enormous pentagram ring that Gamegod gave me at Christmas, and Scooter wanted to see it, so I took it off the chain. He looked at all the runes and lettering, and of course, tried it on. Bad tiki. LOL! It got stuck, and just wouldn't come off. He asked if it was cursed or something. +Kyle and I cracked up over it, because he's sitting here going, "It looks a lot bigger than it is! It went on real easy!" He did eventually get it off, but I don't think he'll be trying anything of mine on again for quite some time

I did bring an instant camera, and got some lovely shots of Nancy's gardens, as well as some of the boys playing a round. Also, I brought 3 CDs of miscellany as promised. Played on random in their DVD player, we wound up with some interesting tracks, including She Don't Use Jelly by The Flaming Lips, The Veteran Cosmic Rocker, by The Moody Blues, and Pachelbel's Canon by Robert Miles. +Kyle is of course horrified by much of the music I listen to, but most of what played ended up being from the radio anyway, so he only really complained about the Lips. LOL! It started playing, and he looked at the screen and said, "Oh, NASTY...not this song!" I just laughed, and watched Scooter's reaction to the girl putting Vaseline on her toast...'twas most emusing. Should have gotten a picture of that.

Nancy came in after awhile said we should stay and have dinner, so they ordered pizza from Simple Simon's. ^_^

We got the grand tour of the house. I had seen much of it on Thursday, but +Kyle was absolutely enthralled. It's a bit large for me (sooooo much to cleeeeeean!), but he thinks it's perfect. The airyness is delightful, though...lots of open spaces, even in the rooms that have a lot of things in them.

A dreadful film called Whacked! was on when we got back from picking up the 'za. We MST3Kd it somewhat, because it was just SO bad. Jim turned around at one point and said it was definitely a "C" class movie. LOL... Mike would probably like it, though.

So we're planning to get together for MedFaire. Not sure at this point whether we'll follow him up, or if we'll just meet up in Norman, but we'll see what pans out. We all want to see Hellboy, which opens that weekend, so it should be an entertaining day.

In other news, my husband is just WRONG

Also, let it be made known that cigarettes are evil. I have had an undying headache for most of the afternoon. :P Nothing can touch it, so I'm hoping sleep will fend it off.


Mar. 19th, 2004 06:14 pm
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Just remembered something.

I need something to go under this bodice, as it laces up the front. I'm thinking I'd like a burgundy coloured longline bra, 'cause it'll need to be strapless, and the colour would accent the black so nicely. Anyone know where I can get such a beast? I can get a black one anywhere, but again...the colour thing. I'd rather not have a plain camisole, 'cause frankly I need the support. LOL


Mar. 18th, 2004 10:47 pm
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Went to Nancy's house to meet her and give her the pattern and get an idea of what I need to get from Hobby Lobby this weekend to make this happen. She is incredibly nice, and I think it's going to be really easy to work with her. She thinks the 4-way stretch would be better than the 2-way, for comfort's sake, if nothing else.

She did show me the dragon wings she'd done for her granddaughter, and they're very close to what I'd like to do, though mine would need to move. I don't think there will be time or resources to do them, but maybe. She thinks it will only take 2-3 visits, giving about a week inbetween each one. Very cool.

I'll be bringing her some el-cheapo fabric to do the initial fittings with on Sunday afternoon, as well as the thread, zipper, eyelets, etc. +Kyle has also been invited to come with me and we can stay and play pool or something.

She has a gorgeous water garden. I'm going to take the camera next time. ^_^

Scooter was there, which surprised me, since he usually works in the evenings. We didn't talk much: he was watching TV or something, but he seemed in good spirits, although he's bored out of his mind with no internet access. LOL Poor kid. I'm no less an addict, so I can't talk.

Mental note: I do need to either take in the silk pants from Halloween, or find some tights or capris for Med Faire since it's in two weeks. Either that or make a black skirt to go with the burgundy shirt, but I'm betting the weather will be too warm for that one.

I also need to dig out the cloak pattern, get some black velveteen, and do that so it will be ready for the finished product.

I also need to STAY on the right track of working out so that I can actually WEAR this thing when it's finished. As I've said...PVC isn't that forgiving.

Went out to Marsha's afterwards to look at her system as promised. There was so much utter junk loading when she booted up that it took nearly 10 minutes just to start. We're talking Weatherbug, GAIN products, etc. Messy messy stuff. So I cleaned that up, and then we looked at her internet connection. I'm of the opinion that it's just so bleeding slow because she lives out in the middle of NOWHERE (Enos). It's also possible that the phone lines out there are just about shot. If they're still running copper wire out there (and I bet they are, since they were only just starting to switch to fiber optic cable when we left Athens two years ago), that certainly wouldn't help, especially if it's in bad condition.

Listen to me: I sound like I know what I'm talking about! (Actually, this is all just hypothetical, but it makes sense to me. I could be totally off base here.)

Anyway...tomorrow's FRIDAY, finally, and it's going to be SO boring at work. But I'll get the PVC ordered ASAP, and it should be here within a week.

Ah well. It's late, and I'm not really tired, but my eyes are dry, so I guess it's about bedtime.
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So Nancy's not going to be able to get to my Trinity/Diamant costume until probably sometime after May...naturally, we'll be gone by then, and since so much of it is going to have to be fitted, I'd need to be around.

Granted, I really didn't know how I was going to *pay* for it in the first place, but I was kinda hoping to have her do it, because her work is just amazing. Ah well. I have a couple raincoats I can use to practice working with vinyl, and maybe I can do it myself over time.

Those wings are going to be a royal pain, though. >_< It would have been awesome for the contest at MedFaire in April, but I don't see it happening.

So anyway, Scooter brought my folder of stuff by work today. He's having a bit of a rough time right now, and asked if he could take me to lunch so we could talk (or rather, so he could talk and I could listen). Of course I'm willing to do that. Yeah, we chat online some, but sometimes you just need to vent to a flesh-and-blood person right there with you. How well I know this.

Besides, am I about to pass up a chance for Chinese? Not in a million years!

He said a girl he hasn't spoken to in probably a year or better messaged him out of the blue last night. I take that as a good sign, if for no other reason than to distract him from his current dilemma. As long as it doesn't screw up his finals. :P He's already worried he's not going to do any better than a 'C'. Anyway, he's hoping to talk with this girl some more, but isn't sure how it's going to pan out.

You know, just praying for someone can really make a difference. He has told me in past conversation that he believes in "some higher power", but only since talking with me about such things has he really considered the true possibilities of God. I don't claim that as my own work; all I do is share my experiences with people. It's just neat to see God use me to soften someone's heart toward Him.

We did engage in some light conversation as well... He's rather fond of Prince, but doesn't really care about the Willie Nelson concert that's coming up in Ardmore next month. I told him that +Kyle & I rented 'Matchstick Men' last night, and he seemed mildly interested. We both like Owen Wilson, Jackie Chan, and just love Christopher Walken. ^_^

Ah well...more later this evening. +Kyle & I are going to see a show at MSC tonight, and I am sure it will be worth posting about.


Nov. 21st, 2003 10:09 am
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The frame must have ligaments.

If the fabric is the only thing holding the loose hinges in, it will become weakened much more quickly at those points, especially when the wings are open.


Nov. 16th, 2003 09:29 pm
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Well, cool.

I talked to Nancy earlier this week about some ideas I have for next year's Halloween costume. I told her I'd have some sketches and hopefully the pattern it'll be based from this weekend. I did manage to get the sketches finished, although I would have liked to have shaded them, etc.

Scooter come by the library tonight to see if I had anything finished, so I gave him what I had, including some swatches of fabric I'd prefer. He looked through everything, and seemed to like the overall design. We talked about the wings, in particular, and went over the different ideas I'd had to engineer the movement. He agreed that the loose hinges will probably be the best version, and is sure he can build the skeletal system to my specs. Nancy has made similar (static) wings before, so she should have no problem covering them once the frame is finished.

This is going to be SO cool. I need to start setting pennies aside so I can afford to do this before we move. Since Mike renamed me, he should see the result. :P

Oh...somehow the subject of computer trouble came up in conversation. Scooter mentioned a program called Data Lifeguard that will low-level format my hard drive, and could fix the problems it's having. He's saved several drives with it. So...*crosses fingers* Now to find a 3.5" drive.


Nov. 12th, 2003 06:34 pm
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Verily thou shouldst cross thy fingers. My system is trying to get back on its feet. The replacement RAM came yesterday, and I'm in the process of FDISKing, formatting, scandisking, and, if all goes well, reinstalling...

The HD was giving me hassles earlier...S.M.A.R.T. technology telling me the drive is about to die. It hasn't given me any error messages since deleting the old partitions and re-partitioning it, so I'm wondering if there was just some funkiness.

I hope that's all it is...hard drives are dirt cheap right now, but I don't want to shell out $40-50 more for this thing.

In other news...

I called Scooter's mom today about her impressive work on his costume. She's VERY cool, and agreed to look at my design ideas and sketches to see what I'm looking for. We'll either meet somewhere, or she'll send him to meet me at the library on Sunday. I need to find that swatch of the good stretch vinyl I got, so she can see the fabric I want. I would also *like* to build a prototype wing so she can see what it should do. I need brads. Meh. I don't know if I'll even have time, since I want a DECENT sketch.

Hmm...that's an idea... That would be so easy to set up. Closing would be no problem...but how would they open? That's the trick...

*goes to ponder further and see if D:\ is finished formatting yet*

Game Night

Nov. 11th, 2003 07:18 am
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Went to MSC Game Night last night...twas highly amusing. It seems that +Kyle really gets along with Scooter, who was there. They played Ping Pong (not very well) and Doubles Pool (again, not well, but they won). +Kyle & I played pool after things started to die down...ugh, I suck... >_<

+Kyle's definitely making an effort, and doing a great job. He's being affectionate but not clingy. Yay! ^_^ It's amazing what a little attention can do. I feel better than I have in about as long as I can remember. Not that this is the end of the road already; we have a lot to work on...but I think we're off to a good start.

Scooter has an awesome tat...a black rose with a small pool of blood, one droplet having dripped onto the leaf. It's only about 2 weeks old, so it has that really crisp look. Nice. I found the image (or one very similar, anyway) on Elfwood, so I wonder if that's where he found it.

It was really funny...he tried to convince Joanna that 'Scooter' was in fact his real name, and pulled out his drivers license to prove it. Joanna & I both missed looking at his age, though. He assured us he's "an old fart". :PP He can't be that old.

Found out who does his costumes as well...his mom! He gave me her number, so I'm going to get my sketches together and contact her hopefully some time this week. If I buy everything retail, it's going to be a couple hundred bucks, plus having to build the (optional) wings, and the risk that things never fit me *quite* properly... So maybe she'll have some ideas. I have this swatch of the perfect material...would love it if she can find it for less than $13/yard. Ouch.

bah...almost time for work. >_

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