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Well, we are 99.9% sure that the problems with my system are because of that RAM. It won't even get past the option screen you hit F8 to access anymore. +Kyle's going to test it with one of his sticks this afternoon - just leave my system running and see if I get any more random restarts from it.

Had interesting dreams two nights ago, but I removed my pencil from the bedside table drawer for some reason, and didn't have anything to write keywords down with. One of them was animated, and the girl I was with looked a bit like Kim Possible (which is funny, since I've only ever seen the toys at The Dreaded Mart of Wal). We were in an underground facility of some sort, but I don't know if we were spies, or if we were out clubbing. She erased the line around one of her eyes and re-drew it at one point, but that seemed perfectly normal at the different than fixing one's makeup.

I remember a large man in the second dream, but nothing else.

I dreamed last night, too, but it faded as soon as I got up, so I didn't have time for keywords. Sigh. Must get back into practice.

My costume is nearly finished. One more fitting, and it's done. I'd like to get my cloak sewn tonight so that if I'm up to it this weekend, and she's available, I can get out of Nancy's hair. Not that she minds at all...she's invited me to come learn how to work a garden over the summer, depending on how long we're here. She can use the help, and we enjoy each other's company. Don't think I've ever mentioned it, but she's left-handed, too.

Beat my DDR combo score last night - 120. I've got As on almost all the songs that are unlocked. When I have at LEAST an A on each song, I'll move up to the next difficulty, but I'd like to try for those AAAs.

Haven't played Vice City much lately. I've been dubbed "sick and twisted" for my in-game serial slayings of hookers:

I ride a motorcycle or moped. I'm very careful to obey traffic laws, which seems to throw off the game's AI somewhat. It's not designed for obedience.
I carry a baseball bat.
Billie Jean plays on the radio.
I seek one out, hide in an alley or around a corner until she passes, then saunter up behind her.
I bludgeon her to death...then beat her some more...then get pissed if she doesn't have any cash, but that isn't the point of the killing, so it doesn't matter too much. Then I hit her again, and leave.

So far, I've been spotted by a rent-a-cop twice, but I always outrun them until my wanted level goes away.

Lots to write about. Large decisions. For now, my brain is too full and I'm getting over a nasty spring cold, so I'm tired to boot. Maybe this weekend.


Mar. 18th, 2004 10:47 pm
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Went to Nancy's house to meet her and give her the pattern and get an idea of what I need to get from Hobby Lobby this weekend to make this happen. She is incredibly nice, and I think it's going to be really easy to work with her. She thinks the 4-way stretch would be better than the 2-way, for comfort's sake, if nothing else.

She did show me the dragon wings she'd done for her granddaughter, and they're very close to what I'd like to do, though mine would need to move. I don't think there will be time or resources to do them, but maybe. She thinks it will only take 2-3 visits, giving about a week inbetween each one. Very cool.

I'll be bringing her some el-cheapo fabric to do the initial fittings with on Sunday afternoon, as well as the thread, zipper, eyelets, etc. +Kyle has also been invited to come with me and we can stay and play pool or something.

She has a gorgeous water garden. I'm going to take the camera next time. ^_^

Scooter was there, which surprised me, since he usually works in the evenings. We didn't talk much: he was watching TV or something, but he seemed in good spirits, although he's bored out of his mind with no internet access. LOL Poor kid. I'm no less an addict, so I can't talk.

Mental note: I do need to either take in the silk pants from Halloween, or find some tights or capris for Med Faire since it's in two weeks. Either that or make a black skirt to go with the burgundy shirt, but I'm betting the weather will be too warm for that one.

I also need to dig out the cloak pattern, get some black velveteen, and do that so it will be ready for the finished product.

I also need to STAY on the right track of working out so that I can actually WEAR this thing when it's finished. As I've said...PVC isn't that forgiving.

Went out to Marsha's afterwards to look at her system as promised. There was so much utter junk loading when she booted up that it took nearly 10 minutes just to start. We're talking Weatherbug, GAIN products, etc. Messy messy stuff. So I cleaned that up, and then we looked at her internet connection. I'm of the opinion that it's just so bleeding slow because she lives out in the middle of NOWHERE (Enos). It's also possible that the phone lines out there are just about shot. If they're still running copper wire out there (and I bet they are, since they were only just starting to switch to fiber optic cable when we left Athens two years ago), that certainly wouldn't help, especially if it's in bad condition.

Listen to me: I sound like I know what I'm talking about! (Actually, this is all just hypothetical, but it makes sense to me. I could be totally off base here.)

Anyway...tomorrow's FRIDAY, finally, and it's going to be SO boring at work. But I'll get the PVC ordered ASAP, and it should be here within a week.

Ah well. It's late, and I'm not really tired, but my eyes are dry, so I guess it's about bedtime.
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Been down for awhile. My system kept running really slowly for no apparant reason. After three reinstalls, things seem to be going fine again. *knocks on wood*

Yesterday was *busy*. I got up and ran a couple of errands, and worked out when +Kyle got up. I pulled something at work last week, and wasn't able to work out for a couple of days, but made up for it yesterday, no doubt. I am *so* sore. My abs are getting stronger. Lying flat, with +Kyle holding my feet down, I can pull myself up surprisingly far off the ground after 2-3 weeks of working on an incline. I remember being able to completely sit up from a *reverse* incline, so I'm looking forward to being able to do that again. At this rate, I could do it by summer. I'm benching over half my bodyweight now, squatting 100 lbs, and doing leg curls at 80 lbs. That number seems really pathetic to me, but I always have to be careful of my right knee, and my left ankle is still giving me trouble. It's getting better all the time (*sings*), but I don't want to push it and injure either one further. Also, I can do push-ups again! I can't imagine these guys who just up-down-up-down like it's as easy as walking, though. It's really hard, but feels great. Jack Palance is the man!

Needless to say, I am *really* sore today, but it's a good hurt. I wonder if I'll be in good enough condition to train again tomorrow, but if not, I'll do more stretches. I miss doing Pilates and Tae Bo, but since our VCR died, that's not an option, right now. :P

I'm so wanting DDR! Everyone back home is getting their skillz on with it, so I'm a wee mite jealous. But, I really want to have that costume made before we leave Oklahoma. Both require funds I don't really have, but I'm doing what I can.

My getting *either* one of these hinges on our being able to save enough to actually *move*. +Kyle should be getting his last disbursement around the 14th, so I am hoping there is plenty left over (after tuition and any other tools he needs) that we can set aside specifically for moving costs. We have enough for a U-Haul now, but we need monies for deposits, gasoline, a hotel, etc. I admit to being a little worried about the situation, but the funds were provided for us to *get* out here...I know we'll be granted the funds to get back.

But I still want the fun stuff, too. :PPP Mostly the costume. I can get DDR anywhere.

Speaking of spending money we shouldn't be spending on fun stuff, we went out for dinner last night before grocery shopping. It was really nice to just sit down at a table and have dinner together, talking about nothing in particular. We need a table. Usually, we just sit at our desks and watch TV or mess around online during meals, but that's not really conducive to conversation.

Talked with +Kyle today about the junk that's been floating around in my head. It seems he only meant to encourage me in my endeavours. I'm so used to his cynicism and negativity that I read it to mean "Well, you're looking great, but can't you do more?" Sigh. At least this thing is sorted out, but we're both sort of in this "I can't do anything to make you happy" funk now. He feels like he's giving me all the attention he possibly can, but it's still not enough to me. I feel like, no matter how hard I try, it's (you name it) not ever really good enough to make him happy.

He wants to know why he has to be the one to change. First, I said, because I started making the changes I made because he didn't care. Now all of a sudden, he does care. Second, I asked, what is it you want me to to change?

He wants me to be happy like I was when we got married. But I don't know how to get there. Where do we go from here? Obviously talking is a good way to start, but more importantly we have to start doing. I can't "just be happy".

He went on about his past failures. Screwing up good work situations, etc., and how he doesn't do anything around the house. Something I've thought about now and again, but never really dwelt on is that I feel like I shouldn't have to tell him when something needs doing. It's obvious when dishes need washing, or the floor needs vacuuming, etc. He shouldn't have to ask, "can I help you", and I shouldn't have to ask "Hey, would you do this?" So I told him. I've never really held onto that thought for very long at a time, when it does come up in my mind...I've always talked it down by reasoning that, "He's always at work, so he doesn't have to do __________" or "He's at school, and he'll be tired when he gets home after 12 hours of classes..." I've always sortof let him get away with it, which wasn't good for him, because it just fed a tendency to be lazy (his word, but I won't argue). It wasn't good for me, either, because it just bred resentment at "always being the one to (name thankless chore)".

Anyway, I don't know what to do to change to be happy like I used to be, but if we just keep plugging away, finding the things that have changed between us, and repairing damages done, maybe we will find that path together.

To rebuilding bridges.
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Well, finally...

My system is *almost* working. The onboard sound doesn't work, but disabling it and using my SoundBlaster card doesn't work ERK!

Will fight with it tomorrow. I just thought of something. *makes notes*
Uninstall current drivers
Disable jumper
reinstall SoundBlaster
set BIOS back to 'Auto' instead of 'Disabled'

Time for sleep.


Nov. 27th, 2003 07:32 am
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I'm thankful we have somewhere to go to celebrate with friends today.

Brian & Cassie have invited us to their new house in Commerce, TX, so we are about to leave. It's going to be weird not seeing them very much after this.

I'm also thankful that my muse has been so patient. Let's see if she inspires me any during the trip. *brandishes sketchpad and pencil*

I'm thankful for a lot of other place to live... I'm thankful that +Kyle is trying so hard. He's been cleaning the study this week, looking for his ring (He had taken it off and thrown it during one of the many "you're a liar" over laundry, I think), and happened upon some old pictures yesterday. He came to pick me up after work, and called me over to him for a hug. He whispered, "You're right."

"...Right about what?"

"You do look better now. I found some old pictures today...I guess they're from your bridal shower."

We had had a small disagreement a day or so before. I found a picture of me from last summer and groaned at it. He was insistent that you couldn't tell I was pretty large even then. I said, "Well, *I* can." and it ended there.

^_^ I'm glad he likes me this way. I was so miserable when I was fat. I'm thankful for being a resaonable size now!

OH! I'm thankful that my computer is (almost) working! Our Windows installation discs have developed pinholes, so they're really finicky about working. We had to copy +Kyle's system files over to my new hard drive, then go in and remove his motherboard and card settings so it would catch mine. It's NOT the best solution, but until we can get a new Windows ME disc to replace this one, it's about as good as we can do. At least I'm up and running. Going to install the Wacom tomorrow and PLAY!!!!!

Well, we need to get out of here pretty shortly. I hope you all have a lovely holiday, whether or not you celebrate it. :)
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I forgot to order a hard drive yesterday, and left the phone card at home, so I can't do it now.

>_< atashi wa hontouni baka desu!


Nov. 12th, 2003 06:34 pm
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Verily thou shouldst cross thy fingers. My system is trying to get back on its feet. The replacement RAM came yesterday, and I'm in the process of FDISKing, formatting, scandisking, and, if all goes well, reinstalling...

The HD was giving me hassles earlier...S.M.A.R.T. technology telling me the drive is about to die. It hasn't given me any error messages since deleting the old partitions and re-partitioning it, so I'm wondering if there was just some funkiness.

I hope that's all it is...hard drives are dirt cheap right now, but I don't want to shell out $40-50 more for this thing.

In other news...

I called Scooter's mom today about her impressive work on his costume. She's VERY cool, and agreed to look at my design ideas and sketches to see what I'm looking for. We'll either meet somewhere, or she'll send him to meet me at the library on Sunday. I need to find that swatch of the good stretch vinyl I got, so she can see the fabric I want. I would also *like* to build a prototype wing so she can see what it should do. I need brads. Meh. I don't know if I'll even have time, since I want a DECENT sketch.

Hmm...that's an idea... That would be so easy to set up. Closing would be no problem...but how would they open? That's the trick...

*goes to ponder further and see if D:\ is finished formatting yet*
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It's time to go just a little bit crazy(ier)...a vaccine, if you will, against total insanity.

Why yes...yes indeed.

I phoned one of my oldest and dearest friends yesterday, Andrea. She knows me far too well...asked me point blank if I was thinking of having an affair, or leaving +Kyle, though I really hadn't said it to that degree. It's good to have someone who can read me like that. She's keeping me in check...told me about some experiences she's had, and the outcomes - some nearly devastating to her and Tim. Gave me a whack in the head that I've very much been needing.

Overall, things are going better, I guess.


I met a goal today! A couple months back, we were at Old Navy for new school clothes for +Kyle. They had some very nice bells on sale for like $4, and they *almost* fit. I picked up a pair, deciding that I would be able to wear them for Christmas. Looks like I can wear them for Thanksgiving. Rowr...

Wish I'd gotten 2 or 3 of 'em - these are sexy as all...not quite black vinyl, but...nice. They'll look really great under my boots.

My RAM should be here between Nov. 13-17... I would HOPE it would get here sooner, but... Well, we've determined that PCBoost sucks. Anyway, I'll get the camera set back up, probably put some stuff up for auction, etc... New pix for the LJ will be forthcoming.

RAM Check

Nov. 7th, 2003 07:31 am
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Finally got an update on my RAM. It should arrive between the 13th and 17th. What the heck!?!?!?

DO NOT purchase your RAM from - they are SLOW. They send the WRONG products. They send BROKEN products. THEY SUCK!!!

They are also getting a nasty letter from me when they send back my had BETTER be right. *grr*


Talked to Susan yesterday. She sent the pictures to +Kyle, but he had emails with attachments being filtered into the trash. Gah!!! So I'll have to call her later today and let her know what happened.

I'd also like to send her a thank-you card when she does get the pix to me. She rocks.


Paid LJ is the bomb. I hope I can renew it in two months. :)


Aug. 7th, 2003 10:57 pm
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Just glanced through the last 30 entries on my list, and realized how much I miss everyone. *waves*

My comp. at home is *still* dead. Waiting on a refund for the class hubby took this summer. He applied for a scholarship beforehand, but didn't get the confirmation until after the fact. They're supposed to send the amount any day now. Found some GREAT upgrades, but will have to get new RAM for the MB I want. 'Tis okay.

I GOTTA GET IT FIXED! All my unfinished business is on it. What's it been, March since it blew up? Yeesh. This and car trouble seem to be our annual issues.

We were running errands the other day, and I saw the new ponies...kawaiiiiiiii! They are SO much better than the second run ones. They only had two or three different ones, but they were all great. Not digging the names so much this time around.

Well, it's after midnight, so I'm going to get some sleep before at work. >_
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Well, it looks as though I have a hardware problem. The Peltier fan on the CPU is running REALLY hot. The porcelain plate on the bottom should be cold to the touch while it's's not. Thankfully, it looks like we found out before it turned into another $200+ problem. Sadly, we can't find our spare fan, and certainly can't afford to go out and get a new one.

So I will be using +Kyle's system for email purposes, but unavailable for chat, etc. until...hmm... Assuming +Kyle can't find work within the next 2 weeks... August sometime? Maybe... If we don't incur any more unforseen bills, that is...

*hopes her guitar sells this week*

Here I Go

Jun. 22nd, 2002 08:33 pm
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Time to reformat. Getting all kinds of funky and evil errors.

Backup List:
Email & Address Book
Documents & Graphics
Japanese Study Info

Let's hope it works. I'm tired of things crashing. x_X (And no, it's not a virus...just my bad housekeeping as usual.)


Jun. 12th, 2002 10:20 pm
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It was the power supply, and thankfully we had a spare ATX case. +Kyle moved everything over, and again, thankfully, the power supply didn't short everything else out!

Even so, I can't be around much for awhile - have a LOT of custom jobs to catch up on still, and the less time I spend on here, the more time I can work on those (well, when they're not drying, anyway.)

At least I don't feel disconnected from the world anymore. +Kyle can function just fine without people - he doesn't like to go to parties or even chat with people after church. He's just never been much for lots of company. Not me.


Jun. 11th, 2002 12:39 pm
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I do not believe this.

I do not freaking believe this.

+Kyle's computer *died* last night. He still hasn't been able to assess the damages. (This is like Albert Einstein forgetting how to explain the theory of relativity...okay maybe not QUITE like that, but you get the idea.)

So anyway, his system is of course the one that we use to connect to the internet with.

Who knows when I'll be back? We're already scraping the bottom of the barrel this month.

I really could just cry right now. I finally get back to the place where I can communicate with friends and not be set apart from everyone, and this happens.

*feels like the universe's whipping boy*
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I don't know whether to laugh or cry. Leaning towards cry right now.

My computer has died once again. It seems to be the power supply this time. Who knows when we can afford to get a new one, assuming that's the only problem with the system. I do NOT need this right now. *sigh*

Anyway, if you're expecting anything from me - a custom - a rehair job - or just a pen-pal type note - you'll have to write me, as my address list is on that system. I can keep in touch on my husband's system, but it's gonna be like it was after Thanksgiving when it died the first time. I just won't be around as much, so please be patient with me. =(

I really don't feel like being thankful right now. But, I suppose I made a promise. I'm thankful that Glow finally came today. I'm thankful that I had answered all the most pertinent emails that can't be answered via yahoo groups or something. I'm thankful that I have plenty to do that's not completely reliant on the computer. I'm thankful that we're going to have a good dinner tonight. I'm thankful that we have two systems.

I'd love to go on about how much my life sucks right now, but I can't be bothered to keep coming up with things to be thankful for.

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