Feb. 9th, 2011

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The first dream, I don't remember too much of.  I lived in a large hotel or apartment complex.  For part of it, I was on an elevator filled with convention kids in full costume.  The whole place was very brightly lit.

Second was the same way.  Ann or another similar entity was with us at my parents' house.  The skies were dim, and winter was at its peak.  The weather was uncharacteristic, with lighting, thunderstorms, and even tornadoes in addition to driving snow.

Everyone in the house was gone after awhile.

The mail ran, and I got a letter.  Although I didn't read it (this is odd for me to not be able to read in dreams), I simply knew that it was going to be my time to go.  The appointment was for 8 the following day, and I would have opportunity to contact the most important people in my life.

I went driving with Ian and told him all about the letter.  Even though it hadn't said so, I knew I'd be "going up" as it were.  So I was excited, and he was apprehensive.

Later, I was with mom in a rickety wooden attic.  She was exceptionally shaken by the news, the last thing I'd expect from my saint of a mother.  She got really upset over the fact that I was going for good.  She is not a naturally emotional woman, so this was alarming in the dream.

Twelve hours later, it was nearly 8:00 am.  Dorian was sleeping on a bed.  I hoped very much that he would not wake up for the end.  I talked to him for as long as I could.  Told him I had to leave for now, but would watch as often as I'd be allowed to.  I don't know that this is possible from the realms beyond, but I believe it must be to some extent.  I told him to be good.  All of my excitement of leaving was instantly shattered as I'd be separated from my Beepadoo and wouldn't have a way to ensure he'd come with me.

I started crying in the dream so violently that it woke me up, still bawling.

Boy woke up crying later in the morning, and said he was crying for me.

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